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  1. BF Refits 2017-18

    What an exciting prospect!
  2. Google Goodwin Sands and you will see the difference between Dover and Ramsgate.
  3. HOVERTRAVEL: New Hovercraft

    Surely the technology should be sufficiently familiar by now not to need extensive testing. Or were the new craft bought from the people that gave us the new Cowes floating bridge?
  4. BF Refits 2017-18

    The new aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth also has a build up of green algae along her waterline. You do get it at certain times of the year. There is another thread on here which refers to the Brittany beaches being covered with rotting seaweed.
  5. CI Inter-Island Service

    Well, you never quite know what to expect in France.....
  6. CI Inter-Island Service

  7. Pont Aven

    Well, no point in us all getting in a tizzy. Personally I think you just have to accept that there can be certain unexpected timetabling variations inherent in travelling by sea and that these simply have to be accepted. It's only rarely that significant disruption to travel plans results and the risk can be mitigated by building in a degree of wriggle room into your personal schedules.
  8. Pont Aven

    I have to agree with Gareth, I don't think half an hour is here nor there in the circumstances. OK, you might be able to alert your family when passing through the harbour entrance but that won't take account of any delays in the immigration process for example. If you are travelling by car then the position of your vehicle in the ship could influence your getting off time by 15 minutes, more if you are on Bretagne's car deck 5! And of course most passengers are in cars. Just relax and, like us, be grateful you are not travelling by air but in a civilised fashion. Wondering what BF staff do all day is not a very kind attitude. Maybe people wonder what you do all day!
  9. Pont Aven

    Ed, Time is often made up, there are other factors as well as late departures which can affect sailing and arrival times and these are accepted as a part of travelling by sea. It's not a railway or an airline where you have an onward flight connection. I have been on Bretagne on occasions when departure has been delayed but arrival time is usually very close to the advertised time. Plus if the immigration checks at are a high level at either end you can easily lose another half hour through no fault of BF. I think your comments on BF staff are both unfair and bordering on the vindictive. I have never found them to be anything other than helpful. By all means criticise poor service but don't go looking for it where it doesn't exist. Most people, including BF employees, take pride in doing their best and ill considered intolerant remarks on something that hasn't even happened yet are not helpful.
  10. CI Inter-Island Service

    As is the case in the Scottish islands and elsewhere.
  11. CI Inter-Island Service

    Which rather does support the view that the Island authorities should subsidise the route as a public service. I don't think Jersey is poor!
  12. CI Inter-Island Service

    Well, yes, especially on Jersey but I'm not sure why they would need to visit each other's islands.
  13. CI Inter-Island Service

    It just piqued my curiosity as to the travel patterns affecting the CI. The most obvious elements would seem to be (in no particular order): Inward vacation tourism from the UK mainland and, to a lesser extent France. I imagine this would be mainly by air as cars can be hired on the islands. Locals visiting the mainland for business, pleasure and social reasons which would probably include a proportion taking their cars and the rest mainly flying. Day or short breaks to the Islands from Poole. Seasonal. Freight to keep the Islands supplied. Some inter island footpax demand but perhaps not that much that a small HSC couldn't take care of as suggested above. Guernsey is also visited by cruise ships as a tender port. Anything else? It would be interesting to have a breakdown of reasons for travelling on Condor Liberation in both the summer and winter seasons.
  14. CI Inter-Island Service

    No idea really, I would like more information on the reasons why there needs to be inter island traffic and its volume if anyone cares to explain. Obviously there does need to be a connection between the islands for non tourists but I am curious as to what prompts it.
  15. CI Inter-Island Service

    Does the relatively poor ferry service reflect the increase in visitors flying to the Islands over the years? Not really much point in taking a car to either Jersey or Guernsey if you are a tourist, you can rent something locally.