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  1. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Thanks for that. From the info in the article I think we can rule out shellfish but assuming the trailers can plug into the ship's electricity supply it could well be white and pink fish or meat (lamb and beef I presume). I guess there may well be beer and whiskey being shipped this way too, plus perhaps a limited quantity of textiles. Any other suggestions? Ed.
  2. BF Refits 2017-18

    As Bretagne was not due back in service until late March and will now return two weeks early, is it likely that Normandie's crew will switch to her for that period? I was wondering how familiar crews are with other vessels? Ed.
  3. More competition for BF - but not for a while

    Yes, I've taken it. And that's what the expert quoted in the article seemed to be suggesting for the middle section. Ed.
  4. I just read this on the BBC. It made me wonder whether it's the option they should have gone for back in the late 80s, given how the Swedes and Danes managed it only a decade or so later. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-42743909 Ed
  5. Condor Ferries - Website

    I agree Nick. White text on a dark background looks so much better and is far easier to read. On a PC the site comes across as clean, uncluttered and well laid out with large buttons for those essential services and very little trouble finding the link you want (timetables aside). However, on a smartphone it all gets stretched out down the page and, in my opinion, doesn't come across as well. I notice the booking engine is in fact the same as before, and it's just the home and information/promotion pages which have really changed. Ed
  6. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Do you now what they are typically transporting? I'd have assumed it was fresh fish but that may be totally wrong. Ed
  7. Poole Bridge

    Oh! Do tell. I'm dying to go, sorry, know! Ed
  8. St Malo Stevedores Company goes into administration

    Is this linked to (or the cause of) the pre-Christmas strikes? Ed.
  9. Poole Bridge

    Whatever has happened to get to this situation, it would appear that the monitoring by the civil service and/or contract-awarding bodies seems not to have been close enough. They should have seen this coming way before the news broke in the press and either insisted the company be split up or sell of some of its contracts to raise cash. Meanwhile here in France the government is now trying to negotiate with VINCI, who many will know as they run numerous motorway routes, to pay them compensation after yesterday announcing that a project to build a new airport serving the north-west was to be abandoned after over 50 years of debate. VINCI had already won the contract to build and run the airport (between Nantes and Redon) and had contracted out various parts of the project. They have instead decided to extend the existing airport in Nantes and maybe that in Rennes too. In doing so, Mr Macron has gone against the wish expressed in a local referendum for the new development, and in the process seems to have alienated most of the (relatively) wealthy (and predominantly) Republican voters in the area. However, his environment minister (and former TV star - think Bear Gryls crossed with David Attenborough - with a hairstyle that would have looked great in Miami Vice) and a large number of tree-huggers, who have been camping out on the proposed site, are very pleased. Ed
  10. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    That all sounds a bit messy in Roscoff. Do your revised timings allow for delays picked up during the Biscay crossings? If not, perhaps the departure from Cork on Mondays and subsequent arrival into Roscoff could be pushed back to fit the existing schedule better. Plus, doesn't CF call at Roscoff on a Monday too? Ed.
  11. Condor Ferries - Website

    That lack of timetables is a bit of a backward step given that the sailing times change so often due to the tides. With BF the times are generally constant from one day or week to the next but Condor's change on a daily basis. As Nottingham says it's going to make life difficult when comparing options and prices. Ed.
  12. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Hopefully, given those timetable predictions, we'll soon see BF offering combined ferry and hotel/B&B breaks from France to Ireland and vice versa. A trip out on PA on a Friday evening with a couple of nights in a hotel in Cork and then a return trip on the new vessel would be a bit more relaxing than the current 36-hour offering. Or it could be the other way round giving you three nights ashore and a nice dinner and evening on PA coming back. I look forward to discovering such options in due course. Ed.
  13. Condor Ferries - Website

    I think the correct term is 'aspirational'. Ed.
  14. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Thanks Rich. There's obviously an area on board which can be configured in various ways depending on the operator. Right now, Etretat doesn't seem to have one from the online plans but clearly did in the past. Ed
  15. Condor Ferries - Website

    They seem to issue an update on a yearly basis now. I hope this iteration has all the bugs removed. On my phone it was impossible to see a cumulated price for a trip until you had logged in and gone through all the identification and contact details to get to the payment summary page. Ed