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  1. Noise Deck 7 MSM

    Nothing basically wrong with the shuttle, just depends on where you are going once you reach the Continent. On balance I prefer the ferries from Dover but usually my priority is to get where I want to go rather than savouring the en route facilities. Obviously if the best route is Western Channel then you would expect a service which reflects the longer journey time. Horses for courses really.
  2. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    With that imagination you are wasted wherever you are. But you missed out HMS Warrior breaking adrift.... In the case of a temporary harbour blockage they would just park the carriers in Stokes Bay as the US Navy does.
  3. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Under what circumstances might Portsmouth be unavailable? In the event of its destruction by a North Korean missiles the carriers would relocate to Trumpland I would imagine. BF services would be seriously disrupted....
  4. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    The battleship USS Iowa visited Portsmouth back in 1984 and had a draught of almost exactly the same as the QE. They berthed her where QE is now without any apparent problems and she was open to the public which was quite an experience. I still have the ship's baseball cap!
  5. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Infrastructure support costs at Portland would have been prohibitive. Portsmouth has all the necessary facilities. Basically all they had to do was to dredge the entrance channel so that access would not be too restricted. The carriers will be fine based there. People criticise them as being too big but the RN has for years suffered from false economies of building ships just big enough for current requirements but incapable of accommodating upgrades during their service lives which have been truncated as a result. It's always been about short term savings as opposed to long term investment. The Type 45 Daring class destroyers have suffered from having insufficient generating capacity but on the bright side their hulls are large enough to add extra generators. They are also upgradeable in terms of armament enhancements if the money becomes available. These days, ships can be expected to last for 30 years or more, 50 in the case of the carriers. So they need to be designed with versatility built in. Unfortunately most politicians appear to operate on a 3 year time horizon with all the drawbacks that brings.
  6. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Interesting article explaining why the ship is not nuclear powered here: http://www.savetheroyalnavy.org/the-reasons-hms-queen-elizabeth-is-not-nuclear-powered/
  7. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    In the words of her captain, QE 'will spend most of her time plodding around on the Wartsilas'. The turbines will only be used when extra boost is needed This is because economical cruising speed which will be the normal situation requires relatively little power and the diesels are much more economical. Captain Kyd compared the use of the turbines with flooring the accelerator in your car, you go very fast but it really pushes up fuel consumption. Cruising speed for warships is probably in the 18-20 knot range for economy. Warships are often capable of high speed but rarely use it unless really necessary as it is too expensive. QM2 on the other hand was designed to make constant high speed crossings at 29 knots if required although she rarely if ever does so these days as again, it is too expensive. She can apparently make 23.5 knots on the diesels alone and the turbines are rarely used. (Not just because of fuel consumption but also top speed puts too much strain on the Mermaid propulsion pods which has been the subject of litigation between Cunard and Rolls Royce.)
  8. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Jonno, I'm afraid that what you are saying is directly contradicted by statements by the ship's captain and other online information. The ship will spend most of her time using the Wartsilas and the gas turbines, which are much more fuel hungry, will be used to give the extra power needed for increasing the wind over the deck for flying operations. Indeed, it is discussed how long the turbines need to spin up from cold in such circumstances and six minutes is quoted. The liner Queen Mary 2 also has gas turbines but they are only used when extra speed is needed. Most of the time she relies upon her diesel generating plant.
  9. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    See here: https://www.rolls-royce.com/~/media/Files/R/Rolls-Royce/documents/news/6-page-qe-booklet-tcm92-58802.pdf and https://www.wartsila.com/resources/customer-references/view/hms-queen-elizabeth 60% gas turbine and 40% marine diesel using heavy fuel oil. Doesn't seem to be any information concerning the environmntal characteristics of the diesel plants which will power the ship most of the time.
  10. Armorique spray

    Well, that's scrubbers for you.
  11. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    She can't substitute for Bulwark or Albion as there is no provision to carry landing craft Nor does she have an internal vehicle ramp as Ocean has. On the other hand she has a projected service life of 40 years so a lot can happen in that time. A big ship with a big hangar offers a lot of ultimate flexibility. The curse of previous RN ships is a lack of future flexibility which makes them obsolete before the their time. She could turn out to be a bit of a bargain eventually despite an unpromising start.
  12. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    I was at the Spice Island Inn on the Camber dock, very good view of her entering and proceeding to her berth. We took the ferry over to Gosport and watched the Merlin helicopters taking off. Colin
  13. Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    It's awl wight I suppose....
  14. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    07:10 means passing the Outer Spit buoy which is between the twin forts and Spitbank Fort (approach commences from Nab at 05:45) This corresponds with HW Portsmouth and she will then have maybe half a knot of favourable tide to take her through the entrance. It appears she will be going straight in with bows to the north but unclear which of the two berths on Princess Royal jetty she will use. One is behind the RN museum the other further north beyond the basin entrance.
  15. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    BF ferry movements for tomorrow can be seen here: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/qhm/portsmouth/shipping-movements/daily-movements?date=16/08/2017