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  1. Condor Ferries - Website

    In response to us?
  2. BF Refits 2017-18

    This is slightly off-topic, but I was wondering something about crews that is related to Ed's point. Do the crews for each ship come from all over the place, or do crews for a particular ship tend to be based somewhere particular? You'd think that Bretagne might normally have a St Malo based crew and Normandie a Caen one, given that those are where the crew changes occur. It's interesting that BDS never calls at Roscoff for a crew change when her Le Havre rotation is disrupted - it is always a Cherbourg call or they are shipped to Portsmouth. This leads me to suspect that her crew is Le Havre based and that Roscoff (which would be the most natural port of call for the ship) is too far away for them to travel. Cherbourg at a pinch, but not Roscoff. If the crew for each ship has a particular base, then that would surely limit the scope for ships to "borrow" each other's crews in circumstances like we will be seeing in March. If a Le Havre based crew for BDS is not going to travel to Roscoff then I'd doubt we will see Normandie's Caen based crew doing so either. Unless the crews have no base and just come from all over the place. Hence the opening question - it would be interesting to know.
  3. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Reading Tarby's point about the difficulty of attracting freight to Cork makes me wonder. I know we are talking years down the line, but if BF manages to demonstrate that there is a market for direct travel between Ireland and Spain, then what’s the betting IF responds with a route of their own in time? If, for example, IF responded with a Dublin - Gijon route then that could give BF a real headache at Cork. BF needs to be careful it doesn't just become IF's testing ground with this new service.
  4. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    It’s deliberately extended as a two-nighter. Just like CF’s passage down to Bilbao on Mondays takes longer than it would at normal speed. I really can’t see them planning an 0200 arrival, can you?! 😉 I might be an hour out, they might go for 0700 (which I think is CF’s arrival time in Bilbao on Tuesday mornings). But I’d be very surprised if it was earlier than that. Anyway, we’ll see. I’ll leave it at that (#3) now and see what BF actually comes up with. Of course I might be totally wrong.
  5. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Musical berths is normal routine at Roscoff. You often find Armorique, Pont Aven and Oscar Wilde all there and taking it in turns to berth on Fridays. Catch up times are the two-night crossing from Cork on Fridays and the extended stay in Roscoff. Yes, CF is in Roscoff on Mondays. Another example of musical berths, as Armorique has to vacate the berth for her.
  6. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Ok, thanks Neil, that makes more sense to me. So. Going back to 26 hours, this is version #3 that fits known intel as closely as possible: Monday: 1300 arr CORK; 1830 dep CORK Tuesday: 0930 arr ROSCOFF; 1800 dep ROSCOFF Wednesday: 0700 arr CORK; 1100 dep CORK Thursday: 1400 arr SANTANDER; 1700 dep SANTANDER Friday: 1800 arr CORK; 2230 dep CORK Saturday: At Sea Sunday: 0800 arr SANTANDER; 1200 dep SANTANDER If this is what it ends up looking like (give or take half an hour here and there) then Armorique and Connemara would have to play musical berths on Tuesdays at Roscoff, with Armorique arriving from Plymouth, unloading, coming off the berth for Connemara. Connemara then comes off the berth after unloading to allow Armorique back on to load for Plymouth, before returning to the berth after Armorique's 1510 departure.
  7. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Well something’s not right then. An 11am from Cork on Wednesdays, a 4pm from Santander on Thursdays, and a 28 hour crossing time, are not compatible with each other. One of those must be wrong. It would be better if the Cork departure WAS at 11am because then the arrival from Roscoff could be at a more civilised time. I’m beginning to wonder whether my initial estimate of 26 hours for the passage time might be more accurate.
  8. Condor Ferries - Website

    Indeed - but that’s useless Jonno. I would want to know the timetables before setting my date. The date would depend on the timetables. What you get when you click on that button marked “timetables”’is not remotely what I would call a timetable.
  9. Condor Ferries - Website

    Guaranteed to put me off even considering using them (not being able to see the timetables). Without that information I wouldn’t even entertain trying to plan a journey with them.
  10. Condor Ferries - Website

    Long-winded is one description. Not fit for purpose (the website) is another!
  11. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Thanks Rick. Yes, I worked on 4 hour turnrounds in my earlier version. But just couldn't make it work with 4 hours every time if the snippets that we think we know about are true (well, not without a couple of highly anti-social arrival times). That's why I wonder if some of the parameters might not be as we have been led to believe.
  12. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Was just perusing the BF Spanish website to see if there was an sign yet of any information about the new route. Came across this page: http://www.brittanyferries.es/rutas-y-horarios Spot the time warp in the "Santander-Plymouth" picture top right.......! (But don't tell Andy......too much excitement isn't good for him!)
  13. Condor Ferries - Website

    Another problem with it, which was also a problem with the previous one, is that the link to "timetables" doesn't actually give you the timetables! Condor seems to think that people are stupid and can only cope with being told what sailings are available on a particular day that you have to specify. The ability to take an overview of the whole timetable so that you can plan an itinerary knowing all the possibilities available is something that Condor doesn't seem to think people are capable of. Either that, or they have some hidden agenda that requires them to keep their timetables secret.
  14. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Allow me to indulge in a revised possible timetable, knowing the parameters we now do (28 hour crossing time, Sunday and Thursday departures from Santander, Chris' intel about Tuesdays in Roscoff; I've also assumed a slightly extended, to 14 hours, crossing time to Roscoff). It's not ideal with some of the arrivals and departures, but it's all I can come up with fitting around the parameters we know. Given what it results in, I wouldn't be surprised if some of those parameters are not quite right: Monday: 1500 arr CORK; 1830 dep CORK Tuesday: 0930 arr ROSCOFF; 1230 dep ROSCOFF Wednesday: 0530 arr CORK; 0800 dep CORK Thursday: 1300 arr SANTANDER; 1600 dep SANTANDER Friday: 1900 arr CORK; 2300 dep CORK Saturday: At Sea Sunday: 0800 arr SANTANDER; 1200 dep SANTANDER
  15. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Er.....Limassol, surely?