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  1. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    Can Mods correct the spelling mistake on the thread title please? It does jar a little.
  2. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    Not not wishing to stress Barfleur's mechanicals is plausible. Ships are not required to have thrusters, warships are not fitted with them for example. They are an aid to manoeverability, not an essential and of course they save money in being able to berth/unberth without tug assistance in most situations. Cunard's QM2 generally runs well below peak power to avoid overstressing the Mermaid propulsion pods which have not lived up to expectations in handling full power requirements.
  3. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Plenty of damaging strikes on the railways at the moment, especially down south and no real end in sight.
  4. Pride of Kent, Heavy contact in Calais.

    Sounds like you've found him guilty already despite none of the facts leading up to the incident yet becoming public knowledge. I think we should wait before more information is available before discussing what sanctions the captain might face. I don't think the other ferries had ceased operations due to the weather conditions at that time so were they equally irresponsible but got away with it?
  5. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    I agree with Gareth. Travel restrictions and delays caused by weather are something you have to make the best of but serious inconvenience caused by people who don't give a damn for your problems and indeed use them for their own ends don't endear you to the country or encourage to make return visits. You really do feel unwelcome. And so you go somewhere else in future.
  6. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    There may have been a misunderstanding, let's not jump to conclusions.
  7. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Just shows what a long lens can do to distort an image! Is that the Yarborough memorial on Culver Down in the background?
  8. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    We were on that one, went to breakfast thinking it was the Dinard coastline passing by and then suddenly realised it wasn't. Didn't fancy staying in Cherbourg all day in bad weather with no early boarding so got the BF office ashore to transfer us to the Caen afternoon sailing which they did at no cost. Worked out quite well in the circumstances as we got home the same night.
  9. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    I think I might be able to manage a smidgeon of solidarity for an hour and a half's wait for a train if I thought the cause was just. Being denied access to my paid for ferry after a long day and being told to drive over 100 miles to another port in the dark to catch a ferry with no available sleeping accommodation is, I would venture, just a little bit different....
  10. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    You don't give up Neil do you?
  11. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Well, I experienced it on more than one occasion and you have seen the reports I mentioned above. I was a full union member for over 30 years and am still a retired member - I get a discount off my car insurance as a result! No, not all Unions have strike funds but it used to be very common and obviously the RMT still do so as do the Frenche with their 'Solidarity Fund'.
  12. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    I'm surprised to hear that. In my experience many unions set up strike funds to compensate their members while they were on strike. The amounts would vary according to the circumstances but a common tactic would be to call key workers out on strike and the rest of the membership would effectively contribute to compensating them from the strike fund. There were reports last year that the RMT paid striking guards £300 a week. Lots of references to strike funds online. It's not a tactic that can be sustained in the long term but can be very effective in short, sharp action situations. Happens in France too see: https://www.thelocal.fr/20160610/how-can-strikers-in-france-afford-to-keep-striking
  13. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Um, never heard of strike pay Neil? I don't suppose there were many strikers and they might have had their pay made up by their union - who knows? That passenger has simply put into reality the thoughts I posted on the effect of the strike. Quite possibly they were unaware of the reason for it. They certainly won't be coming back next year, nor any of their friends, and nor an unknown number of people who have read the Tripadvisor post.
  14. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    I think the shipping forecast justifies the diversion without any unrelated factors.
  15. French Speed Limit Changes

    Oh dear!