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  2. The problem is the `Market Place`..people have started to believe the bad publicity and are shunning diesels with the serious knock on effect on prices.
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  4. Interesting, although I did find the 1.6d in the Grand Picasso wanting, noisy, lacked power and generally a pain in the backside so was swiftly moved on. I found the Renaults a let down too which I was really surprised at as our Master van is excellent returning an average of 34 mpg which for a 3.5t van with a 6 speed auto is very good. Until this year my missus had the 2nd gen (2011) 6 speed 1.4d Toyota Verso which was bombproof. I've had mostly diesels for 13 years now, my first being a 3.0 Vectra which all had Izuzu engines and would easily get me from Haverfordwest to Raynesway in Derby and back on one tank, over 550 miles... The only problem I had on the earlier ones was the usual fuel filter issues which get sludgy if not changed every year which is simple enough, so much so that now manufacturers tend to fit them in an accessible place. Mind you I've only bought new since 2013 so I suppose previously I was buying other owners issues. My Yeti is a 2.0L 170 bhp and again got me from Haverfordwest to Dortmund in 2014 before I needed to refuel. I'm also one of those whose always had big cars as i'm the size of an outside loo. 1st & 2nd gen DPF's tended to have a sooting problem as they weren't getting to temperature due to mainly being only used for very short journeys or not driven hard enough as low sulphur and the newer ultra low sulphur diesels burn at lower temperatures thus taking longer to burn off particulate matter but that was cured by adding a second DPF and reburning exhaust gasses. If there's an issue it'll be manufacture not tech. It's changing... in 2015 fuel consumption for petrol engines stood at an average of 5.6L per 100km and diesel stood at 4.9L per 100km which was below the EU target by 2021 this must be reduced to 4.1L per 100km & 3.9L per 100km and it's not negotiable. If we look at C02, the EU target for 2015 was 130g per 100km but by 2016 this was well below at 118.1g per 100km again by 2021 this must be reduced to 95g per 100km. There will be a further reduction in 2025 but it's yet to be determined. A 747 using Pratt & Whitney of G.E plant produce 92g of C02 per 100km a 737 propelled by any plant derivative and fitted with a standard Hush Kit produces 90g per 100km. CFM's new LEAP (Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion System) engines will produce less as they are far lighter having carbon fibre blades made using resin transfer molding and a bypass ratio of 9:1 compared to the standard 5.1:. It also has bladed discs formed from a single solid piece, ceramic turbo shrouds & 3D printed components. Fuel consumption will reduce by 16-20%.
  5. You may be right, but, I cannot see the day when Agricultural Vehicles, Heavy Goods Vehicles & Light Goods Vehicles are being powered by petrol engines, to my mind the humble motor car/bike represents a very small source of pollution when you add aircraft and shipping into the above mix. Surely you sort the biggest polluters out first then move on to the next.
  6. Whatever the rights and wrongs, diesel has had a serious kicking all across Europe and the Eco types are on the war path against it as a fuel. That has translated across to garage forecourts. Diesel vehicle sales have dropped off the cliff and if anything petrol versions are now commanding a price premium over diesel (if you can source one). I have just traded in a PSA Euro 6 diesel for a Puretech 110 petrol, whilst I could at least get some residual value. My dealer pointed out a forecourt almost full of diesels and said they barely get a bid on them now. That I`m afraid is the reality of the trade today
  7. Rich, is it a Renault by any chance?
  8. I didn't see any 'trouble' back in 2012 when I did this trip, all I can remember is a number of younger passengers feeling ill on the coach back to Ijmuiden, having over-indulged in certain substances whilst in Amsterdam, and seeing a lady walking around the ship in a 'Tigger' onesie...! However, there was no free bar on my trip, so I'm not sure what the consequences of this might be!
  9. Their Twitter guys said mid-week a couple of days ago. Today they say "this week". Website says "Late July". Live Chat today says: "There is no specific day for those however we are expecting them to be released within the next week/ early august" Take your pick.
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  11. Do DFDS get much trouble on the NYE cruise? i would never travel on Friday nights from Newcastle because of any trouble.
  12. I agree. In this age of globalisation (sorry for that cliche) where the travel experience is becoming blander, the BF experience still offers something different and rather charming. It would be a shame if that became eroded for the sake of cost cutting.
  13. I think they just re-posted last year's page, with a pre registration bit below. As others have said, no doubt a marketing ploy. It worked on me as I've pre-registered ;). It'll be interesting to see which ship it ship it is, not sailed on either of them for a few years.
