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  1. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Amazed no comment from Barfleur fans! I haven't traveled on her myself since Truckline days, but I did find she could rock and roll, comparable only to a ship I really disliked, the Quiberon
  2. BF Refits 2017-18

    Notice Stena Baltica (Cotentin) is in the next-door-but-one dock to Etretat, wonder what her maintenance schedule compared is to sister Armorique?
  3. My memories are of travelling on the Transmanche 'Gardenia' in December 2012 to visit the Christmas markets in Ostende & Bruges. We were one of just three cars loaded, no freight at all. Plenty of room on board! Fully staffed restaurant and facilities - dined on chicken and chips, having declined a side order offered of brussel sprouts. On entering the port at Ostende without any sign of slowing - that was scary! The experience certainly made me appreciate BF ships Good luck to the prospective new operators, both Ramsgate and Ostende are interesting and charming ports to enjoy, hope they can make a commercial success of it.
  4. BF Refits 2017-18

    Such a pity BF can't spend some of the refit budget where a large chunk of revenue is generated. I don't accept that UK dockyards are too expensive, or have no capacity. In respect of paint/scrubber issues - buy cheap, buy twice!
  5. BF Refits 2017-18

    Have BF ever used a UK dockyard for refits etc. ever? Notice Clipper on way to Portsmouth from Falmouth, so Condor at least are supportive of UK in that respect! You (well, me anyway) would think they would spend as much as poss in France/UK/Spain.
  6. BF Refits 2017-18

    Hi Gareth - where is Barfleur in February for the weeks before half term? Have not spotted her on the timetables
  7. BF Refits 2017-18

    Wonder where Barfleur and Bretagne will spend their 'rest' periods - Dunquerque, Le Havre, Caen?
  8. Hotel Kyriad

    We found the food 'ok', but choice limited - our most enjoyable meal this trip was gallettes/crepes at the Roy in Dinard
  9. Disappointed Pont Aven

    Crikey! I expected to be keel hauled for being critical! Do BF review these comments and react?
  10. Bretagne Deck 3

    Been there! Much better than passing through an airport though!
  11. Hotel Kyriad

    Highly recommended ....... near the barrage at Dinard ...... very clean and excellent value with views over the Rance estuary Got the best price via hotels.com ☺
  12. 24th August arrived at Plymouth Became a 20 year club member November 2016, so was looking forward to the treat mentioned on here recently. Nothing forthcoming at check in! Ah well....... Ready for early boarding, watched all the big vehicles go on first (contrary to ticket advice) Went to our cabin 4 berth inside 6492 ...... absolute carnage ..... wife got knocked about by a cleaner and his vacuum ...... cabin not ready Lugged our overnight stuff up to the self service, ordered chicken tandoori which proved to be cold and inedible. Wife decided on a snack, but Salon closed. Returned to cabin, told it was ready, but on inspection it had not been cleaned properly as it was dusty. Found a cleaner, but they did not speak English or French, so no joy. Total lack of BF staff around. Later went to main bar ...... childrens entertainment in progress (fair enough), but the clown was so loud it was painful! Eventually got a good nights sleep after children stopped running through corridors Breakfast in the main restaurant was ok, but has the buffet been reduced? Returned on 31st on my old favourite the Bretagne ...... what a contrast ..... clean and ready (cabin 6805), self service food totally acceptable, helpful staff, efficient boarding etc etc You may well ask why I did not make some of these points at the reception desk at the time, but you should have seen the queue when I got there! I was very obviously not alone in being discontent with Plymouth cleaners and the PA on this crossing SIncerley hoping this was a one off blip, but not so sure, was so disappointed I will not be using that ship or Plymouth again in the near future!
  13. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    She passed between the Lizard and the Scillies doing over 28 knots - impressive! Currently pottering about south of Niton IOW
  14. Mileage

    Gareth I know Bretagne 'plods' her daily route, but why limited to 19 knots? Wiki specs a 24 knot cruise speed, and I'm sure I've seen her record better than 19 from time to time Thanks
  15. Your Favourite BF Ship Name Destination

    Doh! You wanted 'favourites', not new suggestions, so it's got to be Pont Aven