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  1. Thanks Millsy. That was what I feared would be the answer. Ed
  2. Great. Can you tell me what services you know which do allow that? Is it transport or more like cinema tickets etc? Ed.
  3. Would the option to pay via PayPal be viable? It seems to work well enough for Ebay purchases and I've bought from other companies here in France and in. Belgium using the same method. What I don't know is if it's possible to pay for a service (rather than a tangible product) using such a system. Ed.
  4. It's very popular over here, particularly with students as you can imagine. The one thing to watch out for is salesmen and reps using their company cars to offer trips (often on Monday mornings and Friday evenings) as they are not always insured to take passengers so in the case of an accident there could be problems. Other than that, most of the feedback I've seen and heard has been largely positive. Ed.
  5. And produces amusing answers to questions at customs like: "so, which ferry did you just come off, sir?". Ed
  6. Am I allowed to suggest MV Plogoff for a future vessel? Ed
  7. Those short runs are the problem here in France. 80% of private cars are diesel powered (it might be slightly lower than that now) and only a small number do really long runs every day. Everyone buys MPVs for their holidays etc but then take the kids to school and pop to the shops etc. I do the school run and then go to the station, so less than 5kms morning and evening and Cabin-girl does 45kms per day. We both run petrol cars and do around 15,000kms per vehicle per year. Both cars (Opel Zafira and Ford Tourneo Courier) are turbocharged and reach their optimum temperature at around 4kms so should be relatively efficient and clean. Ed.
  8. I just put you back to '0' but I have no idea what happens next. Ed.
  9. I just got an email from BF France telling me to book early for 2018 to get the best prices and choice of sailings. Then two lines below (with no evident irony) they say that I'm be able to do so in just a few days...but that I should really start thinking about it now. Gee! Do you think so BF? Ed.
  10. Where is everybody? Ed.
  11. Condor have also got their new timetable online. I just did a simulation to compare with what I'm paying for DFDS and it came to 660€. And that includes having to change ship in Jersey. Admittedly the times are good and you get three or four hours to stretch your legs in St Helier on each trip but run the risk of canceled or delayed crossings with the HSCs. I'll do another simulation with BF when they open the bookings just to get the complete picture. Ed.
  12. For those interested DFDS (Newhaven-Dieppe) have just put their Christmas and New Year sailings on sale. I have already booked my crossing to guarantee a place on board: €118 for a car and four passengers (2 adults and 2 children) return. It puts the £305 I paid as a foot passenger via St Malo-Portsmouth last year into perspective. Ed
  13. Almosthere, how was the traffic on the 8th July when you got to Caen? Ed
  14. I don't know the answer to that except that it's probably for economic reasons. Clearly the system is not strict enough as witnessed by the number of vessels impounded each year for irregularities. The only solution would be to oblige each vessel to visit its flag state once a year for its inspection. That would mean European-based ferries choosing local states - good for business and far more sensible than P&O and Condor etc. crossing the Atlantic every year. There could also then be a black list, as with the airlines, to help reduce the environmental impact. I accept that some tankers or cargo vessels might not be able to guarantee an annual visit to their flag state given their schedule but that could be resolved by creating alliances between partner states so the UK, Canada and Australia (as an example) could offer reciprocal services. This would also allow for ferry charters and relocations without the need for re-registration. Ed
  15. I can't see everyone treking all the way up to Newcastle, can you? Ed