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  1. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I don't know! I will see if I can dig up some Ireland / Spain import-export stats. It might reveal something.
  2. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I've no idea. Always wanted to find out! And on the subject of fish, here is a very interesting article on the complexities of carrying fish. It also covers how UK border controls could delay Irish hauliers. This gives a lot of context to BF's decision to launch this route. If fish transportation is the main driver of this route, the article interestingly states: "If anything was to go wrong, the [driver] can't access the container for the 17-hour crossing so he has to minimise the time he's away from the container. There's a huge quantity of that leaving Ireland. Probably about 100 loads a week from ports around Ireland." Seemingly trifle details like this can make or break a business strategy. https://www.independent.ie/business/irish/warning-hard-border-could-put-hauliers-out-of-business-35987641.html
  3. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I agree, it will be a tough challenge to establish this route, especially given the trends for other ferry routes across Europe. DFDS's closure of their Harwich-Esbjerg route (even with their extensive logistics operation) being a case in point. But BF might surprise everyone yet. It's in their DNA of making "unworkable" ferry routes "workable" again.
  4. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Not totally. Anytime I've been on BF's Spanish routes. There has nearly always been some (Irish-based) Nolan Transport trucks on board. I've often seen their trucks on the roads around Northern Spain. These can now travel direct. At least BF have one big-ish freight company to start off with.
  5. St Malo/Portsmouth 28/12/2017

    Somebody in BF HQ must have read a book "Nourriture que les Britanniques aiment". Last summer was the first time I ever noticed Indian food being served onboard. If this trend continues we could soon be seeing onion bhajis replacing croissants...
  6. Yeah, that is probably the reason alright.
  7. To use two examples, Viking Line and Transmediterranea (previously Acciona) both use self-service check-in for their foot pax. Anybody know why BF does not have use it in any of their terminals for their foot pax?
  8. A very nice touch from Mike sending this message to BFE. I'm glad he found the forum informative (and funny) and I'm sure he put some of the comments to good use. As for TripAdvisor, not many directors of large travel companies interact with their customers on TripAdvisor. It was always great to see that level of dedication to customer service. His successor has some big boots to fill. Good luck Mike!
  9. Cork..end of season.

    The onslaught has begun. Ireland's Sunday newspapers had a fair few IF advertisements with "daily sailings" to France. Their email campaign has also started again talking of "daily sailings". Interestingly, their press adverts did not mention the new ship at all. But, IF certainly don't have the Ireland-Continent routes to themselves. There is Stena of course but also operators like CldN of Luxembourg snapping at their heals in the freight market. The latter using the world's largest ro-ro ship: https://afloat.ie/port-news/dublin-port/item/37562-world-s-largest-ro-ro-freight-ferry-completes-maiden-voyage-from-continental-europe-to-dublin-port
  10. Very surprised at this. This means that Armas now have a complete monopoly on routes from mainland Spain to the Canary Islands. Surprised that the EU competition authority let it go ahead. I remember checking their prices a few times for early summer sailing as a footy from S.Spain to Canaries and it nearly worked out more expensive than a cruise. I dread to think what will happen their prices now. The reviews for Fortuny were not that bad! Having been on her, I remember her as being a nice modern ship. Less frills than BF but far from being a sloppy service (a la GRIMaldi Lines).
  11. Excellent Customer Service

    And with service like that, it does explain why a large amount of passengers on-board BF ships are repeat customers.
  12. SBS Crews perform Training Exercise on Poole Ferry.

    “The soldiers looked exhausted as they climbed over the rail onto the car deck at the stern" Crikey...does'nt inspire much confidence!
  13. Mont St Michel

    The MSM still has piped music playing in public areas. One of the tracks I recall being played last June was Alex Flovent - Your Ghost.
  14. Cap Finistere

    Anything the Cap lacks in luxuries...she more than makes up for with onboard ambiance. Moreover, the view from the Planets bar is something you don't get in the Grand Pavois.
  15. Travelling to benidorm

    Yes, it's just off the A-23 . Exit onto the N-330 following signs for Carinena. No need to go into the centre - just keep following the N-330. The hotel is situated near a roundabout, so it's quite easy to find. Ryan, Zaragoza is nice but entering and exiting the city, finding the hotel car park etc., can add a lot onto the overall journey time. Sometimes a small town hotel off a motorway fits the bill much better.