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  1. Red Funnel have become the first Isle of Wight operator to offer a premium lounge onboard Red Falcon and Red Osprey, called the 'Signature Lounge'
  2. Today is the 25th anniversary of the Normandie entering service, her maiden voyage being the 08:00 departure from Caen (Ouistreham) to Portsmouth. Just where do the years go?!
  3. Brittany Ferries and CEA Tech, the CEA's technology research department, have signed a cooperation agreement on research and development. This partnership demonstrates Brittany Ferries' commitment to being an innovative company in its industry. To begin this collaboration, two first projects were identified. The first project aims to study the integration of hybrid systems of energy production on a ship (solar, batteries, wind ...) with a view to reducing the environmental footprint. The second is to improve the Wi-Fi service on board Brittany Ferries. Frédéric Pouget, Brittany Ferries' Maritime and Ports Operations Clerk: "We are delighted to be here in Brittany at Navexpo, an international trade fair that highlights the strong dynamics and leadership of the region in France on the maritime domain. If the initial duration of the partnership with CEA Tech is 5 years, for us the ambition of this type of collaboration goes well beyond a contractual duration and is part of a desire for long-term cooperation. This partnership was conceived in a long-term and innovative approach with the ambition displayed for Brittany Ferries to be able to make it evolve technically and sustainably according to the axes of research and development and feedback. " Stéphane Siebert, Director of CEA Tech: "Contributing to the competitiveness of the maritime sector by responding to the need for innovation expressed by our partner is the very essence of CEA's technological dissemination mission. I personally am very pleased with the level of trust established between our two organizations in the service of a unique, environmentally friendly and efficient offer for the company, its employees and its customers. It is a very beautiful collaboration that promises and concretises the involvement of CEA Tech in the Greater West. " Source:
  4. No, but there is a replacement pet excecise area one deck down on the helideck.
  5. @wortley Here is the 'Day by Day' Self Service Menu. Self-service_Restaurant_By_Day.pdf
  6. Great to see that she's still providing such a sterling service down in the Med!
  7. @Jim haha no, it's for the trains
  8. Not strictly Portsmouth, but close enough (!)... there is an exhibition being held on the Isle of Wight entitled 'The Ferry Tales Project: travelling through photographs,poems and songs'. Might be worth a visit if you are in the area.
  9. Don't think it's been mentioned on here yet, but the go ahead has been given for the construction of a windfarm in the Baie de Saint-Brieuc, which will be the largest in France:
  10. This years buffet menu's have been released... some rather exotic combinations as usual! Buffet_1-Mars_2017.pdf Buffet_2-Mars_2017.pdf
  11. Mega Express alongside in Nice - 22/04/17
  12. C-Bed's 'Wind Solution' arriving into Portsmouth - 25/04/17
  13. Alongside in Nice on 21/04/17.