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  1. Good idea, thanks. I'd really like to do a Ghent minicruise, but there's hardly any dates available. Same story with Ostend and the Hague. My plan (if it's a nice day) would be to just walk up the beach to Blankenberge and then catch the tram back.
  2. Yes, I would definitely be in that category. If you were going to be crossing on the Etretat or Baie de Seine I could perhaps understand some trepidation regarding the ship, but there really is nothing wrong with Cap Finistere, she’s a lovely ferry, with some very nice facilities. I suggest relax and enjoy it!
  3. Great, thanks. I did tweet P&O a while ago and suggest they offer minicruises to Blankenberge - you can see it from the port, so it makes more sense than Ostend.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to do another minicruise from Hull but I don't want to go to Bruges again - I feel I've done that place to death a little I know they do offer other destinations but there are not many dates available. So - I was thinking of just booking a Bruges minicruise and then just walking out of the terminal and heading up the beach to Blankenberge for the day instead - has anyone else ever done this?
  5. Yes that would be good actually, at least one-way anyway, especially as I've noticed you can fly from Birmingham direct to Bergen these days.
  6. This is a subject which I am very interested in, I’ve been looking at trying the ‘Viking cruise’ for some years now but somehow haven’t yet managed to get round to it. Since we’re not allowed to travel by ferry to Scandinavia any more, I had been looking at various options via air, the most obvious of which seemed to be Stansted-Billund; how easy is it to get from there to Hirtshals? Is it best to take a train, bus or even hire a car? Or is there a better route via air from the UK which I haven’t considered? I’m open to all options really. I’m also very interested to know what life on board the Norrona is like, i.e. how does she compare to other cruise ferries such as those from the UK, what are the prices like on board etc. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Personally I still yearn for the days when there was no wifi available on board and you could actually forget about the outside world for a while and just enjoy being at sea. I find watching people glued to their phones, tablets etc for hours on end a pretty depressing sight. I recall a crossing from Bilbao in December 2011 when the only thing I had worry about was ensuring my pint didn't slide off the table...bliss.
  8. I think if BF were to send the Pont-Aven to New York, for a 'one-off' cruise, whilst the odd nutter like me might enjoy it, I suspect the experience would have limited appeal to the travelling public as a whole, especially during the Autumn/Winter months. It would very likely be a P.R. disaster for the company I think. However I think the idea of a special excursion to Lisbon or Porto would be excellent and well worth exploring. I remember sailing up the river Tagus on board Ventura and it was the highlight of the cruise for me.
  9. Well it's a great photo, that's for sure. I've just read that article on Cap Finistere, very interesting and for me it underlines what a good buy this ship was for the company
  10. We seem to talk an awful lot about the trade and economic aspects of “Brexit”, but for me perhaps the single most negative aspect of this is the fact that the UK is, symbolically if nothing else, literally walking away from its neighbours in the political sense, and from what is the single most successful organisation of its kind in the world; regardless of its faults, the EU has achieved a great deal in terms of cooperation and prosperity amongst its members. The UK will, undoubtedly, lose influence as a result of this, whether it leaves the single market or not. And if, as some claim, our departure is the start of the eventual unravelling of the EU, is that really something to be proud of? Just look at the kind of world we live in today. To deliberately want to sabotage something which has done so much to promote civilised values in the world (which is what many of the ‘Brexiteers’ ultimately want to do, not all by any means, but many) seems to me to be increadibly short-sighted, bloody-minded and incredibly sad.
  11. So, in this general election people are going to put ‘Brexit’, by which I mean leaving the EU and customs union, ahead of the NHS, schools, taxation, transport and everything else are they? Opinion polls have demonstrated for many years that, whilst much of the population was pretty Eurosceptic, when it came to general elections the issue of Europe was not even in their top 3 priorities. There was always the hard-core who were obsessed with the subject, but never the bulk of the population. Which made the calling of the referendum all the more politically-motivated. And what proportion of the electorate truly understood what they were voting for last June? As has been said elsewhere the level of public ignorance in relation to the EU, how it actually works (as opposed to what the press claims) and what impact it truly has on our country, is pretty staggering.
  12. Yes and this should be a chance for people to have their say and to punish the Tory party for it's frankly disgraceful self-indulgent behaviour in calling the referendum in the first place; they have forced a needles self-inflicted wound upon this country, wasted millions in holding the referendum and all it's associated costs and all for their own selfish reasons of 'party management'. Ken Clarke says as much in his memoir. But of course if the government is shocking the opposition is even more so and that, as we know, is the only reason Theresa May is doing this, because she feels she can't lose. So I hope people think long and hard before casting their votes and about what is really important to them and their families.
  13. Thanks a lot. I have loads more photos but I'm struggling to get to grips with posting them with the report, the file sizes seem too big. I guess I'll have to put them in the gallery?
  14. From the album Armorique 02/04/17

  15. From the album Armorique 02/04/17