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  1. DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    I thought Stena owned Scandlines didn't they?
  2. Advice On GCSE Options

    As a graduate of York and current resident of the city for 15 years since i came here to university I would thoroughly recommend our beautiful city and great university and think you'll love it.. It's a bit of trek to the South coast to see the BF fleet, but Hull is 1 hr drive away and you can get some very reasonable minicruise prices to Bruges or Amsterdam in the off season. Congratulations and welcome to Yorkshire!
  3. Armorique spray

    Returned on her this afternoon, first day crossing on her. Following outward last week. We all felt the spray from the funnel on deck, which was the starboard stern area today. Not too much but every now and then you'd get a good few drops.
  4. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Due out on her tonight...
  5. Mileage

    I was wondering if there was a tally of which ship regularly clocks up the most mileage on an annual basis? Obviously refits take them out every now and then, my guess would be Cap Finistere? But then again I'm sure the Caen boats clock up a fair amount of mileage themselves..
  6. 2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    Wasn't Armorique in Santander for her scrubbers when Pont was having hers fitted? If that was the case maybe that's why she had to go to Gdansk.
  7. 2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    She wouldn't go to Santander would she?
  8. 2018 Schedules & Prices - Now Available

    Was it last year she had a bit of a stay in Brest too? I agree, I'd expected to see her off at somepoint. Must be Nov 18..
  9. P & O Zeebrugge Ferry Upgrades

    They had some leffe royal box sets with glasses, and some introduction sets of Belgian beers yes. They also sold multipack cans of Jupiler..
  10. Whisky prices on board

    Off to Brittany next month and was wondering what the whisky offers arelike on board? Single Malt preferably. And how do they compare to French or English shops?
  11. P & O Zeebrugge Ferry Upgrades

    Returned from Zeebrugge on Pride of Bruges last night. Club cabin looked good post refit. She looks and feels good for 30 years old. The refit has improved the interior. The shop is now massive and stocks a better range than the Rotterdam boats. Food was also very good, as usual. She could use some paint on her outside decks, which makes me wonder why they didn't do it whilst she was laid up awaiting a gearbox. But all in all she looks good and the refit looks like money well spent.
  12. P&O Pride Of Hull/Rotterdam

    It's hard to see them as you look down on them from deck so only see the canopies really. Was on Rotterdam last week and Bruges last night - where it is easier to see the capacity as you can walk by them.
  13. P & O Zeebrugge Ferry Upgrades

    After a 40 odd day stay in Rotterdam, Pride of Bruges is currently making her way to Zeebrugge, due back on service tomorrow. Apparently a gearbox issue kept her out so long, can't have been cheap to lose her at this time of year. P & O have had to charter two freight boats to cover her absence I believe.
  14. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    I thought that with the top deck. Personally think it's a nice feature of MSM, Pont Aven etc and especially Bretagne. Presumably not the highest priority thing to have included as most people seem to not use them. She's a good looking ship, will be interesting to see her construction on the webcams when it begins.
  15. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Does anyone know if it's got a bow viewing area? Always one of my favourite bits about most BF vessels. To clarify, by the way I mean open deck space overlooking the bow. Not portholes or windows!