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  1. Cabins for Passengers with Restricted Mobility

    We have a baby and although technically a cot will fit in a 2 berth we have gone for 4 berth for each times for the 3 night crossings we've done this year. 2 of these have been on the north sea with P&O where we've folded one lower bunk and put the cot in it's space. We didn't do that on Armorique in the summer but perhaps we could have, can't remember. It was an outside 4 berth. But point being a 2 berth although technically large enough would be hard work with a cot. I took the top bunk in each case and although it's not my favourite place to be its ok. I'm in my mid thirties though and can well appreciate that some won't want to use an upper bunk, my wife has always avoided them and she's younger than me... One thing we've booked on the P &O Rotterdam boats in the past is their 2 berth cabins which only have lower berths. Great idea, plenty of space although i do miss taking the spare pillows off the top bunks, and so have to request more from reception. But anyway, point being is that seems a sensible idea. Do BF have only lower berths in any of their non-club cabins?
  2. BF Refits 2017-18

    Agreed. She could have used a tidy up externally.
  3. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Yes she's alongside currently, I guess as you and @Fine Whine stated it's because of the weather then. Thanks
  4. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    See Cap has put into Brest today. Have I missed this somewhere else? Not routine is it?
  5. BF Refits 2017-18

    What sort of condition is she in during lay up? As in, I presume an engine ticks over for her power and she has a skeleton crew on-board but the majority of the crew including hotel staff are not on-board during this period?
  6. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Bretagne is still sitting in Pompey anyway..guess she's not off tonight either? Edit. Just realised she was supposed to be on overnight from France not daytime..
  7. BF Refits 2017-18

    That is interesting. How many were offline a couple of years ago when Armorique ended up going to Spain and Bretagne came back early? Also apologies if I've missed this but why does the Cap need so much maintenance compared to the others- I know she's the busiest in terms of activity, but she's been in every year right? Whereas Pont Aven didn't have any downtime last year if I remember rightly, she doesn't do that much more work than the Pont and she's only a few years older too.
  8. The Cabs

    You see many DAF cabs on the Zeebrugge - Hull route too, that probably makes more sense though geographically. Interesting that Renault are part of the equation too. So many companies working together these days!
  9. P&O Pride Of Hull/Rotterdam

    Thanks for the info on Rotterdam Rick. Was aware that they normally remain in the dock at Hull, however I was thinking about occasions when the lock has been out and they have been unable to get into King George Dock. Although your info for Rotterdam suggests why they'd be unable to do similar at Hull as if assume the gangways would just be too high for the ships.
  10. P&O Pride Of Hull/Rotterdam

    Just returned from an excellent minicruise to Holland on P.O. Rotterdam out and P.O. Hull back today. Both ships looking great and the Hull for the first time for me shading the other out of the two. Maybe that's because it's had the more recent refit... Anyway, my question was to do with linkspan at Hull. I remember someone on here saying that the Zeebrugge boats couldn't use the passenger walkway when those boats had to moor on the river terminal and foot passengers had to disembark by coach? I was looking at them this morning and wondered why that was as when the Zeebrugge boats cover on the Rotterdam run they are able to use the gangways in Rotterdam - presumably set to the same height as in Hull. My only thought was that the tidal range in Hull was greater and that at certain water levels the Zeebrugge boats would be too low down for the gangway to extend. But if any one knows the real reason then I'd be interested to know. Thanks.
  11. BF Refits 2017-18

    Thanks Tony, Le Havre suggests she won't come out of the water then?
  12. BF Refits 2017-18

    P & O Dover use Falmouth sometimes and their north sea boats have been dry docked at A & P Tyne in the past, vessels are larger than BF fleet so big ferries are maintained here sometimes. You would assume though that scrubbers and a follow up service are a part of the agreed service plan in this case.
  13. BF Refits 2017-18

    I wonder if we'll see Bretagne off-line for a shorter than expected time then. She might be required to come out and cover earlier than expected, as happened a couple of years ago when there were a few mechanicals elsewhere..
  14. DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    I thought Stena owned Scandlines didn't they?
  15. Advice On GCSE Options

    As a graduate of York and current resident of the city for 15 years since i came here to university I would thoroughly recommend our beautiful city and great university and think you'll love it.. It's a bit of trek to the South coast to see the BF fleet, but Hull is 1 hr drive away and you can get some very reasonable minicruise prices to Bruges or Amsterdam in the off season. Congratulations and welcome to Yorkshire!