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  1. The former Irish ferries Isle of Inisfree . Has been bought but her charterers in New Zeeland. So she will be reflagged under New Zeeland. So now we know she will remain in New Zeeland.
  2. I travel on the Armorique just over some 15 mouths ago , from Portsmouth to Caen. To me even though she didn't have a waiter service restaurant. But to me I didn't find anything wrong traveling on her.
  3. I travelled on the Pont Aven to Santander and came back on the Cap Finistere from Bilbao. There was a lot of difference between the 2. The Pont the restaurants were a lot better and the lay out too. The Cap mind you the cabin were far better then the Pont. As I agree on some I didn't like the lay out of the restaurant of the Cap as it was split up. It seem strange having people walk through the corridor. While the outside all you seem to do is go through a load of glass panels . So mixed feeling about the Cap Finistere
  4. So to your opinion, sness Its better to go for the Hors D Oeuvre Buffet. So when I use Brittany Ferries again that's what I will do.
  5. Sorry I problem with the computer. I tried the main restaurant and I had a 2 course meal . I found the food was very dear in the main restaurant. That was my opinion. Even though the food was very good. And I would like to asked anyone for there opinion on this too. But overall it was a good time I had. And I do like traveling back from St Malo to Portsmouth. As the timing is just right for me to get back to the Isle of Wight. The only thing I wasn't happy about was the main restaurant I find now its getting too dear to use.
  6. I went across to France last week. The first trip was from Portsmouth to Caen on the Armorquie as I never travelled on her before , my first impression was she was quite comfortable to travel on. Even though it didn't have a waiter service restaurant. So the only choice was. was the self service restaurant instead. To me I was happy with the Steak and chips. And you were given the choice how you want your steak done. Over all I was quite happy. 3 days later I came back from St Malo to Portsmouth on the Bretagne. Over all inspite of her age, She was kept clean and well maintained as well as the crew were working round the ship too. True there were worn out furniture and some door locks missing on some out side doors to the outer deck. But I tr
  7. Will that mean her funnel will be replaced?
  8. Re: Happy Christmas! We just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from us both here in Brazil Ian & Rosa
  9. Re: Pont Aven refurb 2014 I traveled on the Pont Aven some 7 years ago when I was living on the Isle of Wight. To make a excuse not going to the works Christmas party. True when traveling down to St Malo and I just use a reclining seat I didn,t get much sleep going down there. Mind you I had to spend a day in St Malo until I returned on the Point Aven that evening. But after having a good meal and a good night sleep on the Ferry. To me I really enjoyed traveling on the Point Aven.
  10. Re: Duchess Anne's sister? The sister ship to the Quiberon was the Norrona. She is now known as the Logos Hope I belived.
  11. Re: poor attitude on the pont aven It could be that member of staff may had a bad day. Or at times they may had been ill. Which does happen to all. I didn,t say it was every staff on Brittany ferries. But what I was trying to say was it was just the one or two at that times. But when I use Brittany ferries to France and the one off to Spain I was quite happy with the service.
  12. Re: poor attitude on the pont aven This been going on for years regarding attitude with some staff on Brittany ferries. Least when I use to travel with P&O lot of the British crew did go out of their way to help passingers. When I used British channel ferries to Jersey some years ago I was very happy with them when they were going.
  13. Re: Western Channel Ferry Routes And at the same time will the cost make any differance when a ship is flying under the flag of convinece if a longer route to Spain or the south of France. Shipping companies will take into acount like P &O