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  1. Cork..end of season.

    The onslaught has begun. Ireland's Sunday newspapers had a fair few IF advertisements with "daily sailings" to France. Their email campaign has also started again talking of "daily sailings". Interestingly, their press adverts did not mention the new ship at all. But, IF certainly don't have the Ireland-Continent routes to themselves. There is Stena of course but also operators like CldN of Luxembourg snapping at their heals in the freight market. The latter using the world's largest ro-ro ship: https://afloat.ie/port-news/dublin-port/item/37562-world-s-largest-ro-ro-freight-ferry-completes-maiden-voyage-from-continental-europe-to-dublin-port
  2. Very surprised at this. This means that Armas now have a complete monopoly on routes from mainland Spain to the Canary Islands. Surprised that the EU competition authority let it go ahead. I remember checking their prices a few times for early summer sailing as a footy from S.Spain to Canaries and it nearly worked out more expensive than a cruise. I dread to think what will happen their prices now. The reviews for Fortuny were not that bad! Having been on her, I remember her as being a nice modern ship. Less frills than BF but far from being a sloppy service (a la GRIMaldi Lines).
  3. Excellent Customer Service

    And with service like that, it does explain why a large amount of passengers on-board BF ships are repeat customers.
  4. SBS Crews perform Training Exercise on Poole Ferry.

    “The soldiers looked exhausted as they climbed over the rail onto the car deck at the stern" Crikey...does'nt inspire much confidence!
  5. Mont St Michel

    The MSM still has piped music playing in public areas. One of the tracks I recall being played last June was Alex Flovent - Your Ghost.
  6. Cap Finistere

    Anything the Cap lacks in luxuries...she more than makes up for with onboard ambiance. Moreover, the view from the Planets bar is something you don't get in the Grand Pavois.
  7. Travelling to benidorm

    Yes, it's just off the A-23 . Exit onto the N-330 following signs for Carinena. No need to go into the centre - just keep following the N-330. The hotel is situated near a roundabout, so it's quite easy to find. Ryan, Zaragoza is nice but entering and exiting the city, finding the hotel car park etc., can add a lot onto the overall journey time. Sometimes a small town hotel off a motorway fits the bill much better.
  8. Travelling to benidorm

    Hotel Carinena in Carinena Stayed here before. Not exactly the Four Seasons but relatively high-quality lodgings and food for the price. Excellent location for a Trans-Iberian stop-off. http://www.hotelcarinena.es/es/
  9. All I can say is Stena are very brave : )
  10. Did their construction not go smoothly Hawser?
  11. It is a slim possibility alright but still possible. A lot of voyage reports on the BFE forums have been reporting less than full UK-France sailings. But it cannot be discounted that some large scale operator like Stena with excess capacity might try their luck on one of the Western routes. ------ BTW, Dig that chestnut brown carpet hf_uk!
  12. Yeah, its a very clever move by BF. Not only with the flexible financing part, and getting the unions out of their hair, but with Stena stage managing the production, they lower avoid the risks associated with: i) a Chinese yard building a Ro-pax for the first time. ii) potential teething problems with fitting and running first generation LNG engines on the new build. All going well, they will have a nice ship at the at which they can then "BF-ize" with some mustard yellow carpets and seats...
  13. So Stena will be getting their new Ro-pax ships from a Chinese yard. While this yard seems to have a proven track record of building bulk carriers they are still an unknown quantity when it comes to building more complicated passenger ships. Recently, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan (another bulk carrier builder) took a $1.8bn hit in building two new ships for Aida (now owned by Carnival). It is possible they did not have enough experience in building a complex passenger ship or simply because they had little experience in dealing with passenger ship component suppliers (most of which are based in Europe). So while Stena might be getting a great deal and while they have a Finnish project management company on board (Deltamarin) - they also might be some very rough seas ahead in getting this contract fulfilled smoothly and on time if MHI's and Carnival's experience is anything to go by. I would like to hear others opinions on this? Sources: Not a Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, cruise ship or anything remotely resembling a passenger ship in their portfolio: http://www.wh-shipyard.com/english/mulu.asp?classname=Demonstration A very costly mistake for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries contracting to build 2 cruise ships for Carnival: https://www.ft.com/content/d4f8f138-34aa-11e6-bda0-04585c31b153
  14. Hull-Rotterdam-Hull 11th-14th July

    I agree. In this age of globalisation (sorry for that cliche) where the travel experience is becoming blander, the BF experience still offers something different and rather charming. It would be a shame if that became eroded for the sake of cost cutting.
  15. PA on Spanish TV

    The host at the start of the video makes an excellent representative of BF - friendly, smart and proud.