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  1. Bretagne - benches to sleep overnight

    On overnight crossings, accomodation must be booked if it is available. Even when people book reserved seats, they don't always use them.
  2. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    As your vehicle is 1.9m it would still be booked as 2.6m. The bands are designed for the Pont I believe. It would be cheaper sometimes to have bands for all vessels but a standardised system is easier and creates less confusion for passengers. If an MPV/4x4 is taller than your vehicle, it will still be charged at that height, and will pay the same.
  3. Pont Aven

    My apologies. I missinterpreted your point.
  4. Pont Aven

    The delays are at passport control. There are only so many lanes.
  5. 30 minutes Safety Procedure

    It's extremely unlikely and near impossible for that much sea to be shipped onto the deck.
  6. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    Booking order isn't considered. It's somewhat chance. If you were in a 4x4 type vehicle you may have been classed as a "leisure vehicle" and put in that lane. The ones loaded before you could have been classed as cars. The leisure vehicle system is being changed and somewhat phased out for non-extraordinary vehicles. The ship will call for cars, and then it's up to the foreman to choose which lane of cars goes first. I hope this clears things up a bit.
  7. Cap lift entrance 9C

    And to answer the original question, typically the blue lift is used.
  8. Cap lift entrance 9C

    That's the official answer. But BF are pretty flexible, as Cabin-boy shows. Never hurts to email customer service, they're one of few companies that actually try.
  9. Cap lift entrance 9C

    If she's booked as travelling in the car, she will need to check-in and board in it.
  10. Cap lift entrance 9C

    C is short for "Comfort" and P for "Priority". As has been said, they are stickers affixed to the windscreen at check-in.
  11. Armorique spray

    That often happens if the incinerator is used. Not something the Armorique is meant to do.
  12. Roscoff to Spain?

    The foot passenger policy is all year, and as stated is due to the number of cabins. Try sending some lovely emails to customer service and see what they say.
  13. Car sizes

    Reservations are the best people to speak to, give them a bell. Pretty much. These cabins are designed for those in wheelchairs or struggle with the higher bunks. not necessarily those who can't walk too far. It's selfish of people to do, just to save a few quid, but is difficult for BF to enforce. A similar list exists but is now redundant. It used to be used to determine whether a vehicle should be classed as a leisure vehicle or car.
  14. Car sizes

    I've skimmed through the thread so if I've missed anything big let me know. The ultimate reason for this being done is to maximize space on board. If you are forced to pay the extra amount before arriving at the port, contact the call center and explain that you're vehicle is below the dimensions. They will then pass the responsibility on to who ever checks you in at the port as they can physically see how tall/long the vehicle is. A vehicle with five people and their luggage is of course going to be lower than when it left the factory. Make sure you contact the call center first as a refund can't be guaranteed at check in as I recall. Yes, I strongly recommend writing to customer services about it, BF do actually care about their customers and what they have to say. Could I ask what port this was at?? I believe some French registrations are recognized and queried; not all. Yes this is the procedure. Many fully able bodied people book wheelchair accessible cabins purely because it's an outside cabin and is slightly cheaper than the rest.
  15. Quiet news day in Plymouth...

    Even for the Herald, this is some low level tripe.