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  1. Baie de Seine Seakeeping

    A pleasant ship yes, but I think 'amazing' is perhaps pushing it a little She is, after all, a converted freighter and as such was very much a compromise on Esbjerg-Harwich, and now with Brittany Ferries.
  2. Pre-order Breakfast

    It's a very good initiative, although I'm afraid for me personally the arrival time is just too early for me contemplate eating - I'd sooner wait till I'm on dry land and fully awake P&O offer a service on Hull-Zeebrugge where you can pre order hot drinks for the following morning, to be delivered to your cabin - I seem to recall it being quite reasonable.
  3. Breakfast in Roscoff

    We went to café Ty Pierre In March, having just driven off Pont-Aven. We found their breakfast to be more than adequate, especially after one or two Heinekens the night before. Good service too well placed for a nice walk along the pier afterwards.
  4. Very interesting. Could we see the new owners expand northwards at some point?
  5. Smryil Line

    Thanks...I've done a fair bit of reading around already, it's just a case of deciding what we most enjoyable or even, dare I say, best value for money (not that value for money is an easy thing to achieve anywhere in that part of the world). I would take my own car, but to be honest the drive up to Hirtshals, even via one of the routes to Holland, is just a bit too far and would, I think, add too much time/expense to the trip. Such a shame Smyril Line can't call at a UK port again...but that's another conversation entirely ;).
  6. Smryil Line

    I'm still looking at this for next year (I bought Ferries 2018 at the weekend which features a very good voyage report on the Viking cruise). I notice that if you book the cruise for next year, the only options now available are 'premium' or 'de luxe', both of which include all the excursions. I can't decide whether it would be best to sail to Iceland one way, then hire a car and drive across to Reykjavik, before flying back from there, or to do the Viking Cruise. Has anyone done the former, i.e. used the ferry then made your own way around Iceland? I'm looking at going next April. Cheers
  7. I see, thanks. Freight-wise it's hard to see how it could compete with DFDS to Dunkerque, never mind Calais/Tunnel. But then again, if they can get the marketing right and perhaps appeal to hazardous/unaccompanied freight, maybe they can carve out a niche? Ostend certainly has potential for passengers I would say, it's just competing with potentially cheaper fares and a faster crossing on the routes to France.
  8. I certainly hope this happens. Wasn't the crossing time previously around four hours? I would have thought that this might stand a better chance of success if that can be reduced?
  9. Very true. Sadly there won't be anything particularly Irish about the new ship, other than the owners and the ports she serves. As for the name, personally I went for Mary Robinson.
  10. You mean people wouldn't be delighted to see a former Dover favourite back in UK waters?! You may have a point In all seriousness it does strike me as tragic that Ramsgate had quite a lot of money spent improving it's port infrastructure, for the ferry operations, only to sit abandoned. With all the various problems associated with the Dover and Calais, you would have thought it would have seen some use by now.
  11. Good point about Ostend, it does seem to have (quite understandably) moved away from ferries altogether. Polferries will have some spare vessels in the next few years, such as the Wawel, which I would think should be quite well suited to a crossing of that duration? I would really like to see DFDS at Dover face some new competition.
  12. I should imagine there would be no shortage of potential Polish customers for this route, so perhaps Polferries would be a natural choice...
  13. Very interesting, thanks. I spotted the Rhapsody too. I think the view of the port was definitely the highlight of the flight
  14. On my flight in to Barcelona last weekend I got a good view of the Moby Dada, amongst a number of other ferries in the harbour there; my question is, does someone more knowledgeable than me know why she was in Barcelona, I didn't think that was a Moby Lines destination? Many thanks