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  1. PHC Open Evening

    Read a large number of posts over past years and draw your own conclusions.
  2. Butter shortage

    There has been a butter shortage in the UK for the last 6 months or more. Of course we have applied the usual UK solution to problems - jack the price up so much that people are reluctant to buy it - problem solved.
  3. Ships nicknames

    If you remember back to the days when you first joined this forum Colin nobody used nick names for any of the BF fleet. Most of the old faces from then have long gone. Along with new contributors, Twitter has arrived with its 140 character limit encouraging short cuts. Progress or laziness the choice is yours?
  4. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Yes much larger ships have visited Poole . So? All the other ferries you mention have indeed called at Poole but none of them on a regular long term basis with anything like the frequency of Barfleur. Cancellations occur very rarely because the specific weather conditions that cause them are also quite rare. You may well have a point regarding the Barfleur engines and manoeuvrability but I fail to see how you can sensibly contrast your perceived short comings of Barfleur (calling 7 days a week) with rare visitors.
  5. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Some years ago I remember waiting while Barfleur spent 3 hours out in Poole Bay waiting to enter the harbour. We were told at the time that if there is a strong wind gusting from the south west the presence of the Bramble Bush Bay posed an unacceptable risk of collision in the narrow harbour entrance.
  6. Deo Volente arriving in Poole

    Yes, but the new New Quay will be nearly twice as long as the new South Quay although it will only be 7.5 metres deep as opposed to the 9 metres at South Quay.
  7. BF Refits 2017-18

    I would have thought it would not be beyond the wit of man to control the neutralization of the acid process to ensure that excessive heat is not generated and that alkaline salts are not the end result.
  8. BF Refits 2017-18

    Nice explanation but I'm not sure why anyone in their right mind would design a system that involved storing and discharging acid. The automatic addition of some relatively cheap substance like sodium hydroxide to neutralize the acid would pay dividends in reduced maintenance costs.
  9. CI Inter-Island Service

    I think adicat was referring to what appears to be the incestuous relationship between some rail companies, regulators, politicians and senior civil servants.
  10. CI Inter-Island Service

    Exactly Colin. It's all very well people wanting to build new harbours and new large RoRo vessels but without the certainty of bodies to fill the available spaces disaster could quickly follow. The call from the states is for day trip facilities.The CI are all small so for inter island travel you don't need to take a car and you certainly don't need anything other than a small HSC if you wish to expand that market and offer three or four return trips a day.
  11. Stowaways

    I'm glad that you agree that the required medical treatment is the major concern and I didn't really think that you would think otherwise. Would other countries do the same? I'd like to think so but, to me, that's not relevant. Surely the most important consideration is that the UK should do the right thing regardless of what others do. Is their a will within government to address the number illegal immigrants? Yes but only up to a point they have no incentive to do so. If it were otherwise they wouldn't put great effort to raiding takeaways etc., finding illegal immigrants and then telling them they can go away but to report to police station in a couple of weeks time thus allowing a high proportion to disappear again. The likes of G4S, Serco and others make a lot of money from poor government immigration schemes and therefore they are always willing to find a place for a ex ministers or MP's that loose there seats. Incentive for government to improve procedures? Exactly what incentive would that be then?
  12. Stowaways

    Who cares who pays. They're human beings in need of medical assistance. That should be the only consideration. Have we really sunk so low as to want an answer to those questions.
  13. General Discussions on Brexit

    All parties have back stabbers. The difference is some are just rank amateurs but the Tories have, since Thatcher saw off Ted Heath, been consummate professionals in the art of political assassination.
  14. General Discussions on Brexit

    You are quite right Gareth but only as things stand today. Don't forget the governments Repeal Bill. If it gets passed in its present form the government will have been given the power to repeal or modify the Fixed Term Parliament act or indeed any other act without any recourse to either Houses of Parliament. If things start to look bad the government could decide "well lets just give ourselves a few more years to see what happens". If they did, nothing could be done about it.
  15. General Discussions on Brexit

    You may be right Neil but I'm not sure you are. The poll tax demonstrations coincided with my being off work and in hospital with back problems. This left me with a lot of time to correspond with MP's and government ministers. From what they said at the time I gained the impression that they saw civil unrest as a bonus for them as they thought that it would have more of an adverse effect on the Labour opposition than the Conservative government.