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  1. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    That would be a hell of a lot of administrative and logistical effort... and completely irrelevant unless everyone magically turned up in the order they'd booked. There is also a limit to lanes so I very much doubt the level of planning goes that way. I've also been in situations where 2 vehicles which were booked at the same time and checked in at the same time have had enough of a gap that 4 of us were sat in the restaurant and ordering an aperitif whilst the rest of them sat on the quayside. It's been discussed at length before, but unlike vessels on say Dover - Calais, the BF fleet are not all suitable for priority boarding as first on doesn't always equal first off etc.
  2. Ryanair problems

    I understand it was more due to the Irish CAA's interpretation of European rules than anything to do with Brexit?
  3. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    I'd have thought not as it would then be reliant on people turning up in booking order, and I'd also then be loaded last on most sailings.
  4. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    Earlier in the summer we took a similar sized Nissan Qashqai on the Wednesday night departure. We arrived for early boarding at 1815 and then had possibly one of the longest waits I can recall, eventually being sent up to Deck 5 at around 19.45. That said, many similar sized vehicles (which arrived after us) were on well before us. I know BF have the whole 'loading to a pre-determined plan' line that gets trotted out, but it can be hugely frustrating when identical vehicles that arrive after you go on first!
  5. LOL - I'm not either but have witnessed a similar sight before and wondered what was going on!
  6. Isn't a Wednesday when a sailing is missed to ensure the larger vessel is on the Friday night from Portsmouth? MSM misses the morning sailing from Ouistreham and vacates the berth to allow Normandie in. Normandie then misses the afternoon sailing from Ouistreham and does the night sailing as normal. End result is that the two ships are normally in the Ouistreham area around now.
  7. Bretagne Deck 3

    It does the job and will get you to France in 3 hours. Relatively comfortable seats. Catering isn't great when compared to what's on, say, Condor but there are enough options there should be something for everyone. I tend to suggest gravitating towards the front end, as groups tend to be sat at the back.
  8. Disappointed Pont Aven

    You can be fairly sure that they will be read - you will not necessarily get a reaction via here. You should, if you so wish, voice any formal complaint directly to BF customer services for a response.
  9. Hotel Kyriad

    Mother Jim recently stayed there, and did note arriving late afternoon on a Saturday that their restaurant was not open on weekends.
  10. Bretagne - benches to sleep overnight

    Should be available on all routes - but has to be booked either by phone or by asking onboard, it can't be done online. Bear in mind that overnight accommodation is mandatory so a reclining seat will be sold as a minimum unless it's an exceptionally busy sailing and all accommodation is sold out. As far as 'comfy benches' go, there are none which spring to mind I'm afraid.
  11. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    I believe this was considered in the past, as was using for a limited passenger service, but was ruled out by a number of factors - including that cabins share bathrooms with 1 between 2 in the existing accommodation area.
  12. Advice On GCSE Options

    Durham was an exceptionally high bar to aim for, and to come that close is hugely frustrating but still a great achievement - well done! Life has a funny way of working out, and whilst it might not seem that great now, you never know what the future holds and you could well look back on going to York as being a good thing to have happened. This is far from the end of the road, it's the next chapter... and you still will have plenty more to write.
  13. Upgrading from reserved seat to cabin

    Excellent. The 'shared cabin' option is not one often heard of, or available online - but it is a cost effective way of doing it. The occasional report back from those who use them suggests that it's very rare you may end up actually sharing with anyone. Fingers crossed, let us know how it goes.
  14. Upgrading from reserved seat to cabin

    I'd certainly upgrade to a cabin. You can do this onboard, but with it being the height of the season I would be surprised if anything was available. Worth calling BF to enquire ASAP.
  15. HMS Queen Elizabeth