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  1. They had some leffe royal box sets with glasses, and some introduction sets of Belgian beers yes. They also sold multipack cans of Jupiler..
  2. Off to Brittany next month and was wondering what the whisky offers arelike on board? Single Malt preferably. And how do they compare to French or English shops?
  3. Returned from Zeebrugge on Pride of Bruges last night. Club cabin looked good post refit. She looks and feels good for 30 years old. The refit has improved the interior. The shop is now massive and stocks a better range than the Rotterdam boats. Food was also very good, as usual. She could use some paint on her outside decks, which makes me wonder why they didn't do it whilst she was laid up awaiting a gearbox. But all in all she looks good and the refit looks like money well spent.
  4. It's hard to see them as you look down on them from deck so only see the canopies really. Was on Rotterdam last week and Bruges last night - where it is easier to see the capacity as you can walk by them.
  5. After a 40 odd day stay in Rotterdam, Pride of Bruges is currently making her way to Zeebrugge, due back on service tomorrow. Apparently a gearbox issue kept her out so long, can't have been cheap to lose her at this time of year. P & O have had to charter two freight boats to cover her absence I believe.
  6. I thought that with the top deck. Personally think it's a nice feature of MSM, Pont Aven etc and especially Bretagne. Presumably not the highest priority thing to have included as most people seem to not use them. She's a good looking ship, will be interesting to see her construction on the webcams when it begins.
  7. Does anyone know if it's got a bow viewing area? Always one of my favourite bits about most BF vessels. To clarify, by the way I mean open deck space overlooking the bow. Not portholes or windows!
  8. Does anyone know if it's got a bow viewing area? Always one of my favourite bits about most BF vessels.
  9. We didn't book a specific Hague one. We just did Rotterdam. The coach drops you outside the station and from there it's a 30min train journey. Anyway hope you have a goos trip. All good locations!
  10. hi I've cycled up the coast from Zeebrugge and into holland. Quite nice beaches and plenty of cafe's. I think P and O also offer trips to Gent and Ostend. My suggestion would be to goto Rotterdam. We went to The Hague for a day trip at Christmas and it was great. Not too far to travel either unlike Amsterdam which is a couple of hours.
  11. Pride of Bruges is off service and in Rotterdam for engineering repairs apparently. Due back 3rd June. Auto Bay has been charterd to cover her freight runs, but not good to have her out of action over Spring half term week, bet there would have been a fair few mini cruises booked on in that period.
  12. Day off sick today meant I could glance at the webcam and see Normandie inbound, BDS and NEX outbound and Pont Aven in and out. Plus HMS Iron Duke. Great camera, thanks for sharing.
  13. Living in York- It's a 4 hour drive to Pompey with good traffic, Plymouth 5-6, both relatively nice drives and better than negotiating M25, however due to its location Hull (1 hour) is the normal choice for departure unless we head to Brittany where then we head south to the channel. I'd look at a Liverpool to Brittany departure and consider it, but I suspect I'd just drive South in all honesty.
  14. Just watched it. Good bit of promo for bf I guess. Love the show but didn't notice anything with PA. Although have only sailed on her once.
  15. Hull Daily Mail showed a few pictures of the Pride of York post refit. Looks good but not much detail on the extent of what has been done. Apparently there is a relaunch of Pride of York in Hull and Pride of Bruges in Zeebrugge tomorrow.