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  1. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    She's currently operating for ANEK who have this on their website for her: https://www.anek.gr/en/vessel/fb-asterion/ She's still essentially factory fit Visentini (as is Etretat to be fair). I presume Stena RoRo have kept ANEK informed about the charter to BF as they still have her programmed for Venice-Patras sailings through the summer.
  2. New cruise Ferry Line to New York ?

    ACL's con-ros also take the occasional motorhome from Liverpool across the Atlantic (the owners fly) and there are opportunities for freighter travel. That, along with cruising on QM2 and occasional positioning cruises on other ships, is probably enough to sate the passenger demand. Certainly the myriad seafreight options would make the economics of such an operation impossible. The idea of the Spirit of Farage crossing to New York is somewhat frightful as well - if you think Europe are treating us unfairly (!) then I wouldn't raise your hopes too much for getting too much out of an nationalist President who doesn't do nuance.
  3. Daytime sailings in the Med?

    There are very few day sailings between Marseille and Corsica. The obvious option is to take Moby or Corsica Ferries from Toulon or Nice where there are a multitude of departures. However they can be tremendously hectic experiences in peak season as hundreds are hustled on and hustled off with very short turnarounds. There are however a couple of Marseille-Corsica options. Firstly the Monte d'Oro makes a regular weekly Ile Rousse-Marseille day sailing to keep her on schedule. She's distinctly unglamorous so that's one strictly for the dedicated enthusiast. A better alternative is the Danielle Casanova which, on a few weekends in July and August, diverts from her usual north African service and makes a Friday night out/Saturday day back round trip to Bastia (followed by a pair of overnighters to/from Ajaccio). She's the only real cruiseferry still operating with Corsican Linea and possibly makes for the most interesting option. On the downside the Bastia route is the shortest of the Corsican ones unfortunately so you're off quite early and you'd probably be bussed round to the terminal in Bastia to check in again for the return leg. The last option is probably the one I'd go for - again in peak season only the Jean Nicoli (ex-Pasiphae) is taken off her usual 36 hour Sunday/Monday layover to make a day sailing direct from Marseille to Porto Torres on Sardinia, returning overnight. That would give a good, long day at sea on a rather nice (albeit very slightly dogeared through use) late '90s high-quality ro-pax with well designed public spaces and a decent waiter-service restaurant.
  4. Security, what is your opinion.

    Why would you want to do that on board when it's much easier to check at the ports before and after? Seems a haphazard waste of resources.
  5. Jadrolinija set for major expansion

    Quite a lot has happened since that article was written, most importantly Alan Klanac and his fellow exec team were ousted in the summer (technically his term as CEO and President had ended but the removal of the entire senior team was shocking). The project to build a ship to replace the Lastovo has recently come unstuck - she seemed quite interesting but the new board are claiming that she has been mis-specified, wouldn't fit most of the intended ports and that they are going back to the drawing board. It was never entirely clear what the ship would do; Klanac tweeted before his departure that she was for Korcula, Hvar, Vis and Lastovo but unless they do something bizarre with the schedules no one ship can serve all those islands (never mind replace the Lastovo which actually sails to Rogac). Meanwhile the new passenger/mail ship to replace the lovely old Postira which was ordered at Kraljevica (the same yard Wightlink's Wight class came from) is also apparently not wanted by the new management. It always seemed an amazing project to construct a like-for-like replacement on a route where the passenger ship operates effectively alongside a car ferry and some sort of hybrid would surely make more sense. None of which gives any indication as to how the company will resolve the big, big project which will be to eventually get new tonnage in to either reopen the coastal route or replace the Marco Polo, Dubrovnik and, one day, the Zadar. Oh and EU rules mean that Jadrolinija have to beg to be given renewed licences to operate their routes in future. So despite over a decade of building lots of new car ferries for the local routes there is still a lot to do and a bit of chaos along the way. But Jadrolinija have always been a bit different to your average ferry company -
  6. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Does anyone think the UK has some of "the best employee rights of all nations"??? The EU does guarantee some minimum standards that all civilised countries should consider baseline and which have been incorporated into UK law. And which some on the far right of the Conservative party have their eyes on in an attempt to make the country more "competitive" after Brexit (low wages and poorer working conditions are a competitive advantage if we are racing to the bottom).
  7. DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Fortunately I have a representative sample ready to go at - I have a database of Sealink ships, including short-term charters, which has fate as a data point and which is broadly up to date. Excluding those still in service or laid up and still usable and doing a pivot table on the fates of the rest gives this breakdown - It's probably true that purpose-built railway ships (about 2/3 of the list) were a bit more robust than the average so perhaps less prone to sinking but this should still be indicative and the vast majority make it safely to the breakers.
  8. DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Not quite sure where to put this but here is the end for the old Dana Gloria/the first King of Scandinavia, later Jupiter. She was reported to be under tow when caught by Typhoon Damrey. Her crew of seven were apparently lost. Once the storm had cleared, this was the wreck - (image from here.)
  9. She's been laid up since the Spring so is both suitable and pretty much immediately available. What other two ships could turn up would be interesting though.
  10. General Discussions on Brexit

    The full article is a posting on worldeconomics.com - https://www.worldeconomics.com/GlobalPriceIndexes/WorldPriceIndex/WPI.efp
  11. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    I think there's only been one poster who has asserted this? The additional level is a third deck, not a second one and is accessed from the original upper freight deck - which like the Clipper is in turn accessed from the main deck as the ship's regular berths in Ronne and Koge are single level only. So there would be no need for modification for her to operate CI routes, assuming her draught and the bit of length added during the rebuild were OK.
  12. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    The Hammerodde is reported to be going for as little as Euro 22m which, even though she is smallish , seems like a good price.
  13. General Discussions on Brexit

    For a company which trades in Euros and sells predominantly in Sterling, a devaluation of the latter by 20% is a matter of genuine concern, affecting both demand (France becomes more expensive) and viability (no matter how well hedged they are, in time and all other things being equal, profits will go down or losses up). It's all very real.
  14. The mainland-Canaries route is only a small part of Trasme's activities so I'd be surprised if that was a stumbling block. The competition authorities might try to get a carve out of that or require that they try to sell it before completing the transaction - although who might want it? The only other area of real overlap are on the services to Nador/Melilla but there is competition there from Balearia. If this goes ahead that's a sign of the future - Armas vs Balearia and I imagine Armas would show a bit more spine than Acciona have done in surrendering to Balearia in their core market over the past decade or so.
  15. Dada, Rhapsody and GNV Azzurra have been chartered to provide accommodation for Spanish police in advance of the Catalan referendum. Their arrival has proven rather controversial to say the least, especially the Dada with her somewhat frivolous livery. The crew have now draped huge rudimentary covers over the side of the ship not facing the quayside to obscure the Looney Tunes characters underneath but the underlying purpose of their being there remains a matter of some debate. Pulling these 3 ships from service has led to some interesting reshuffles in the Moby and GNV rosters with a few sailings cancelled and other ships doing rather different things to normal (Moby Niki's return to Bastia being a highlight).