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  1. DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Crown Seaways in new colours according to pictures from Facebook group... That leaves a few freighters, and King/Princess, then they'd all be painted up in the new livery
  2. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I'm really glad about this new route announcement. Although, it is unlikely I'll ever use it. it serves a niche market, and that is good, because it shows that sustainability can be achieved.
  3. P&O ferry in Eastenders

    He got onto one of the DFDS Cote class.
  4. P&O Considering Shetland - Scandinavia Route?

    I kinda thought all the RHEG members would be happy about this, but sadly not...
  5. P&O wants to engage in talks about a new Scotland to Scandinavia service, as per an article I just read from the Edinburgh Evening News
  6. Baie de Seine Seakeeping

    I'm not sure, and may be completely wrong, but as I remember, when it was DFDS, you collected your food, and paid before entry to the seating. The assessment at the table seems like a thing BF have introduced.
  7. Security, what is your opinion.

    I think there needs to be new security checks in some form to deal with this issue, whether they are onboard the ship during travel, or afterwards. There are always going to be people who are 'suspicious' and that is the truth, and 'if in doubt, always suss them out'. I think checks onboard could be dealt with, send a few people round, looking inside cars, in the boots etc, if anything is obstructing a view, bring the car owner down, and get them to unlock the car. That could genuinely work, and be fairly cost friendly, given a few office staff could do the job, when there isn't much to do. I'm sure someone here will find an issue with it though
  8. Merry Christmas

    This discussion seems the most appropriate, so: I would like to take this time, to wish every member a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  9. A Message from Mike Bevens - for BFE Members

    Good luck in your new ventures!
  10. DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Shame... P+O always seems too mainstream
  11. BF Twitter Competition

    I have entered!
  12. DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Hey All! Would've thought either King or Princess and Crown will get the new livery during this years / early 2018s refit cycle. Would be surprised if they do KING and PRINCESS though this year! -G
  13. Baie de Seine Seakeeping

    Baie De Seine also good at closing down essential routes ;-) HARWICH TO ESBJERG!
  14. Baie de Seine Seakeeping

    BDS is an amazing vessel, which spent 15 ish years on Harwich to Esbjerg, a year or so on the Baltic, and 2 years in Spain / France! She has amazing amazing sea keeping!