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  1. MV Duchesse Anne is a previous guise - She's standing the test of time by the look of her today.
  2. There's good salmon angling to be had below the Inniscarra Dam , some 7 miles from Cork City Centre.
  3. An interesting visit - a short bus ride from the city centre - has a nice cafe too.
  4. I love arriving into Roscoff from Cork - our first stop is always the bakery for some authentic French bread & pastries - what better way to start the hols! I found this detailed piece whilst browsing recently -
  5. I haven't been here for a few years now but I still dream of getting my hands on one!
  6. For all you foodies, it's well worth a walk around -
  7. Once you've climbed to the tower , there's a great view out across the city & hinterland. Located just a few mins walk from the City Centre -
  8. This is an interesting place with lots of history, I've been there a few times and it's only 15/20 walk from the City Centre.
  9. I've never been here since they've opened it to the public. From what I've heard it's well worth a visit & I hope to visit this summer.
  10. If you're in the Cork Area - a trip to Spike Island is well worth a visit, you could easily spend 2/3 hrs there. I visited last summer & it was well worth the entry/boat fare.
  11. And quite rightly , too, I would imagine it's quite a profitable route. We ( family & I ) go via Cork-Roscoff every summer, It's always very busy, outward & return with a sizeable French percentage of passengers too.