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  2. General Discussions on Brexit

    A lot of waffle in that speech - and precious little detail. How will the UK protect the peace process in Ireland? What exactly does Mrs May mean by "a deep and special relationship"? What does she envisage as a "creative solution" to the EU/UK trading relationship? Barnier again made it clear: during any transition period, the UK must accept the free movement of people, contribute to the EU budget, accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and accept all EU laws. Might as well stay in, then. So ... What happened to "Brexit means Brexit"?
  3. St Nazaire to Gijon

    I don't know anything -- but I have a gut feeling that it isn't going to happen. But I'll be happy to be wrong!
  4. Queen Mary

    Yes, I have been on board QM2 as well. A bit chunky in appearance but a wonderful ship to sail on.
  5. Queen Mary

    Lovely ship and I have been lucky enough to have been on her and also QMII
  6. Queen Mary

    What impressed me when I visited about 20 years ago was how much space was taken up by her boilers. Ed.
  7. Queen Mary

    She is a very impressove ship, reallyt enjoyed stayng on her. She is currently in the process of being repainted, with a lovely patch of fresh paint in the middle portside. Not entirely sure what they are doing to the funnel, possibly repainting. Had a look - they are indeed replica funnels: http://www.sterling.rmplc.co.uk/history/ripout.html
  8. Queen Mary

    Very interesting. I thought that the original funnels were replaced with stainless steel replicas when she first arrived in Long Beach. We stayed for a night aboard back in 2001, a wonderful experience.
  9. Queen Mary

  10. St Nazaire to Gijon

    Any news yet on the possible start of the service?
  11. General Discussions on Brexit

    Farage is spitting feathers, no surprise there. To be honest, the two years could turn into five, that could turn into seven, then ten. By the hopefully the Maybot will have disappeared from the political stage. Let Farage carp, he just wants everything is own way.
  12. General Discussions on Brexit

    I listened to Mrs May's big speech in Italy. " We haven't decided what we are going to do. Can we please stay as we are for two more years? We will pay you a lot of money if you say Yes" As the actress said to the bishop, "Is that it then ?"
  13. General Discussions on Brexit

    At least Pink Floyd's Battersea Power Station flying pig was fake - May is seemingly expecting us to believe the real ones floating past our windows...๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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  15. The lagiosa prosecco is going down extremely well be a couple of boxes purchased in March ( unless thereโ€™s champagne on offer)ย 

    1. Fine Whine

      Fine Whine

      Hi Neil,

      glad your're enjoying it; there's usually a champagne on offer, but never at Prosecco prices!

      it's interesting how something like the Poll Tax defined a generation; I keep my head well below the parapet when it comes to politics...:ph34r:

      Hope you are well and still enjoying the new job



    2. neilcvx


      The pochange in Scotland ,the poll taxย  produced a massive change in scottish culture and politics, new jobs good particulary with winter coming up. Looking forward to a longer look round your shop.

  16. 30 minutes Safety Procedure

    It's the top of the ship at that level. All ships have tops. Should any waves break that high up the water would just run off. There isn't a big hole down to the interior.
  17. 30 minutes Safety Procedure

    surely if an open ended ship was unsafe compared to a closed end, the relevant authorities would not let the shipyards/companies design/build ships with a open stern.
  18. 30 minutes Safety Procedure

    Only if they decide to drive backwards.
  19. 30 minutes Safety Procedure

    It's extremely unlikely and near impossible for that much sea to be shipped onto the deck.
  20. 30 minutes Safety Procedure

    Hi Ferry Man, no, I meant deck five of the Arm is open ended. At times there can be I believe signs of wetness on the garage floor, no doubt from the spray. Could water not reach the fifth deck in a severe storm, making surely a completely closed ship a little safer?
  21. If the ferries aren't dismal, the customer service most definitely is. I still haven't totally got over the way I was treated during/after my final trip to Esbjerg with them. But, to be fair, the crews I have encountered on both of the Ijmuiden ships have been nothing but courteous, helpful and efficient at all times and the ships immaculately kept. I am therefore keeping an open mind about this trip and as I said, looking forward to it.
  22. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    I agree with the 'we are all going to get on anyway' brigade, and you win some you lose some. I realised that all the BF talk about it being a highly planned exercise is probably wishful thinking. At Portsmouth, when it is busy, they often call on a lane, and, because it is busy, the marshals send the new arrivals onto the end of that lane as it goes down, and they sail straight on the boat. But they don't get to France any sooner, and may well be on an upper or less accessible area that is slow to disembark. Swings and roundabouts.
  23. General Discussions on Brexit

    A member of my family is a Conservative voter amd she was prepared to go to prison for not paying the poll tax. She disagreed with it immensely.
  24. "Dismal Ferries Dismal Service" ? ;-)
  25. Ryanair problems

    Change pilot for driver and I wonder if a certain rail company down here used a revised t/t while guards were working to rule in the same way.
  26. I should say that I am now going on the DFDS trip after all, mainly because someone else booked for me to go as a 'surprise'. I am looking forward to it, if only to reacquaint myself with the lovely ex-Val De Loire, a ship I first sailed on as a ten year-old back in 1993. As we'll actually have two days ashore on this trip, I'm hoping to spend one of these having a look around Ijmuiden itself, which appears to have a few things to do, not least a vast beach on which to blow away some cobwebs
  27. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    Hear hear! In fact I would go so far as to say that BF always try to treat their customers well, but there's no accounting for someone somewhere having a particularly bad day at the office for whatever reason,. In a world where people sometimes only think of themselves there may be up to another 2000 passengers hoping to enjoy the same ferry crossing, so a combination of 10 coach loads of school kids/cars parked too close to yours/cabin cleaning not finished/restaurant full/hot dish not hot (in which case you take it straight back)/ queuing to board for 45 minutes and that annoyingly expensive red sports car turns up and is waved straight on/ directed to the customs queue taking 3 times as long as the next one, all can cause some serious teeth gnashing and give us something to gripe about. Today it's the Ouistreham dockers revolting; oh to be earning the money they do for the amount of work the job entails..... Chris
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