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  1. PHC Open Evening

    He is still very much involved in BF,part of the board of the pensions fund...
  2. BF Refits 2017-18

    In the 70’s/80’s.... If my parents were telling the truth... - There use to be a weekly (only southbound) Portsmouth - Roscoff route Option... This would have been ideal for me as I now live nearer Portsmouth & i have a second property in Finistère - That would have been perfect for me.... > If only that option was available now
  3. Club Plus Armorique

    If it’s the same video I’ve seen, I think the bed is a single bed, it’s just “made up” to look like a double - With 2 (small) pillows side by side. I’m pretty sure over the years I must have had all of Armorique’s ‘Club+’ cabins!
  4. Condor Ferries - Commodore Clipper Dry Dock Update

    I wouldn’t bother looking at the menu... The last time I ate on Condor Lib, I got my money back after tasting it - seriously, I wouldn’t give some of their ‘servings’ to a dog, but possibly my ex-partner! 🤢
  5. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Duc De Normandie / Reine Mathilde?
  6. Sandbanks Haven webcam

    There was an amazing time laps of Barfleur's arrival quite a few weeks from someone on twitter when halfway into the port, the lights were turned on!
  7. Barfleur's new seating area

    Despite the negative comments from people who have only seen pictures of the lounge, I'll hold judgement until I've tried out the facility - At least BF are investing in the Poole - Cherbourg route, it wasn't that long ago that Barfleur was looking at a much less positive future! Although TBH because of the half price or free cabins with the travel club, I'll only ever use it when the cabins have all sold out! I would also be more likely to buy a seat it if the lounge became an 'adult only' facility.... A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of kids screaming, running around & being a general nuisance around me while "mummy & daddy" had a pint & let their kid run riot.
  8. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Totally agree. The 'New Bretagne' era (late 80's - early nought-ies) were if you ask me when BF were at the very top of their game! I am Looking forward to Honfleur, But when the Fleet consisted of the Quiberon, Val De Loire, Bretagne & others -There was something 'special' about BF & their standards... They were quintessentially Breton - If you ask me, they knew that they were the best on the channel & were fiercely proud of that - I know that was a different era, But one can't help looking back at that time with rose-tinted glasses 👓
  9. Barfleur Club Lounge - Sneak Peek

    Quite agree - reminiscing back, despite being the smallest 'proper' restaurant in the Fleet- I had MANY happy meals in 'les Dunes'. Nothing compares to the former...The other day, I was totally disappointed recently with the offerings from 'le turquoise' which is less 'turquoise' & looks more like 'easy jet orange'. Bring back 'traditional BF' from the late 80's early noughties....
  10. European Breakdown Recovery

    Not that I'm on commission.... but have you considered having a 'packaged' bank account? for example, I moved to Nationwide, because the 'packaged account' provides worldwide travel insurance, phone insurance for the family, gadget insurance, appliances extended warranties & most importantly for me, European breakdown insurance... (as I have a cottage in France) - All I pay is £10 per month, by the time you add all of those individual 'policies' it works out a lot less then buying each bit individually. I think my account is called something like 'Nationwide Flex plus' or something like that...
  11. Normandie water cannon salute

    Looking at the date, Surely it had something to do with the D-Day commemorations! "Lest we forget" 💐🥀
  12. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    I think it's hit the buffers again.... I really hope I am wrong! Next time, I hope when BF make an announcement, they have the finances in place before making us excited! (New ship announcements from BF seem as reliable as a Diane Abbott interview)
  13. 2017 Buffet Menus

    I've done 9 daytime crossings on MSM this year & found the full buffet available on all crossing - most of them so far out of season... I guess it depends on the actual number of people onboard???
  14. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    I sure hope that MSM2 isn't going down the same plug hole as project Pegasis🤦‍♂️ If that's the case, Maybe BF should check what they have in their bank account/arrange concrete finances before making any future "announcements"
  15. Normandie / Gwenn-ha-du ?

    Hi there sorry to ask a random (& possibly boring) question, Does anyone know why Normandie is flying the "Gwenn-ha-du" rather than the "Les P’tits Cats" - I was just looking at a recent refit picture & it got me wondering why the Normandy flag has been replaced?! Was she flying the Gwenn down to Spain? I know there is an etiquette for maritime flag flying & 'Marks of respect' but there must be a reason for the bow regional flag shift? (I think)