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  1. Despite the negative comments from people who have only seen pictures of the lounge, I'll hold judgement until I've tried out the facility - At least BF are investing in the Poole - Cherbourg route, it wasn't that long ago that Barfleur was looking at a much less positive future! Although TBH because of the half price or free cabins with the travel club, I'll only ever use it when the cabins have all sold out! I would also be more likely to buy a seat it if the lounge became an 'adult only' facility.... A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of kids screaming, running around & being a general nuisance around me while "mummy & daddy" had a pint & let their kid run riot.
  2. Totally agree. The 'New Bretagne' era (late 80's - early nought-ies) were if you ask me when BF were at the very top of their game! I am Looking forward to Honfleur, But when the Fleet consisted of the Quiberon, Val De Loire, Bretagne & others -There was something 'special' about BF & their standards... They were quintessentially Breton - If you ask me, they knew that they were the best on the channel & were fiercely proud of that - I know that was a different era, But one can't help looking back at that time with rose-tinted glasses 👓
  3. Quite agree - reminiscing back, despite being the smallest 'proper' restaurant in the Fleet- I had MANY happy meals in 'les Dunes'. Nothing compares to the former...The other day, I was totally disappointed recently with the offerings from 'le turquoise' which is less 'turquoise' & looks more like 'easy jet orange'. Bring back 'traditional BF' from the late 80's early noughties....
  4. Not that I'm on commission.... but have you considered having a 'packaged' bank account? for example, I moved to Nationwide, because the 'packaged account' provides worldwide travel insurance, phone insurance for the family, gadget insurance, appliances extended warranties & most importantly for me, European breakdown insurance... (as I have a cottage in France) - All I pay is £10 per month, by the time you add all of those individual 'policies' it works out a lot less then buying each bit individually. I think my account is called something like 'Nationwide Flex plus' or something like that...
  5. Looking at the date, Surely it had something to do with the D-Day commemorations! "Lest we forget" 💐🥀
  6. I think it's hit the buffers again.... I really hope I am wrong! Next time, I hope when BF make an announcement, they have the finances in place before making us excited! (New ship announcements from BF seem as reliable as a Diane Abbott interview)
  7. I've done 9 daytime crossings on MSM this year & found the full buffet available on all crossing - most of them so far out of season... I guess it depends on the actual number of people onboard???
  8. I sure hope that MSM2 isn't going down the same plug hole as project Pegasis🤦‍♂️ If that's the case, Maybe BF should check what they have in their bank account/arrange concrete finances before making any future "announcements"
  9. Hi there sorry to ask a random (& possibly boring) question, Does anyone know why Normandie is flying the "Gwenn-ha-du" rather than the "Les P’tits Cats" - I was just looking at a recent refit picture & it got me wondering why the Normandy flag has been replaced?! Was she flying the Gwenn down to Spain? I know there is an etiquette for maritime flag flying & 'Marks of respect' but there must be a reason for the bow regional flag shift? (I think)
  10. Interesting story with some nice archive footage, just saw it on iPlayer - I didn't realise how small Armorique (I) was in comparison to "today's" fleet was!
  11. 2 x Celebrations - BF celebrating 30th year of Portsmouth - Ouistreham route & Portsmouth Port celebrating 40 years of operations.
  12. It May have been an "abnormal" freight load, meaning that the unit could only enter/leave the vessel by the stern. My company have given Barfleur "special" loads from time to time -
  13. ...I'm just really hoping that PA's work is going to be of a satisfactory standard.... despite the main scrubber treatment, when ever I hear the "G" word (Gdansk) I worry about the quality of the work - especially considering the shocking previous work they've done to fleet mates - God knows what PA paint-job is going to look like - remember previous fleet's mate font/logo errors when they have gone to Gdansk!!!
  14. I was hoping Jim's (& my) post this afternoon would have stopped xenophobic comments being made on here... I Guess not! Surely some BFE members should keep their viewpoints to themselves! Let's keep BFE a fun forum to use & not go down this slippery path of 'mud slinging' I Propose moderators close this thread as I am starting to worry about other people's un-PC comments/posts as the initial question on 'How safe is it to travel by ferry' has been answered!