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  1. Cork - Roscoff Economie pricing

    You could use the Etretat deck plans, I imagine it's very similar in layout to the CM.
  2. Cork - Roscoff Economie pricing

    Just had a quick look at prices, and it's only about 30 Euros cheaper than the PA (for a normal sized car and a date at the beginning of September) The cabins are the same price as the PA. If I was sailing from Cork - Roscoff, then I would pay the extra and choose the PA over the CM. However Rosslare to Cherbourg on the Stena Horizon is a very similar price.
  3. Wow, didn't realise Newhaven was that small
  4. Would a visentini fit in Newhaven? I was thinking that the route might be more economically viable if it were operated by one.
  5. My Ferry Link Sold to DFDS

    I say Rodin/Berlioz Seaways
  6. Normandie Express Winter 2015 Lay-Up

    same feeling here It does seem to be a waste being laid up for most of the year.
  7. HIGH SPEED FERRIES: Weymouth?

    The routes out of Pompey are probably more profitable than out of Poole, I personally don't see the NEX operating out of Poole/Weymouth long term.
  8. NEWBUILD: Announcement in 2016?

    That doesn't solve the issue of Bretagne entirely, she will need replacing in 2016. Perhaps a swap like Etretat in the Med/Baltic. I think that PA will be a good replacement for Bretagne
  9. Most profitable routes?

    I would say Pompey- Caen/Ouistreham. What about the economie routes? They must be quite profitable for BF to charter another ship.
  10. My Ferry Link Sold to DFDS

    Could have been worse, like being sold to P&O. They probably won't get rid of Malo. Rodin & Berlioz will probably operate alongside Malo & Calais Seaways. I would be surprised if they were named anything else other than Rodin Seaways and Berlioz Seaways
  11. My Ferry Link Sold to DFDS

    Not surprised really, It will allow DFDS to compete better with P&O with an attractive number of sailings.
  12. Looks like the original livery, but with white paint to create the curves and the logo area.
  13. I suppose your right... I suppose something is better than nothing.
  14. Is that neccessary? It's a 90 minute, bums on seats, crossing.