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  1. Having used 8410 and 8405 several times I have never noticed anything like this before.
  2. Sorry. I am travelling to France on the 28th and was wondering if I can take diesel in a jerry can to fill my car up on the drive down if petrol still isn't available.
  3. Am I allowed to take any diesel onto the ferry
  4. Thank You
  5. Does anyone know how long the Cap Finistére is going to be in dry dock for
  6. When do the Armorique and the Pont Aven leave to have their scrubbers fitted
  7. Thank You Gareth
  8. Why does the AIS show Armorique heading to Cherbourg
  9. I know that the Cap Finistère has one but a mini supermarket.
  10. MSM

    Does anyone know why the MSM has left Cherbourg
  11. To find the timetable you can go onto the French or Spanish Brittany Ferries Website and see what is what
  12. I think the Pont would be a waste on the route because the ship would never run at capacity so it should possibly stay as a portsmouth/plymouth to spain ferry