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  1. Queen Mary at Long Beach

    At long last the Queen Mary is finally getting her badly needed paint job which I believe will take more than two years and hand done at a considerable cost but worth every dollar to keep her going as a tourist attraction in Long Beach, CA, USA.
  2. Le Havre [Liner / ships]

    Dragon (1967) and Leopard (1968) and both 6,100 tonnes were built by Ateliers et Chantiers de Bretagne at Nantes further up the River Loire than the Chantiers de Atlantique shipyard on the Atlantic coast at St Nazaire that built the CGT liners Normandie and France along with many other great liners including today's Cunard flagship the Queen Mary 2, the yard is currently building the largest cruise ship in the world, the forth in it's class for RCCL the Symphony of the Seas that enters service in May 2018. Ateliers et Chantiers de Bretagne was renamed Dubigeon Normandie SA in 1970 and was also responsible for building P&O Southern Ferries 11,600 tonne Eagle (1971).
  3. Irish Ferries

    Google 'Irish Ferries new build' and all the information is there plus there is a CGI video on YouTube and drawings on the Irish Ferries website, it's not difficult you know and your find what your looking for instantly without having to wait days on here for someone to just give you a sentence worth of information.
  4. PIP New Gangway

    Does anyone no if a new gangway is going to be installed at berth 2, I saw something mentioned about it online a couple of weeks ago regarding a 'new configured' gangway aimed for the visiting cruise ships.
  5. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    STX FINLAND no longer exists as its Rauma facility has closed and its main shipyard at Turku is now owned by Meyer Werft, Papenburg with a minority share held by the Finnish government. The company that make the prefabricated cabins is also now owned by Meyer Werft as most of the work is now in house obviously creating a huge cost saving to the shipyard.
  6. Why do so many people hate the Armorique?

    With a heading like 'Why do so many people hate the Armorique' I think HATE is a rather strange term to use, wouldn't dislike be a better phrase! I for one find her an excellent vessel regardless of the lack of a full service restaurant as I find the food served in her self service has been superb on the few sailings I have taken on her.
  7. Shipyard choices

    Well to give you a clue it's obviously big enough considering the same yard is building the two new Aircraft Carriers :-)
  8. This is just a renewed agreement between PIP and Britanny Ferries nothing different than what other shipping companies or even airlines do although I have to say a 11 year agreement is quite unprecedented in shipping circles as even Royal Caribean Cruise Line RCCL for example only usually negotiate a 7 year deal with ABP Port of Southampton even though they wouldn't operate else where as in the case of Britanny Ferries at Portsmouth.
  9. Brittany Ferries Staff

    Exactly I too once asked about the seagoing positions regarding non French staff as in British, I was informed that British could apply for onboard positions as long as they were fully fluent in French which is a major factor when dealing with an emergency situation where French would be the common language, also you would have to be prepared to join the ship in a French port as that is where the crew changes takes place. Although my French is ok in everyday conversation and understanding a menu I didn't feel I had the language skills appropriate enough to apply even though my Safety at Sea certificate has been recently renewed.
  10. The roughest seas I've ever encountered are the North Atlantic in Winter, the South China Seas in March and even the crossing between Guernsey and Jersey.
  11. Dog Water....yuck!

    By the way it's PURSER not PERCER I'm only being pedantic because I used to be a PURSER!
  12. AIS apps

    Are we still discussing the best AIS App or the actual price if it's the latter it's ridiculous it's ONLY £3.99, I have both a free AIS and paid for Marind Traffic not once did I think of the cost which is cheap!
  13. 30 years of Portsmouth Caen

    Sounds like you had a tedious drive home then, fortunately for myself I was home by 22.25! Interesting comment though regarding the Captains pride in his punctuality, obviously not on the crossing we were on.
  14. 30 years of Portsmouth Caen

    Sounds like you had a tedious drive home then, fortunately for myself I was home by 22.25! Interesting comment though regarding the Captains pride in his punctuality, obviously not on the crossing we were on.
  15. 30 years of Portsmouth Caen

    A good read and I too was on the same sailing as you on the Normandie on Monday and I also found it strange that we were 30 mins late after a very smooth sailing with no announcement as to why, not that I really cared as I like being onboard for as long as possible and living in Southampton it's only a quick 15 minute drive home from Portsmouth.