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  1. I think one can expect someone to lose either their job or at very least their council seat next time the elections come around. I doubt the locals will forget this fiasco in a hurry. Ed.
  2. If you've ever actually met a member of the CRS you'd probably know that they are not really into asking sophisticated questions. CRS is an acronym for 'Camion Rempli de Singes'. Ed
  3. How on earth did it get into that position? Is it on rollers? All they need to do now is get another couple just like it, park them end to end and let people drive straight across. Ed.
  4. I will, but the going rate is 11 cents a word. Ed
  5. At least it's still floating! Perhaps a longer shake down period would have been advisable and to not have inaugurated the service in the 13th of the month. The approach angles do look wrong in the photos but I've seen worse. I remember watching a Jaguar towing a caravan try to disembark from a CalMac ferry on the west coast of Scotland (Tarbet on Loch Fyne) and the entire under-chassis structure being ripped off. They had to being in a tractor to unload the caravan and even then used wooden blocks to reduce the angles. Ed.
  6. Be aware Brigitte that is a public holiday here in France on Thursday and that many of the shops may well be closed all day with perhaps the supermarkets only open on the morning. The usual city bus services are also likely to be operating a severely reduced service, if at all. There are also likely to be a lot of people heading over to the UK for the long weekend so your return crossing could be quite busy with a lot of passports to check. Have a good trip. Ed.
  7. I'd say that if you get there 45 minutes in advance of the departure time (as indicated on your booking confirmation - or earlier if travelling with a dog) then you will not miss the boat. As long as you have checked in on time they will get you on the ship. If the checks do take longer than planned for any reason they'll just delay the deapature by a few minutes and then catch up while at sea. Of course it helps if those who can get there a little earlier to spread the load but I think you will find the police are picking out certain vehicles for extra checks and not checking everyone. You can also speed things up by for example lowering the rear windows of your car if they are heavily tinted so that they can see and identify your children more quickly. On that point, there is a new law in France about the level of tinting allowed on windscreens and front side windows and fines are being applied for any vehicles with windows that are less than 70% transparent (although it seems no-one has yet worked out quite how they measure that). As a consequence, all those firms who charged customers to fit such tinting films a few years ago are now seeing their customers coming back to have them removed or replaced. Ed
  8. That sounds perfect given her handicap. My point at the time was to know why you would need one if your dog could walk normal distances without help but it seems there are a range of scenarios I had not envisaged. Thanks for the feedback. Ed.
  9. Well the second round of parliamentary elections will be held on the 18th June so if they are going to get their announcement in before we hit summer they'll have two days in which to do so. It all seems a bit tight to me, although once Macron names his economic and finance team BF will be able to gauge the direction he intend to take France in, assuming he is able to get a majority. Ed.
  10. Have they ever served them up on board with a nice mustard sauce though. Maybe that's the way to slowly beat the curse. Ed
  11. March's Club Voyage newsletter had a brief article about the patrols: Ed.
  12. To satisfy health and safety regulations, but you are right. If it's not going to be a regular service from PIP then it will be impossible to justify the cost until the day when the inevitable accident occurs and someone sues the port for negligence. Ed.
  13. I'm surprised the linkspan used by the Wightlink ferries, when diverged to PIP, is not equipped with a closely spaced row of metal bollards. They could be similar to those used to protect public or government buildings and pivot up into position as required, either individually to block a certain section of the ramp or synchronised to protect the entire sea-end from any vehicles suffering from mechanical failure or driver error, intentional or otherwise. Ed
  14. I have no idea if they have been used or if the pilots even train for such landings. If I can I will try and find out but may not get to speak to the same guy again for a while. All I do know is that the helicopters' coverage areas overlap and that some of the inland vehicles are reassigned to work nearer the coast in the summer months. Angers' helicopter moves to La Roche Sur Yon during the summer to cover more of the beaches and islands and the one in Nantes is then tasked with providing our service but those in Tours and Le Mans also help out depending on the location of the incident. As such I would not be surprised if at some stage they were called upon to land on a ferry when all the other available rescue helicopters were busy on other duties. Ed.