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  1. GIGO
  2. At various times over the next few days there will be roadworks over night on the A27 between Havant (Warblington) A259 and Chichester in both directions. In the case of the road being closed completely the diversion will simply be along the parallel 'old road' but may take up to ten minutes or so longer. The signage is very clear.
  3. I'm glad you find it reassuring. For me it's quite the reverse I'm afraid.
  4. The problem is that he being mildly hassled by BF because they are using a faulty data source.
  5. Why Reading? Because it makes sense that's why. They are not at Poole to do Border checks they are needed where the illegal arrivals end up and disappear into the grey economy. That's major centres of population. In a coastline as long and 'porous' as that between Weymouth and Newhaven border checks outside the major ports are going to be thin anyway but no-one arriving is going to stay where they are conspicuous. Putting staff on the M4 corridor and within striking distance of London seems eminently sensible to me.
  6. Any other members worried about the continuing erosion of footpaths by unrestricted access to 4x4 tour convoys in Little Langdale and Tilberthwaite there is a petition at
  7. This is almost certainly the case since the Cherished Number I entered into the search box to test it for my earlier post brought up the vehicle it is now on and not any of those over the previous ten or so years.
  8. Keep calm and carry on. What you see is window dressing.
  9. Yes. The MOT check site will bring up the date of first reg so I imagine the same info will be available to insurers.
  10. The only authoritative answer will come from BF customer services. According to the faq section of the website you can add or remove pax up to five days before the outward leg free - after that it's £25.
  11. No ferries at low tide, pedestrian charges suspended, PWC review
  12. The IOW Council's scrutiny committee is to have a briefing on the floating bridge at their meeting tonight 13/06/17.
  13. Off again earlier today due to weather conditions
  14. Read the small print on any recovery policies linked to bank accounts as a free add on. A contact broke down on Lindisfarne and was most upset to find recovery was limited to fifteen miles to a garage! This resulted in being taken to Berwick - the opposite way to what he wanted to go and then being left to fnd his own way back to their hotel in Newcastle! On Wortley's point I found that on taking out RAC car insurance adding the recovery was extremely cost effective. Indeed the total premium was less than the best fully comp and recovery I could put together separately In terms of European recovery there was a thread on here some years ago that revealed that in most cases the car would not be recovered to the UK if the cost of recovery exceeded the value of the car in Glass' Guide. I checked my recovery policy at the time and found that was indeed the case. The other thing that isn't quite what it seems on the tin in some policies is recovery cover if the driver is incapacitated. Finally based on a very nasty experience for Miss M's ex boyfriend check the small print of any 'free hire car after an accident' offers and don't sign without reading the agreement. There is no such thing as free and you may find they reserve the right to come after you if nobody else will cough up.
  15. The reason fast craft are a blind alley for cross channel work. After all look how little she is used compared with the first BF years.