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  1. Parking in St Malo

    The car park behind the piscine is now part of the St Malo wide pay car park system. The parking at the Sablons marina is still free, although, in season, large sections are badge access only for berth holders, and this can mean it is hard to find a space.
  2. Ouistreham Port Development

    Do Irish Ferries operate to Ouistreham as he says?
  3. Club Plus Armorique

    Very Insignificant Person perhaps. We have long had many friends all through the crew of Bretagne, and travelled with friends much more important than us ....
  4. Club Plus Armorique

    The cabine de l'armateur on the Bretagne is used for VIPs at the Captain's discretion. It has a double bed, and another pull out double, as of the last time we used it. On Bretagne, it is in the same private corridor as the senior officers' night cabins.
  5. Hotel Kyriad

    Try the Gallettes de St Malo, Place de la Roullais, at the top of St Servan.
  6. Hotel Kyriad

    Restaurant best point is the view. Food is not great. At the barrage lock, the Bistro Quai is great, but only open for lunch, L'Escale in la Richardais is average. Their is a new creperie just a few hundred metres in towards Dinard, but no reports.
  7. French press reports.
  8. Seems they plan to charter, with options to purchase, one of the new ships that Stena are building in China.
  9. Budget hotels .

    The Kyriad at la Richardais is used by various friends and all happy. Just above the barrage, so easy access, but need to drive for decent food.
  10. 2017 Buffet Menus

    Armorique does not have a waiter service restaurant, so serves basically what is offered in all the self service restaurants, with dishes of the day changing constantly, and a darn good entrecote .... The one difference on Armorique is that you can self serve your starter, order your main course, and have it brought to your table 15 or 20 minutes later.
  11. St Malo in 2017

    La Bigne has at worst 2.4m and the gap is around 300m, so with a few metres of tide height, she could fit, though the timing of the left turn on the way out would be tricky .... ​La Décollé would need plenty of tide height, as the gap between the Banc des Pourceaux and the Pointe du Moulinet (Dinard) now dries due to the sand shifting. Again though, theoretically possible, though I would fancy the wriggling off St Lunaire!
  12. St Malo in 2017

    In general it would be the "regular" captains who use anything other than the Petite Porte. Historically, a fair percentage of them, and their officers, have been active sailors in these waters. As for la Bigne and la Décollé, good photo opportunities? They were jesting!
  13. St Malo in 2017

    To answer Gareth's question, I had a beer with Jacques (Brichet) at lunchtime, and he says that the "pilotage" certificate the captains obtain, covers all navigable channels. There followed a fair bit of banter amongst his friends about the Chenal de la Bigne, and the Chenal de la Décollé, but essentially the captain can use the Petite Porte (most used), the Grande Porte (turning west before the Grand Jardin lighthouse), La Conchée or les Petits Pertuis (leaving Cézembre to port) as they see fit, depending on tides.
  14. If they copied the "Magnus Lounge" concept from Northlink, I think this would answer many of the critics. A separated off, extra cost lounge, where you can be served your food at table. Yes, the same food as the Self Service, which, as has been said above, is actually pretty good. Freshly cooked entrecote, gratin dauphinoise (or chips ), ratatouille, for example, nice fresh starters and puddings, bottle of Chateau Noaillac ....
  15. St Malo in 2017

    I'll check on the pilotage requirements to be sure. ​Yes, bigger choice of everything at Intermarché. Their beef is always good. ​Now that the Region is responsable for ports, including St Malo, and with the contract renewal due in 2018, there is much smoke and mirrors, with the CCI (Chamber of Commerce) wanting to renew, but they have changed too, from being St Malo / Fougeres, to being swallowed by Rennes. St Malo municipality want more say in the port, and more logic in use of space and resources. In theory the silos are to be demolished and replaced by a spanking new maritime museum, but the budget is not yet complete. Everyone is aware that, if we want to retain, and grow ferry traffic, a lot of work is needed, including a new terminal.