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  1. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    After all that the Armorique will be leaving Roscoff a little late. She is expecting to depart at 15:30 rather than 15:00. BF will communicate to passengers soon.
  2. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Word has it there will be a 'demonstration' on Saturday in Ouistreham - I predict more industrial action somewhere along the coast! BF are informing their passengers and asking them to allow extra time to arrive. I hope that is all there is to it.
  3. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Another blow for BF https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186258-d214968-r546776505-Brittany_Ferries-Plymouth_Devon_England.html#REVIEWS I must admit I find some of the comments crazy. As if the coach driver on his phone had anything to do with BF. Also I don't understand how they felt BF were only interested in making money from cancelling their return crossing, hiring a coach to transfer foot passengers to Caen and then giving them their money back whilst giving them free food knowing it would be unlikely they will see their business again. Nor do I understand how they can say "They knew there was a high likelihood of a strike and they knew they could not accommodate all of the passengers to the same standard on any alternate ship. Yet they went ahead anyway and did not at any time advise us of the possibility of a problem on the return leg." - I do not know how anyone can so easily jump to that conclusion. At least there is a brief note at the end regarding dockers - but this passenger clearly wants to hold BF responsible for everything. Sad situation for everyone involved.
  4. MSM Tuesday 05 December

    Much easier and much less effective. A makeshift bomb in the car would with almost certainty result in no loss of life. Blowing up the baggage room would not likely cause loss. A bomb in the public areas of a ship however would most certainly cause loss of life. I am sorry you and Mrs Bear had a hard time on this occasion. Even if these are first world problems.
  5. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    This is the sad reality for Brittany Ferries and their passengers... https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186258-d214968-r546343886-Brittany_Ferries-Plymouth_Devon_England.html#REVIEWS I feel for this passenger, I really do, and I do not blame them for writing this review even if ill informed or omitting to state the cause of their displeasure had little to do with BF. What a shame that BF will get a lot of blame and loss of business through no fault of their own. By the looks of the review they tried their best to accommodate as many people as possible and they were enjoying their BF experience.
  6. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Multiple cancellations and adjustments this weekend for the Barf unfortunately - all weather related. Saturday 9th Cherbourg to Poole now departing early at 14:45 (rather than 18:30) to arrive at 18:15. There will be a NEW sailing on Saturday 9th leaving Poole at 19:15 to arrive in Cherbourg at 01:00, however disembarkation to start at 07:00. Sunday 10th both Poole - Cherbourg and Cherbourg - Poole sailings cancelled. Monday 11th Poole - Cherbourg cancelled. Monday 11th Cherbourg - Poole now departing later at 22:15 to arrive 07:00. There is high chance of Baie de Seine disruptions and maybe Cap too.
  7. Very true @hf_uk. And actually if someone wanted to cross to France for more than just a day trip it would not be too much of a bother to get up that early and return that late. I would if I was staying in Normandie for say a week or more.
  8. Daffodils to that. I am resident of Plymouth - 08:30 sailing from Poole? Latest check-in is 07:45... google says the trip is more like 2 hours 40 minutes but if it is 2 hours I need to leave home 05:45? What time does the Barf get back? 21:45 is it? Say I am out of the port 22:00 I would get home at midnight? Pfft... no thank you. Worse is the thread was made by someone who lives 'far west' Cornwall. What time should they get up I wonder to be home by 1am - 2am.
  9. 'hardly any useful sailings for 3 months' - Ouch, that's a little bit harsh. I see this month there are 8 crossings to Roscoff - some of which are between Christmas and New Year with a further 3 sailings in the new year. These may not be useful for your requirements but they are for many other people. Granted I do see between the 7th Jan and 8th Feb there is nothing. Also if you're talking about Club Voyage Spain then I will agree. There is quite literally 1 sailing on Friday then just 1 in March until it starts up again in April. As for value with Club Voyage - some enthusiasts may remember a rant or two of mine regarding this but I must admit I am starting to turn a corner and have a new found love for Club Voyage members.
  10. Complaint handling _BF

    Not sure why you think I should never go for a job in customer services? Is it not possible to do a job to the best of you ability and keep your opinions to yourself? And/or express those opinions in the correct forum? If I worked for BF customer services there is no way I would tell a customer their complaint was a waste of time - even if that was my opinion. I would deal with the complaint in the best way I can using the guidelines set out to me and think to myself 'what a waste of time' and possibly share that opinion in the right way without giving specifics. BF are indeed very good at handling most complaints professionally and promptly regardless of worthiness but that does not stop the person(s) handling them from having a personal opinion.
  11. Complaint handling _BF

