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  1. Queen Mary

    What impressed me when I visited about 20 years ago was how much space was taken up by her boilers. Ed.
  2. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    I've arrived about an hour and a half early in the past for a couple of overnight crossings from St Malo to Portsmouth in the winter season and checked in as a foot passenger. They do advertise that early boarding will be available from around 7pm (the vessel leaves at 8.30 - I assume that's still the case but haven't checked the timetables) and I have been taken on board by bus. On one occasion I was the only person to arrive so early on foot although there were a couple of family groups already in the restaurant. The advantage was that I was able dump my bag in the cabin, do an hours' work on my computer before departure while the 3G signal was still available in France, have a meal at the same time before the rush started (admittedly not a huge rush in early January) and then catch a film in the cinema before bed. It's far better than sitting around in the terminal. The same thing also happened when I went by car later that same season but I was put up on Deck 5 and it took an age to get off at the other end. But as I only have a 20 minute drive on leaving Portsmouth, it wasn't too bad. Ed
  3. Condor ferries new owners?

    Only four per season I think, but certainly enough to give her a boost. Or they could put them in the bar and claim they have the world's fastest coffee grinder! . Ed.
  4. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    The load masters wouldn't need to be aware of that. On check-in the computer would simply print one of those mysterious hanging panels with a code on it and you would then be directed to the appropriate lane to await your turn to board. It was just me speculating on why some people feel others are queue jumping. Another suggestion could be that Club-voyage members get priority boarding. Jim, are you a member? Ed
  5. General Discussions on Brexit

    Yes but only as part of a package of other policies which would together have swayed voters' options. Ed
  6. General Discussions on Brexit

    Please correct me if I'm wrong Neil, but weren't the Poll Tax protests aimed at reversing government policy? As far as I'm aware and remember, there was no vote or referendum prior to their introduction and so the public were perfectly entitled to challenge the decision taken on their behalf. G4rth, which half of the country (or electorate) do you think should be the ones making efforts to patch up their differences? Is it for the winners to say, "Yes, of course, how stupid of us, what were we thinking? Let's stay in the EU after all."? Or should the losers be offering to provide the necessary support and encouragement to steer the negotiations in a direction that best protects their interests while accepting the overall outcome as inevitable? Ed
  7. General Discussions on Brexit

    I believe Trev (above) has got it exactly right in that there is no point complaining after the event. You can't re-run a referendum just because some people don't like the result. I've said it before on this thread (probably last year after the vote) but if you didn't like the way the referendum and campaign was carried out you should have registered your protest prior to voting day. Complaining about things not going the way you want is a very (continental) European way of proceeding and yet another good reason for the UK to leave. That's not how democracy works and the country should now be putting all its efforts into getting the best deal possible (as Trev has very sensibly realised) and not seeking to overturn a decision which may take time to produce results but which will I believe ultimately be beneficial both to the UK and our EU trading partners. Ed (And please give Mr Smith's daughter my best wishes for a speedy recovery!)
  8. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    Could that be due to who actually books first? I know that might be an algorithm too far for the booking and loading system to incorporate but could perhaps explain why a car that arrives after you gets on first. Or is it linked to the number of people in the car? Four passengers might spend more in the restaurant to kill time until departure than just two? Ed.
  9. General Discussions on Brexit

    Why? Do they do it better? Oh, and it may be 'one "I" to many in HIGNFY' but it's one "o" too few in "to many". I'd leave the spelling corrections to an English teacher if I were you. Ed.
  10. Condor ferries new owners?

    Yes, she does look much longer. Thanks. Ed.
  11. Condor ferries new owners?

    If they are interested in the company then they would probably want to see all the routes and vessels. Clipper is off service at present for a refit so it seems a strange time to be visiting. Maybe they want to see the Liberation before ordering one directly from Austal. How many are there like her? I think there is another in Spain somewhere. Ed.
  12. Condor ferries new owners?

    There was a similar rumor back in March which was denied at the time by the management. What is the source of this latest one, or could it be they are just interested in the vessel? Ed
  13. General Discussions on Brexit

    Ah yes the soon-to-be-famous Bournemouth Pier Protest. It’ll be right up there with Birmingham Alabama, Tiananmen Square, Boston Harbour, the Gdansk shipyards and La Place de la Bastille in the list of protests leading to the overthrow of unpopular regimes! Are you sure Vince Cable wasn’t just out on day-release from the Palm Court Nursing Home? Ed
  14. I've spent the last 24 hours trying to work out what that bow shape reminds me of. Now I've got it, and it's going to win me the lifetime ticket prize. It's like a vampire bat with a stubby nose. So the name of the vessel will be the MV Dracula. Ed.
  15. Unexplained question

    The same point and question has been mentioned on the sailing updates thread. The typical answer to that is that there was some large outsized vehicle or cargo that needed loading or unloading in Cherbourg and was too big to fit through the bow doors. If you didn't see anything it may have come over on the morning sailing from Poole and they couldn't be bothered to turn the ship around. As for why people can't reverse in a straight line, that's easier. Sheer incompetence! Ed.