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  1. Just been advised by a IT Bloke from work to do a factory restart to sort out the split hard drive.
  2. Can anyone help with this? is there anyway I can get iTunes to default to d:drive instead of c:drive? as I've been arguing with the laptop all day in trying to clone my old iPad Air to put everything on to my iPad Pro.
  3. Can't find any updated pictures of barfleur. When is she due back?
  4. She was jumbolised twice was she? Once on the blocks in Finland and another one in norway?
  5. Does anyone have any updates on the barfleurs progress?
  6. Any news on barfleur?
  7. When does barfleur go to have the scrubbers fitted?
  8. The new "lump" on the funnels are they housing any of the scrubbers pipe works or are they like a dpf?