    To be honest I know the whole comment count thing was tongue in cheek. I too was just being cheeky. I understand why you think I have a gripe with Club Voyage members, especially after my rant over why I think Club Voyage members are somewhat spoilt in a different thread. With regards to when and how a member books their free or half price cabin however I used this example purely to try and highlight my point about managing customer expectations. Does it matter if the crew allow a Club Voyage member to book a free/half price day cabin? Certainly not - if BF were my company I would most certainly allow this. If however BF were my company and one of the conditions were that these cabins must be pre-booked however, then I would want that condition strictly enforced - not particularly to be mean or greedy but to manage the customers expectations and to have a one rule for all approach. I would not want to risk one person getting a free cabin this way and another having to pay or to find myself having to pull my socks up and disappointing my customers who have booked a cabin this way in the past. To stray away from the thread topic I would like to add that I think Club Voyage members are extremely valuable to BF and they should be rewarded for their repeat and long-term custom. I just do not like it when they think they are entitled to better service than someone who is not a member. A first time customer taking advantage of a 24 hour return deserves the same service and attention - just without the flexible financial benefits a member enjoys. Another gripe would be that when I think of a Club Voyage member, id like to think of someone like you Nottingham, a customer who deserves their extremely good custom and loyalty to be rewarded. The truth of the matter however is that a Club member could well just pay £140 (France) to save more than £140 on a return crossing to France in the summer - they may have never used BF before and may never again which makes rewarding loyalty kind of watered down.
  12. Complaint handling _BF

    I find BF complaints handling excellent, especially when in comparison with many, many, many other companies we use today. Some of the complaints BF receive are time wasters who take advantage of the compensation society we are adopting. They would pick up on a minor detail, sometimes to the extreme and complain expecting compensation and attention. Maybe as much as half of the complaints are from people who have had a genuinely unacceptable issue, but decide to put up with it and complain after the fact. They will receive a meal they do not like, for whatever reasons, leave it and then contact BF at Plymouth a day or two later complaining. I wish so much that people would say something there and then to the crew. If the meal is not acceptable tell the catering staff, they will swap it for another or give you your money back. If there is a problem with your cabin, go to reception, don't just put up with it spoiling your whole BF experience. They will more than likely give you a different cabin or try to fix the issue there and then and salvage your experience. Another time waster complaint would be about other passengers - as if writing a letter to BF customer services is going to change other passengers behaviors. BF crew can politely ask those responsible for naughty children to control them - nothing more. BF crew might politely ask another passenger not to behave in a particular way - nothing more. BF crew member can ask someone who is sat in your reserved seat to move if you are spineless to do it yourself, but if when you go elsewhere and come back they are there again this is not cause for complaint when a fellow passenger ignored the sign and just sat there. In fairness I feel BF are poor at managing customer expectations, which is important. One example is Club Voyage members are entitled to either free or half price day cabins (on French routes obviously). One of the conditions is that members must book these cabins in advance, as far as I know it has ALWAYS been this way. The crews however for years allowed members to have their free or half price day cabins while booked on board, ignoring this condition. When BF pulled their socks up and clamped down telling the crews not to allow this behavior many club members complained and were upset believing that the rules had changed where in fact they hadn't changed it is just BF did not manage their expectations properly - they should NEVER have been able to book their half price / free cabin this way. Another example would be in reference to the new carweb software BF now use. The pricing and the size limits of cars ect have not changed for years but many people have suddenly found themselves after travelling with BF a lot over the years that they must pay more (sometimes a lot more) for their vehicle. They should have ALWAYS paid the right height and length fees for their chosen vehicle. By the way I hope my 38 posts allow me these opinions?
  13. Ships nicknames

    I had no idea. That has well and truly told me. Off topic but how about Quimper?
  14. Ships nicknames

    I don't like it when people sometimes say and spell Roscoff as Roscoe. Pont-Aven which I believe is like 'Pont Avenne' but some do try hard French and say like 'Pon-Avon' Caen is another one... 'cayen' Makes me shudder sometimes
  15. Ships nicknames

    Normandie Express - Vomit Comet