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  1. Yeh, drove an Electric Ion a year ago. Likewise impressed. We really need to knock this pollution thing on the head. My new grand child was born in central London a few weeks ago just after a monitoring point 100m from her home exceeded EU pollution limits during that hot spell a month ago. SFD
  2. Hi Jonno, Been Adblue on my 1.6 diesel 6 speed Berlingo from new in 2015. Nitrogen oxide reduction along with SCR exceeds Euro 6 standards and reduces fuel consumption. Only thing that beats that is a hybrid or EV. SFD
  3. Exactly the same as me. Changed CAR to a Berlingo (no bloody roof fittings at all) without changing the form. Absolutely charming lady told me I'd got the car type wrong. No "naughty boy stuff" but said she would let me off this time! Since found out that there was no cost difference anyway. She didn't appear to question the height at all. Not too sure I enjoyed being put in the MPV/4x4 group as I 've made the effort to move to more fuel efficient, cleaner cars. I've now been shoved into the gas guzzling monster kid carriers, the shame of it! No more will I gasp at the "Yummy mummies " filling up with £100 of diesel in their shopping/school trucks. I did ask one if she was saving the planet! SFD
  4. Whoa- This is doing my head in!! SFD
  5. Take me, Take ME! My cars not as tall as they say it is. Did I tell you that? Loading solved SFD
  6. Never thought of it that way Paul. It smacks of the old "Does he want sugar" thing. Most people are good natured but that treatment is impersonal and should stop. SFD
  7. No disrespect my friend. My wife uses her stick to walk and can't do stairs. BF put us near a lift and we are very greatfull. The Tenerife thing above was just my observation on how the able bodied react to a situation like that. Sorry if it gave you the impression otherwise. I don't support their views or the reaction, it was just an observation I made. It will be me one day-my knees gone already. Respect, SFD
  8. Had the misfortune to go to Tenerife once. Returning we got to the airport early in a hire car and checked in. Then watched the coaches arrive. People watching as usual. Up goes some old dear in a wheel chair, bless 'em. Then husband in another wheel chair.They check in first. Queue very understanding. After 12 more wheelchairs arrive your could feel the resentment building up in the queue along with a sense of disapproval. 2 lads discuss nicking a wheelchair to get in the front of the queue. Comments started from "bless him" and ended "Christ ,how many more?"
  9. Success or not at last. My emails are being sent to "the car web dispute team". Cant help feeling its another episode of Little Britain -The computer says no! SFD
  10. 1.Spoke to Customer service-no joy. 2.Emailed Customer service and reservations-no reply so far 3.Plymouth SFD
  11. I know nothing of Berlingo history Jonno but I take your point. My choice was for sod all road tax (£20 instead of £270 on the old Renault) 6 speed semi auto (better fuel consumption than the 5 star manual) Van like to get big radio control models in with the wings stuffed on the internal roof bars. Adblue exhaust to save the planet plus all the free servicing, free breakdown and a man with a dog and a white stick to value the old Renault. The roof height didn't bother me until a day or so ago Good one G4rth SFD
  12. Got the wood from my local iWood store( bit primitive down these parts) Had to queue after midnight when the iWood 8 came out. What I have got is internal roof bars which will be used to carry my gauge. And no external roof bars, did I mention that? Should the BF inspectors pounce I shall spring me thingy out and amaze them with my little stick(1.830m long)! I can rent it out at the port, thus recovering my losses. I need a rest. SFD
  13. Thanks Jim. Great help. Heres a pic of wife using my 1.830m gauge. I'm getting a bit anal now. But over a year the extra cost would be quite high to visit our new home in France
  14. All been good natured at checkin, no complaints and never charged -thanks BF check in. BUT they will have taken the extra money from now on as per their email with the ticket. So, it wont be a problem for them. Its now my problem. Any idea how I get the excess back everytime ?(unless they amend my details). Hang on- pigs just flying by. SFD
  15. Thanks Neil and Gareth. Good advice Neil. Spoke to Cust Services ages ago. "Sort it out at checkin etc, ppl have been known to lower suspensions etc"- get the idea?Would you grumble at that?Nothing happened. Have emailed them again-plus reservations, awaiting a reply. T S can point you in the right direction and give advice anytime and cost nothing (except yours and my taxes) but alas won't get involved with a European company. What they can do is check nationwide if similar has happened before. I've estimated that by using their database and not the true dimension in will cost me over £400 in a year. Melodramatic Gareth. Think I should just take that lying down? A cheque for £400 in the post will do Gareth. Will chill now, thanks for calming me lads, appreciated. SFD Ps. Once got no joy with a dealer over a new Renault and not getting any luck. Wrote to Renault UK CEO, things happened in a few hours plus Dealer compensation.