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  1. If the ferries aren't dismal, the customer service most definitely is. I still haven't totally got over the way I was treated during/after my final trip to Esbjerg with them. But, to be fair, the crews I have encountered on both of the Ijmuiden ships have been nothing but courteous, helpful and efficient at all times and the ships immaculately kept. I am therefore keeping an open mind about this trip and as I said, looking forward to it.
  2. I should say that I am now going on the DFDS trip after all, mainly because someone else booked for me to go as a 'surprise'. I am looking forward to it, if only to reacquaint myself with the lovely ex-Val De Loire, a ship I first sailed on as a ten year-old back in 1993. As we'll actually have two days ashore on this trip, I'm hoping to spend one of these having a look around Ijmuiden itself, which appears to have a few things to do, not least a vast beach on which to blow away some cobwebs
  3. Ryanair problems

    I suspect you are right, which is why I believe the ferry operators need to raise their profile. Many people my age (I'm 34) and younger, perhaps even the majority, seem to be obsessed with flying everywhere and often seem ignorant as to the alternatives. For many reasons, this needs to change. I well remember the things Ryanair has said in the past about ferries, particularly those of their competitors on the Irish Sea, namely that they are 'slow' and only good for transporting 'bullocks'. Well, slow is better than not at all, and of course the standard of accommodation and service on modern ferries far exceeds anything which Ryanair can offer.
  4. Ryanair problems

    This weekend I am due to fly with everyone's favourite budget airline to Barcelona for a friend's birthday. Because I will only be there for 48 hours, there is not really any viable alternative for me. It would seem that my flights have not been cancelled (I was half hoping they would be since I would be financially better off!) but since a great many others have been, seemingly as a result of very poor management by Ryanair, shouldn't the ferry companies be making a concerted effort to go after passengers let down by Ryanair? Perhaps they are doing so already, but given the number of very short-haul destinations flights have been cancelled to/from, in places such as France, Ireland, Netherlands, I would have thought this would be something of an open goal for the ferry operators?
  5. General Discussions on Brexit

    I don't know if anyone heard Ken Clarke on the Today programme this morning, but (as usual in my opinion) his analysis of the current situation, and in particular the behaviour of the foreign secretary, was absolutely spot on.
  6. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    I wasn't being particularly literal about it, rather I just meant that the image of the massive liner towering over the ferry was quite impressive, however misleading it might actually be in reality. That was all.
  7. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    That photo certainly puts things in perspective, doesn't it
  8. I noticed that this year's DFDS trip is now being fully advertised on their website, a bit disappointing considering I took the trouble to pre-register my interest but heard nothing from them. So, I rang the call centre to book (since you apparently cannot do it online) and was told that there is a two day wait and that I would be put on a call-back list, because there was "no one trained to take the bookings at the moment". I'm seriously considering whether to bother at all.
  9. Bretagne - benches to sleep overnight

    I would say you will need a reclining seat as a bare minimum. Perhaps I'm a bit soft these days but personally I can't function without a proper bed in a cabin.
  10. St Nazaire to Gijon

    I thought originally that Acciona/Transmed. were planning a route between Vigo and Avonmouth, what happened to that plan? Wouldn't Avonmouth be worth looking at again, given the congestion at other ports and the fact that Bristol is well-connected for most of the UK?
  11. Ferry companies and airlines

    There's quite a number of ex-RAF TriStars at Bruntingthorpe, which is just down the road from where I live. I understand that the majority of these, which have been de-commissioned within the last couple of years, will be broken up for 'parting out' which seems a terrible shame as when I last visited the site (open to the public on Sundays) they appeared to be in immaculate condition. I hope one of them is preserved. My last workplace was right under the flight path for Bruntingthorpe and aircraft would often roar over my office, anything from RAF TriStars to VC-10s and ex Cathy Pacific 747s. It always made me feel a bit sad knowing that this would almost certainly be their last ever flight.
  12. St Nazaire to Gijon

    I wonder if these plans have now changed though; Normandie is to go to Le Havre in a few years time, there is seemingly no replacement for Bretagne on the horizon and I still can't recall reading anything which explicitly said they wanted rid of Cap Finistere - she's not long had a fairly major refit. Though having said that, one of the new Stena Line vessels would doubtless be cheaper to operate to Spain.
  13. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    I'm curious to know how does the Mannanan compare with this?
  14. Tallink: Tallinn - Stockholm

    That is very useful information, I'd never have thought of Monarch. Last year we flew with Ryanair from Stansted and yes, as you say, it involved a bus ride of more than an hour due to the airport being nowhere the city itself.
  15. Tallink: Tallinn - Stockholm

    Very interesting, thanks a lot. It looks from the Tallink website as though they have two ships on the route to Riga now, Romantika and Isabelle. I've played around with a few different dates and they always seem to charge more for the Romantika, which appears the more impressive of the two.