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  1. Poole Bridge

    Agreed but even with that sub-contracting situation the margins they run on are incredibly slim, and would make, for example, the owner of a greetings card shop laugh with incomprehension and say "well they haven't got a business have they?" I was involved in a large building project twenty odd years ago carried out by a then well-known local contractor and was absolutely astonished just how fragile it all was, and how little in the way of real tangible fixed assets they had. (They were seen off by a home office prison job shortly afterwards.) In the case of the Interserve accounts take out the intangibles especially goodwill and see how the picture changes.
  2. Poole Bridge

    Unlikely I would think though the last set of accounts doesn't make stunning reading once you get to the balance sheet on page 110, before that it's the usual PR rubbish and some justification for the directors remuneration. Not a basket case though...yet
  3. New cruise Ferry Line to New York ?

    Apart from the obvious impracticality of the idea I think the idea of a special relationship with the USA is a myth put about by public servants and some politicians and of course the BBC who are never kowingly understaffed there.
  4. Favourite French films

    But do they have Meg Ryan in that blue dress dancing to Verlaine by Charles Trenet? Not to mention Jean Reno trying to steal every scene he is in?
  5. Poole Harbour Developmement

    Look on realtimetrains for Hamworthy BIC
  6. Favourite French films

    Playtime (must be seen in a cinema or largest monitor possible) Le Vacance de M Hulot Amelie The Untouchables French Kiss (not French but beautifully shot in France)
  7. Hayling Ferry running out of cash!

    When we lived on Hayling in 1976/77 Southdown did serve the ferry a bit better but the carryings were apparently trivial even then. I worked out that the journey from the current closest bus stop on Hayling to the same in Eastney is 2 miles.
  8. Poole Harbour Developmement

    The branch was in use for stone traffic from Jan 2017
  9. This will come as no surprise I think. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-42576310
  10. Portsmouth Loss of Geest Contract

    Full story here http://www.bqlive.co.uk/london-the-south/2018/01/05/news/geest-line-relocates-cargo-handling-to-dover-29779/
  11. Given the number of foot pax at the CFT plus the fact you have to have the desk manned for enquiries I suspect the return on investment would be not un-adjacent to a minus number!
  12. New cowes floating bridge

    Report published press release here and report downloadable from here (scroll down to meeting for 09/01/18)
  13. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    You're right - we don't use it any more for that reason. Difficult to see a way round it though...
  14. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas everybody and all the best for 2018
  15. If you are in the Chichester area go to Adsdean Farm Shop and look at their counter, the beef is excellent and properly hung. You should not need steak knives to eat any steak if it has been properly hung indeed it is at the right point if you can just about full a hook through it and it will be a very very dark red colour. A decent restaurant should not feel the need to issue special cutlery for any types of beef steak. (Dad was a butcher - this is his view.) A slow cooker, any cut of beef, red wine and plenty of time is a marriage made in heaven. Most joints are too small to survive roasting in modern ovens.