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  1. Just a tip off for anyone interested, BBC4 Sun 7th Jan 9pm, Engineering Giants: Ferry strip down showing the Pride of Bruges receiving a major overhaul.
  2. SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    I do hope not, we're booked to sail on her tomorrow and don't fancy the dreary four hour slog to Portsmouth instead of the the leisurely half hour run to Plymouth.
  3. Security, what is your opinion.

    I don't think it would be fair to expect office staff to go looking for and challenging illegal immigrants or terrorists whenever they have a bit of time to spare. That's not what they signed up for, it's risky enough for trained security officers but at least they agreed to the job.
  4. Complaint handling _BF

    Me too. On numerous occasions I have found minor problems in the cabin that previous occupants must have known about but couldn't be bothered to report eg. shower curtain falling down, leaking shower hose, light bulbs not working, power socket ditto. On each occasion after reporting the fault to Reception someone has soon been sent to fix it.
  5. Pet friendly hotels

    If it is just an overnight stay you are needing you might consider one of the Ibis hotels in or around Bilbao. They usually take dogs for a small charge. Google accorhotels Bilbao to see what's on offer.
  6. Or, to relieve the pressure on pet cabins, how about introducing a Pet Lounge where pet owners using the kennels can spend some time sitting comfortably with their animals. I think a lot of pet owners would be happy to leave their dog in a kennel for a few hours overnight if they knew they could keep them company more during the daytime hours.
  7. BF really encourage people to book as early as possible so it is a great benefit to just pay a modest deposit when booking multiple crossings. For instance, I usually book five return trips for the next year soon after the new timetables are published but I wouldn't do it if I had to stump up around 2k in one hit. Incidentally, there is no need to lose a deposit if plans change, just move the booking to a future date. It doesn't have to be a final date (if you don't exactly know your future plans) as you can move it again as often as you need to so long as you set yourself a reminder that you have it.
  8. It's Quiberon for me too, followed by Barfleur and for a new ship name I suggest Morbihan or Presqu'ile de rhuys.
  9. Car sizes

    True enough but I don't suppose the ferry companies allow for that any more than they do for being able to fully open the side doors when parked in the lanes.
  10. Car sizes

    The thing is, though, they can't really expect people to park in areas as low as 6'1"" as lots of people are taller than that these days so they would need to issue hard hats. There must be a reasonable margin for passenger safety so I suspect setting the bar at 6' is just a money making ruse.
  11. Plymouth Winter Service

    Thanks Gareth, I didn't realise we were benefitting from an anomoly last year as it was our first holiday in Spain at that time of year. cap fin 67, I don't know what the story is with Cap Finistere. When I was told that we wouldn't be able to sail back to Plymouth I thought was that we could maybe make the best of it with a chance to try Cap Fin for the first time but unfortunately the lady told me the only options for departures from Santander and Bilbao mid November were BDS and the Pont. Admittedly she was working with a provisional sailing schedule so not finalised as yet.
  12. Although next year’s sailing schedule hasn’t been released yet I fear we Plymouth ferry users need to brace ourselves for a poor service again this winter. Today I called the holiday reservations team to price up a winter sun break in Spain leaving Plymouth mid October and returning from Santander in mid November. Unfortunately I was told that there will not be any sailings on the Plymouth Santander route this November as the Pont will be covering for the Cap on the Portsmouth route. Not sure when the Plymouth Santander service normally ends for the winter but I know it was running on the 21st November 2016 as we were booked on it. Ah well, an extra 5 hours chugging up the channel followed by an extra 3.5 hours driving home.
  13. Early boarding for Motorhomes

    We have often boarded early with our motorhome on the Thursday evening Pont Aven sailing. Usually we are sent straight up the middle of deck 3 between the two bulkheads. A bit of a close fit but it does mean a speedy exit on arrival as it is one of the first spaces to be cleared.
  14. Hoseasons' Holidays

    Sorry, I don't know about Hoseasons but I know that you did need a passport to visit France. However, a one year British Visitor's Passport could be used for western Europe at that time. You could buy one quite cheaply over the counter at a main post office providing you showed proof of identity.