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  1. To be fair I'm seeing a lot of outside deck space and only a couple of people there. The area around the MES which is roped off is only a few metres in any case, with very little actual open space forward of that point (see the drone pic). Unfortunately on these routes, what the timetable says and when the ships actually leave and arrive are often two different things. It isn't unusual for P&O to complete their crossings in little over 90 minutes (and arrive early, or on-time after leaving late), Stena on the other hand have a tendency to leave early and arrive late - up to 15 minutes early/late in some cases adding up to 30 minutes to the actual crossing time! Generally with P&O you will be driving off the ship and on dry land by the timetabled arrival time, with Stena less so. If you come across again you may want to look into some of the short-stay return fares Stena offer (such as the 30 hour return on foot for £30) if you can manage to have Belfast at the start and end of your itinerary. It should work out much more cost effective.
  2. ANY vessel will feel cramped when approaching its passenger capacity, and you did chose to travel on what was a busy weekend. The Superfast's aren't very pleasant either when nearing capacity - I know from experience! I honestly find it hard to believe there was a lack of deck space even if the upper deck was roped off (something I find surprising as P&O have made much of opening up the area and adding additional seating there - the area further forward probably was restricted so the crew can get some rest). In 17 years of service this is the first time I have heard any complaint of a lack of outside deck space on Causeway or Highlander. In any case, Im not sure why anyone would have wanted to spend much time on the outside deck last Saturday (which I assume is when you travelled given the cancellation) - it was a miserable day! I was on the opposite sailing from Larne to you and stayed indoors where it was warm and dry apart from when getting the necessary pictures. There are much larger vessels with less outside deck space in any case. Now the vessel we sailed on, EUROPEAN SEAWAY, is a vessel that does lack outside deck space, which is hardly surprising given she was built as a freight vessel. You would definitely have been disappointed if you had travelled on her! Anyway, i'll let people judge for themselves. In this drone pic (from flickr), the longest outside deck is the one accessible to passengers on both sides, though it is gated off from the lifeboat/FRB back (as shown in the second picture from Scott Mackey's excellent flickr page). I'm not sure how they could provide much more outside deck space to be honest! The ships do have inferior passenger facilities to their Stena counterparts, but in their defence the crossing is significantly shorter and their passenger certificate a third of that on the Superfasts.
  3. The P&O love of car carriers continues!
  4. There is a different timetable in operation due to the fact that with Express out of the picture there is no easily available extra capacity option for the TT. In effect the existing vessels ARE the extra capacity, just on a shuffled around timetable (as with last year). Ben also has timetabled visits to Belfast in June and July as well, in fact it is nothing new for her to visit Belfast. She is a weekly visitor to Belfast between August 6th and December.
  5. Next to no outside space on European Causeway? She has outside space running almost the full length of the ship on both sides of the main passenger deck, plus an upper deck area around the funnel which is well signed. How much outside space do you want on a ship that only takes 400 passengers? It was Northwest 200 weekend so no surprise about there being a lot of motorbikes!
  6. Re: Brittany Ferries in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Dieppe Seaways has been confirmed inside Stena for Holyhead - Dublin. Given that the same ship model has been used in ETS2 from its release (and there are addons which use it for Dublin-Holyhead available), and that anyone with a basic knowledge of graphic editing can change the textures in the game I think there is a lot of clutching at straws going on here. The livery is closer to SeaFrance IMO than BF's anyway. The developers have in the past tried to get brands represented in the game (though I think they wanted the brands to pay for representation rather than them paying a licence fee to the owner of the brand) so perhaps they had approached SeaFrance and had the basis of the livery on the model with this in mind. Its a shame all of the ports seem to use the same ship though, some variety would be nice. Its been ages since I played the game though! Perhaps Stena do have long term ambitions on the channel, but so far as I am aware the current plan is to secure and grow the trade on the Ireland to France route in the face of increasing competition (Stena, Irish Ferries, LD, and BF are all going after the Ireland to France traffic now) rather than throw money at a totally new operation with no established trade.
  7. Re: Would a ship roll more or less at a slower speed? Would overall hull design and ship size/type not be a factor as well though? Certain designs being optimised for certain speeds or operating parameters? For example a ship designed to operate at 16kts is perhaps more stable than a ship normally designed to operate at 24kts when at 16kts. Or am I barking up the wrong tree? For someone studying engineering Im a bit rubbish at physics!
  8. Re: Which BF Ship would you like to bring back to the current fleet? "Brittany Ferries Classique" surely...