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  1. High-Speed season

    The season has got progressively shorter since the introduction of NEX and that has to be based on demand one would think.
  2. Excellent Customer Service

    Excellent. Hope Mrs G progresses well. Best to you all.
  3. Bretagne Bow Door Fault

    I'd only criticise them, BF, if no effort had been made to keep pax informed and offer them a few free refreshments. Also a three hour delay which judging from the OP is what it could have turned into could will impact on onward journeys and that too should be addressed.
  4. Ryanair problems

    Change pilot for driver and I wonder if a certain rail company down here used a revised t/t while guards were working to rule in the same way.
  5. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    As so often the only definitive answer can come from BF Customer Services.
  6. 1967 - Paddle Steamers for Sale

    Thanks for this. They were advertised in the Showman's trade paper in September 1967 hoping, I think, to find a buyer who would use them as some kind of static attraction. It was a desperate move I suspect and despite the 'endless possibilities' mentioned in the ad I suspect the potential takers were few. Target was most likely the operators of seaside amusement parks.
  7. 1967 - Paddle Steamers for Sale

    Here is a pic
  8. Colin is right, there is no right answer. We investigated a managed portfolio for Dad but - and credit to the advisor (initial sessions free) here - he very soon made it clear that it was just a shade too small to be able to guarantee any real excess over typical deposits after fees and charges were taken into account, and that at lesst initially thre would be a loss of liquidity. Double the pot and I think things would have been different.
  9. Good advice. The only sensible way to extract equity from a property and still own 100% of the value is to downsize and bank the difference at least in my opinion.
  10. Be careful and take advice. Effectively it either really means remortgaging or not owning all or part of the property in which you live at the same time gambling on the future of the housing market. It got a stinking name when it first emerged but I think it is more regulated now. I strongly suspect it will involve substantial fees for advice and a whopping commission for some firm or other. Dad looked at it some years ago and was not impressed at any of the options. Sacrificing capital appreciation for current spending is never a good idea I think especially at a time when return on deposits is lower than inflation and that includes the premium bond prize fund rate. How old is he? That is probably critical too.
  11. 1967 - Paddle Steamers for Sale

    Names would be good. I'll scan the pic later.
  12. Advice On GCSE Options

    I chose my Drama course in 1972 solely on the basis that the theatre had a fly tower and a revolve. That's where I wanted to go. If York won't do and you're determined on Durham take a year out retake if you want and take a break from learning for a year. You've been behind a desk for a long time already! If you don't want to go - don't.
  13. HOVERTRAVEL: New Hovercraft

    Now out of use until at least October http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-41184703
  14. I have just come across a 1967 advert (in a publication where it defo would not be expected) by AMC McGinnity & Partners of Weymouth offering for sale two post-war constructed paddlers available to view in South Wales, both in commission, one certified for 1000 the other for 800. Any ideas? It's not my field...
  15. Bretagne Deck 3

    Or if you want an other alternative look at the deals via Eurostar on voyagessncf. We were able to book Paris - Cahors in October for £35 each return.