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  1. Sorry, I don't know about Hoseasons but I know that you did need a passport to visit France. However, a one year British Visitor's Passport could be used for western Europe at that time. You could buy one quite cheaply over the counter at a main post office providing you showed proof of identity.
  2. For an excellent view over Plymouth Sound, the city and across to Dartmoor for a small fee you may ascend the spiral staircase within Devonport Column to access the viewing gallery.. It can be quite bracing up there. Before climbing the base steps to the foot of the column remember to collect your entry pass from the community bakery in the Guildhall (next to the column).
  3. Perhaps the availability of shore-side staff, immigration officers etc to receive ferries at relatively short notice has a bearing on choice of port to divert to.
  4. All looking good, thank you. I like the advert with the "book now" button as it will remind me to book through this site, something I'd sometimes forget before when the booking facility was less obvious.
  5. Fair enough, but the wording on the website cabin description for the Armorique Club Plus regarding the complimentary breakfast offer is different to that for the MSM, Normandie and PA premium cabins. I wonder why that is?
  6. Excellent. I'll bear it in mind next time we book a morning crossing.
  7. Thing is though, Neil, will you actually get a complimentary breakfast? According to the Armorique cabin description on the website this perk is only available on overnight crossings. I'd be interested to know the answer to this as it would influence my own future bookings.
  8. Yes, but no outside 2 berths so if you want a window you have to pay for a 4 berth club cabin.
  9. My main observation is that while the general ambience of the ship is ok in daylight it takes on a very gloomy appearance at night with weary lighting levels in which the blue green colour scheme looks ghastly. Add in the chilly air conditioning and the uninspiring bar area and it isn't the best start to a holiday.
  10. Khaines, you are a tonic, I never thought I'd see Arm described as lovely. First time I clapped eyes on her my heart sank, I thought she was built like a brick outhouse but I must admit she's grown on me. I travel on her regularly and have come to appreciate her solidity; in rough conditions its nice to think there's nowt flimsy about her.
  11. You don't actually need to wait for the email to arrive before pre booking your table. You can send an e-mail to once you have your booking reference. Search "restaurant booking" under Help & Info, FAQs on the BF website for full details.
  12. You can ask for them and may well be lucky. My mum didn't like garlic and would ask for frites as an alternative if Dauphinoise potatoes were set to accompany her chosen dish and she was never refused. I suppose it was just a matter of one of the kitchen staff popping through the back to the self service side to fulfil the order, but good customer service on their part.
  13. It may be caused by specific conditions at the time (wind speed and direction perhaps) as I experienced a similar thing on the Pont once several years ago. There was a very nauseating smell of exhaust fumes in Le Fastnet Bar area. I've had many crossings on the Pont since then but only noticed the fumes on that single occasion.
  14. Agreed. I'm sure that's the real purpose of the friendly chat, to give them a little chance to get the measure of you.
  15. Same from me, all of it. Let's hope it's a good one.