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  1. Redressement judiciaire, so given time to restructure or whatever. I hear little support from the shareholders. Less work, changing practices and environment but too many dockers and no willingness to adapt.
  2. SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    I believe I heard talk of some overdue dredging?
  3. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Which BF officer is having a new engine for his yacht?
  4. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Chambre de Commerce employees are private sector. They have the contract to manage the port.
  5. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Staying on subject .... I had a chat with Jacques Brichet about who does what etc, and who is causing this ruckus. The "lameneurs", employed by the Chamber of Commerce, handle lines for mooring at the berth. The "dockers", employed by St Malo Manutention, jointly owned by BF, Timac, Condor's agents and another agent, handle the chains which they use to secure the trucks on board. Basically nothing else for BF. They number 20 odd currently, and are taking perverse pleasure in wildcat, last minute actions, over ongoing discussions about pay and conditions. Even their unions do not know in advance what they are up to. Sounds like a confrontation is coming. There are also CofC employees who handle "vertical" movements, ie the cranes for unloading. The "lameneurs" also take lines for commercial and pleasure vessels in the Naye lock, and it is them who jump onto the buoys off Dinard to moor the cruise ships.
  6. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Gusts over 40 knots from the north this morning in St Malo, which is the unofficial captain's discretion limit for berthing here. The passage of the depression was difficult to predict accurately, so I guess they held off the decision as long as possible, as, in truth, passengers would rather get here if they can, rather that the slog from Cherbourg.
  7. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    I think???? that in St Malo, all the people involved in all these port operations are employed by the CCI (Chamber of Commerce). There may be some designated roles within the team, but they are all "dockers", whether they handle mooring lines or operate the ramps or cranes. I don't think??? that it is a separate group taking action, but the whole bunch of them. I will try to get more accurate info.
  8. Timothy

    Big thank you to Crechbleizh for helping me repatriate the bits. Cold wintry day for you friends to visit St Malo.... Warm in the bar thankfully.
  9. Hi Colin,

    Just spotted your request for help. It's slightly convoluted but here we go anyway......

    I'm over to the UK on Thurdsay and will be around until next Tuesday so can easily pick up your bits. I then head to Dublin next wednesday for a meeting with Irish Ferries and return through Cherbourg 2 days later. I should be passing  Saint Malo therefore around 19h00 on Friday 8th and happy to meet you somewhere convenient if that helps.



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  10. Timothy

    If anyone is coming to St Malo by car in the next 2 or 3 weeks, please let me know, as I am trying to help repatriate 2 boat trailer parts which a transporter in Portsmouth borrowed from a boatyard here. Galvanised legs about 4cm square by under 1m long, with tilting pads on one end. Thanks.
  11. Parking in St Malo

    The car park behind the piscine is now part of the St Malo wide pay car park system. The parking at the Sablons marina is still free, although, in season, large sections are badge access only for berth holders, and this can mean it is hard to find a space.
  12. Ouistreham Port Development

    Do Irish Ferries operate to Ouistreham as he says?
  13. Club Plus Armorique

    Very Insignificant Person perhaps. We have long had many friends all through the crew of Bretagne, and travelled with friends much more important than us ....
  14. Club Plus Armorique

    The cabine de l'armateur on the Bretagne is used for VIPs at the Captain's discretion. It has a double bed, and another pull out double, as of the last time we used it. On Bretagne, it is in the same private corridor as the senior officers' night cabins.
  15. Hotel Kyriad

    Try the Gallettes de St Malo, Place de la Roullais, at the top of St Servan.