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  1. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    This is fantastic news - and with an extra sailing to France thrown in for good measure!
  2. Cork..end of season.

    BF's cork route is fairly safe I would think - BF have actually been doing TV adverts here in Ireland this year - so they're their doing their bit at least. IF, for all their low fares talk, are usually fairly similar in price. There's something lovely about sitting in the Cafe on the PA listening to the announcements in Fench whilst still docked in Ringaskiddy. For next year, I booked direct with BF's Cork office rather than online - I found it a good way to book as those working there have an indept knowledge of France.
  3. I wonder with a hard Brexit looking more and more likely, will Irish ferries try an Ireland - Spain line with this ship ? ( As for Cork, I hope BF have no plans to cut & run, the PA is a lovely ship, a pleasure to travel on. BF wins for me anyday - if the service was cut I'd go landbridge via UK rather than any of the other incumbents as imho there's no substitute for quality! ) - now I've that off my chest, please carry-on!
  4. Roscoff to Spain?

    Never knew you could travel Roscoff - Spain, if that Gijon-St Nazaire route returns then this would take a fair chunk off the drive back.

    MV Duchesse Anne is a previous guise - http://www.irishships.com/mvconnacht.html She's standing the test of time by the look of her today.
  6. Hooked - Salmon Angling

    There's good salmon angling to be had below the Inniscarra Dam , some 7 miles from Cork City Centre. http://www.gamefishireland.com/inniscarrapermits.htm
  7. Stargazing - Blackrock Castle

    An interesting visit - a short bus ride from the city centre - has a nice cafe too. http://www.bco.ie/
  8. Good write-up on Roscoff

    I love arriving into Roscoff from Cork - our first stop is always the bakery for some authentic French bread & pastries - what better way to start the hols! I found this detailed piece whilst browsing recently - http://www.theparisfeast.com/2016/12/roscoff-small-town-of-character-of.html
  9. Pasty Heaven

    I haven't been here for a few years now but I still dream of getting my hands on one! http://ivordewdney.co.uk/
  10. Food Market - The English Market

    For all you foodies, it's well worth a walk around - http://www.englishmarket.ie/
  11. Church Bells - Ring the Bells at Shandon

    Once you've climbed to the tower , there's a great view out across the city & hinterland. Located just a few mins walk from the City Centre - http://www.shandonbells.ie/
  12. Go To Gaol - Old Cork City Gaol

    This is an interesting place with lots of history, I've been there a few times and it's only 15/20 walk from the City Centre. http://corkcitygaol.com/
  13. A trip to Camden Fort - Cork Harbour

    I've never been here since they've opened it to the public. From what I've heard it's well worth a visit & I hope to visit this summer. http://www.camdenfortmeagher.ie/
  14. Visit Spike Island - Cork Harbour

    If you're in the Cork Area - a trip to Spike Island is well worth a visit, you could easily spend 2/3 hrs there. I visited last summer & it was well worth the entry/boat fare. http://spikeislandcork.ie/
  15. Brittany Ferries 2016 Results

    And quite rightly , too, I would imagine it's quite a profitable route. We ( family & I ) go via Cork-Roscoff every summer, It's always very busy, outward & return with a sizeable French percentage of passengers too.