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  1. Bit oxymoronic... the graphic says sold out, the content underneath is asking people to register for more information.
  2. They've announced that they are, you can view some of the details and register interest at https://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/mini-cruise-breaks/seasonal-themed/new-years-eve
  3. Agreed on the price you see being the price you pay - but we'll now just see everyone paying the higher price with the higher CC fees wrapped in. Either that or we'll see a whole new set of terminology for these extra fees which gets around the change in legislation.
  4. Either by calling them to query it and request a refund, or requesting a refund at check-in where they can actually compare the height of your vehicle against the markings there. On a sailing last December we were one short of the 4 booked in the car and when we advised of this and said we no longer needed one of the cabins were pleasantly surprised at getting a refund applied there and then for said cabin. Yes, not an ideal process I admit... but as hf_uk says BF likely get to feed back things like this to the data supplier (it does take time) and a quick call should result in you either not being charged the fee, or having it refunded.
  5. It would probably be worth putting this one in writing to BF Customer Services to get their view and, in turn, they could raise it with whatever database supplier they are using to get it corrected if needed. They don't just use the data for pure height either. When we travelled on Normandie Express last year I had to call up to book in order to take the dog on a day trip offer. Despite that fact that Mrs Jim's Astra and my Qashqai are both within the 'car' dimensions, the system actually classified them differently and we ended up taking the Astra because the Qashqai was deemed as 'too big' for any of the remaining capacity. Oddly, in the end both places we were parked would have fitted both cars.
  6. Going further... 2 Superfast added instead of PA to increase frequency of Spanish sailings and providing similarities to the CF. PA replaces Bretagne on St Malo Normandie maintains Le Havre (with or without Etretat) Bretagne leaves Purely hypothetical, of course... but I expect the Bretagne's days will not extend beyond the next couple of years.
  7. It would make sense for Stena to keep their new 4 together due to commonality... perhaps BF would be interested in a Superfast (or two?)
  8. Great report Den - thanks for sharing. It does say something about Condor's reliability when you feel the need to book a hotel on the evening you return - and need it!
  9. Don't forget though that the normal reclining seats are still available at a much lower price and likely to be more appealing to such groups.
  10. It depends on a number of factors... bearing in mind LH has demand for a year-round service and Plymouth doesn't then it may make more sense to still use Armorique as a rotating refit cover vessel. With single-deck loading she is also more suitable for covering St Malo than Normandie is. That said, we don't yet know what (if anything) will happen to Etretat and Baie De Seine or if we'll return to the scenario where vessel(s) get laid up for winter.
  11. Now being purely hypothetical - but that may well be the case. For the majority of registrations the associated car will never change, so rather than pay the DVLA per query it would make sense to cache it. Downside being where the vehicle changes etc it wouldn't be picked up - but it's why insurers always ask you to validate the information being given. We (at work) were vaguely asked to quote for a system like this years ago by an insurance industry body, but declined when they effectively asked us to agree that even if we didn't win the bid they could keep any ideas we'd pitched.
  12. Yes - most insurers have electronic access to the DVLA which will in turn supply the details of the vehicle including the date of first registration. This is also going to be expanded (if not already) to licence data to verify that your disclosures about driving records are correct.
  13. Myself and Mrs Jim were onboard - at that point heading to the bar
  14. Have never been in - these are photos shared with us HT - believe there will be a key card controlled lock on the door
  15. Some photos shared with us of Barfleur's new Club Lounge