  14. That was last years that is sold out, surely?
  15. Call centre suggested end of the week to me...
  16. I have a Mazda 6, my 4th one. The first was a diesel but when I came to replace it the extra cost over the petrol was nearly £2k plus the diesels were experiencing problems with their DPFs and other emission control gadgets. So my 2nd, 3rd and 4th cars is have been 2.0 petrol naturally aspirated which gives around 44mpg in normal driving. Obviously all infernal consumption engines give out unwelcome emissions but the touted green hybrid and electric cars, while they may not pollute the atmosphere directly, still do so in the course of their manufacture and in the total amount of energy needed to manufacture them including mining the rare materials need to construct the they are not as environmentally kind as many people would believe.
  17. If I could work my days of to suit I would definitely do it.
  18. Jonno, my 2 year old MPV is a gas guzzler. Having experienced blocked filters and dpf issues on my previous diesel, I'd decided I was going for a petrol engine instead. The dealer talked me out of the 1400 turbo option into the naturally aspirated larger engine, as I was sceptical of long term reliability and engine stress on a 1400 with a turbo on a heavy MPV. The dealer said his personal thoughts would be the same as mine.
  19. Apologies for taking us well off topic, but London is truly disgusting. I think cities such as London desperately need to set up electric only zones. When you can visibly see the pollution when you blow your nose, you know it's far too much. Electric cars aren't a silver bullet either, I'm well aware of the environmental cost of the materials (and sceptical about the clear up at the end of it's life).
  20. Not.far for me as well being in the North West. Just thinking maybe P&O could do one from Hull in years to come for Christmas!!!!
  21. Not far for some of us
  22. The sold out is on 2017 New Years cruise ie last year's. No doubt to encourage early booking for this year
  23. Bit oxymoronic... the graphic says sold out, the content underneath is asking people to register for more information.
  24. Yeh, drove an Electric Ion a year ago. Likewise impressed. We really need to knock this pollution thing on the head. My new grand child was born in central London a few weeks ago just after a monitoring point 100m from her home exceeded EU pollution limits during that hot spell a month ago. SFD
  25. Yep SFD, I don't doubt it...I'm talking Euro IV of which there are more of in all of their guises, especially the commercial variant. WARNING... History dictates that I tend to go on a bit. Feel free to tell me to shut up...! IN 2009/10 the Euro V ULSD engines were a massive game changer across all of the ranges and the Euro VI with the additive or the third filter reduces it further still especially as it's a worldwide harmonised drive cycle.This is the same for all diesel vehicles regardless of size & fuel consumption so I think it's fair to say that large MPV's or 4x4's aren't the gas guzzling planet killers others like to make out. also I think you'll find that your fuel consumption reduction is more to do with having a 6 speed gearbox as AdBlu on it's own raises it slightly by approx 5mpg. Larger family cars of all description are now seeing 7 or 8 speed gearboxes on smaller engines having just a factory remap to change the output. Soon we'll all be sitting on the motorway at 70mph with the engine at 1500rpm. Same goes for vans, PSA and others opt for AdBlue as it's the cheaper alternative to the third filter plus the ongoing refill costs can be handed on to the customer... Fiat have opted for the 3rd filter which has shown even better results. This is the first time in over 20 years that the PSA/Fiat partnership hasn't used the same engines particularly in the shared Sevel based, Boxer/Ducato/Relay platform and the French built Dispatch/Scudo/Expert/ProAce... It's interesting that KeynshamKid mentions his 1L petrol Grand C-Max, it's a larger polluter and less economical than it's 1.5L diesel sister. Strange but true. Petrol engines are the planet killers, diesels up until the turn of the century were first and foremost people killers. During Blair's 1st government it was all about C02 until the Health Ministers showed them all the figures regarding diesel particulates and their effect on lung tissue, blood flow etc. My missus was part of the EU & HMG's study which ultimately lead to the new strict diesel standards. Petrol engines will be next as it has always produced 15-20% more C02 than diesel and requires more energy (money spent) during refinement as returning it to a liquid requires higher temperatures plus diesel burners have been taken as far as they can. My missus bought one of Hyundai's full electric Ioniq's in March, I'm well impressed by it... comes in under 1.83m on the ferry too...honest guv!
  26. Medical team just came on. We are an hour late. Hope the person isn't too unwell!!! On Pont Aven.
  27. Hi Jonno, Been Adblue on my 1.6 diesel 6 speed Berlingo from new in 2015. Nitrogen oxide reduction along with SCR exceeds Euro 6 standards and reduces fuel consumption. Only thing that beats that is a hybrid or EV. SFD
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