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  1. Fleet Finder

    Sort of resolved - soon as you use the +/- zoom, the shipping magically appears!
  2. Fleet Finder

    Fleet Finder is playing me up, the area maps appear, but no shipping shown. Going through the Marine Traffic website it works fine. Is it my aging laptop (accessing via Google Chrome, or is there a glitch?
  3. Cargo ship capsizes in Channel

    Will they sink it as a hazard I wonder, or where will it end up if drifting 'west' towards Cotentin?
  4. Calais & Boulogne shut again Jan 25 2018

    I think there is a hidden issue - if the Dutch (or anyone) lands a large catch, the market price will drop - hence the French claiming financial loss due to their higher costs and smaller catches. Nothing to do with the environment etc. They will ultimately be wanting protected status within France, like the tabacs have achieved for years.
  5. Our city fathers do visit France annually - to a festival at Cannes, for which they hire a yacht with hospitality. We are told it's to promote business opportunities in Nottingham and attract investment! So the tradition of taking from the 'poor' in Nottingham continues!
  6. Here he is! Out on the streets every night(not)!
  7. Just the same up here in Nottingham, some are so obviously 'druggies' too - this despite a very pro-active Council led campaign with ASBO's and prosecutions etc, every day it seems the local paper reports on re-offenders. I recently stopped a guy picking up cigarette ends and gave him a couple from my packet - not sure if I was just taken as a soft touch or not, it's very difficult.
  8. Dead ships showing up on AIS

    Quiberon does - from 2010 at anchor off the Indian scrapyard coast
  9. Ouistreham Disruption 11/12 March 2018

    Whats their beef this time I wonder?
  10. Spent a happy afternoon in the Mary Rose attraction in the dockyard - well worth a visit and much enhanced since I last saw it a few years back, even interested Mrs Nottingham! Could not persuade Mrs N to sample BFs food outlets after the previous experience in the PA self service - we dined very well in the Loch Fyne restaurant in Gunwharf Quays Outbound early boarding worked for us - got put on deck 3, loads of room although we were parked between 2 pillars. Cabin 6465 (a basic inside 4-berth) spotlessly clean and provided a very comfortable nights sleep (a relief after our last experience on Pont Aven from Plymouth) Evening entertainment was ok, we watched 'Cover Duo' over a few drinks in a very quiet main bar Disembarkation next morning seemed 'slow', weather was grey and damp, contrary to the BBC weather forecast! After visiting Intermarche at Le Decouverte and Carrefour at La Madeleine to select wines for home we spent most the day walking in the Intramuros, thoroughly enjoyed lunch at Le Castello under the ramparts - a really authentic Pizzeria with a French twist, and a drink in the 'Coin' bar, looking at the sign and toy doll displays. As the weather brightened we drove over the barrage to Dinard and had a bracing afternoon promenade along the beaches, collecting 'sandwiches' for supper later from a local boulangerie. Early boarding worked for us again, this time put on the ramp near the bow doors - the furthest you could be from our 6465 cabin, which was retained for our return trip - we thought this very convenient Entertainment was a repeat of the previous night, with the addition of a soloist called Kenny J. I'm afraid we thought him a bit dire by BF standards Docked next morning to the belated schedule of 8.45, passing MSM on the way out. Good views of the dockyard and HMS Queen Elizabeth. Disembarkation and unloading was slow, 9.30 by the time we cleared the under-staffed, stressed Border controls Overall a thoroughly enjoyable day trip, thanks to the BFE offer!
  11. French CRIT'Air Certificate

    So you don't drive a BMW!
  12. Portsmouth Berth 4 to be replaced

    Not understanding the logistics (a landlubber!) - is there no dockside available for mooring nearby to avoid BDS having to go right out into the Solent and/or beyond?
  13. Snow

    Southerners are urged not to travel unless necessary as snow, ice and blizzards approach. Northerners - you'll need your big coat.
  14. Cork - Roscoff Economie pricing

    Crikey! Sounds horrendous - good luck!
  15. BF Refits 2017-18

    Barfleur moored on the dockside now, so looks like on schedule for the passage 'home'.