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  1. PHC Open Evening

    HT you’re not suggesting that enthusiasts from further afield are unlikely to have an interest in Poole Harbour are you?(!) 😉
  2. Brittany Ferries App - 'Snap & Sea'

    The fleet finder had better cover Gdansk!
  3. BF Refits 2017-18

    Yes they were. It was in around 1979-80, was out of season, and was operated once a week by Penn-Ar-Bed. There is, of course, a member of the fleet (a rather more luxurious one than Penn-Ar-Bed) that does that crossing southbound, once a week, throughout the year, now. It's just that you are not allowed to get off in Roscoff!....
  4. BF Refits 2017-18

    You definitely need a daily Portsmouth - Roscoff service Chris! Would be good for business too I guess, maybe you can persuade them! 😀
  5. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Three days more like, and then it also takes a day to de/re-store.
  6. Ships nicknames

    And especially Brits who make no efforts at all with the local language, just expect that people will communicate with them in English. Highly discourteous. Might well be true that many Frenchmen speak far better English than most of us Brits will speak French, but that’s not the point. You choose to visit a foreign country, you show some respect for their culture and traditions.
  7. Baie de Seine Seakeeping

    I think you’ll live! 😉
  8. Ships nicknames

    Says the person who started the thread! 😁
  9. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Yes, overnight sailings in both directions on the St Malo route on Fridays and Saturdays for a couple of weeks - until Pont Aven comes off service for a couple of weeks end November / early December.
  10. Ships nicknames

    My prediction is that, on here at least, Honfleur will become HF.
  11. Ships nicknames

    Do the French pronounce the ‘t” at the end of Etretat?
  12. Ships nicknames

    It's a silent "h" and the "r" is after the "v". So, in English phonetics it's kind of "aa-v-r", with the last bit being the typical French kind of growling the r in front of mouth but it's difficult to describe!
  13. Ships nicknames

    Although I do hate it when “Le Havre” is mispronounced. My father pronounced Harv as in harvest. 😬
  14. Ships nicknames

    I am wondering how people pronounce “Pont Aven”? I always pronounce it as if it were “Pont Avant” in French, but I think that might be wrong because I have heard announcements on board that pronounce it “Pont Avenne”. I prefer my method though so will stick with it! 😎