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  1. Perhaps the 1966 song by Napoleon XIV would be more appropriate in current circumstances.
  2. I'm not saying that paying by credit card doesn't give the consumer real protections merely that, at the end of the day, someone somehow has to pay. Don't get me wrong the credit card offers a great insurance policy to it's users. The protections are effectively an insurance but I would be very surprised if you didn't expect to pay for your car or house insurance. Anyone who pays cash into a business account is usually charged a similar percentage to a credit card transaction so you could argue that the cash payers are subsidizing the credit card payers as they don't receive any additional benefit. The real losers are the debit card payers who's payment are usually processed for a flat fee of about 20p. They get no additional protections, their transactions cost the retailer much less to process but they still don't get a discount for paying by debit card.
  3. A free meal? I don't think so. Companies won't want to cut their income by up to 4%. Rest assured either you or someone else will be paying the surcharge in the end Neil. You don't get "free" protection for free, there will always be a charge somewhere.
  4. Just to add more confusion most new cars currently on sale have different choices of wheel diameters or low profile tyres available as options. It's difficult to see how BF could rely on the use a database of car dimensions for vehicle heights without also having access to all manufactures build databases as well.
  5. If the choice is being attacked by some lunatic or being shot in the crossfire between said lunatic and the police/army then I'd opt for just the one chance of being killed rather than the two chances thank you very much.
  6. If that's the complete truth perhaps you should consider, especially in the heat, taking some fluids as well. I had some butter and jam on my toast, you should try it.
  7. Has nobody seen the real story here? Newspaper publishes accurate article. This surely is what is unusual not that perhaps some random local inhabitant should have been more observant in the past.
  8. Interesting, do you have a link Jonno?
  9. Did they offer any hints as to the contents of these additional 14000 units heading south post Brexit?
  10. If Syms was put forward negotiations would never start. It's quite a sport down here, trying to spot Syms anywhere in the area outside of election times. Very few people have managed to do it.
  11. Things go from bad to worse for Labour. A new poll since the election now puts Labour six points ahead of the Conservatives. Who in their right mind would want to be ahead in the polls?
  12. The problem is that virtually all anti Brexit politicians have lost any credibility they may have had. Only Ken Clarke a few Labour and most of the LibDems have any left. Politicians can't spend years claiming Brexit would be a disaster for the country and then turn round and say " we're going to do it anyway ". May has surrounded herself with failures like Davis and Fox then thrown Boris, who can't complete a sentence without talking gibberish, into the mix as well. To be fair to Davis and Fox they have always wanted to leave the EU but that in itself should have raised alarm bells about their suitability for office. As for May, she's been given a thrashing and then says " nothing has changed ", I'll carry on with the same team and policies as before. I think in the past many political leaders have been too quick to resign, May is clearly being far too slow. If it's cards on the table time Gareth I must admit to having voted Labour, LibDem, Green and even Conservative ( that is actually where I meet my wife 47 years ago ). For me, although how I've voted over the years has changed between all of the major parties, what I believe is right for the UK has not. It is the parties that have constantly changed. Heath would have been more in tune with Blair than Thatcher. Since the sixties all political parties have tended to move to the right and eventually, if it doesn't stop the prospects for the country are horrendous. With Corbin, who probably would have been considered quite a moderate in the early half of the last century, politicians of all all parties have been given a chance to " reboot " and claim the centre ground. If people looked at policies and candidates rather than party labels most people would, I suspect, vote very differently.
  13. Maybe they might think that. I'm not sure that, if May is prepared to be a bit flexible, she wouldn't be able to come to an agreement over Brexit with Corbin, She probably wouldn't be able to carry all her party with her but if she can come to an accommodation with Corbin that really wouldn't matter. With regards to some other policies like grammar schools and hard core austerity probably she wouldn't get an agreement and would have to put those on the back burner for now. But if she was prepared to row back on austerity a little and give a bit on the NHS I suspect she would easily be able to last out for the next 5 years. The big "if" is does she actually want to be in power for the next 5 years. Her manifesto, upsetting virtually all of her core voters suggests she may not.
  14. Would you hold another election having just seen your 20+ points lead in the polls disappear in six weeks? The truth is that there is no real need for another election. What is required is politicians, behaving like grown ups, and accepting that those parts of policy, and there are some, that they can agree on they pass into law. Even the major decision of Brexit, that needs to be resolved is, given the stance of the two major parties is not beyond resolution. A commitment to a referendum on the outcome of negotiations, when the full consequences of any deal to leave the EU would be known, would go a very long way to resolve matters. May looks to America but the UK is very different. A presidential style does not appeal to the average UK voter.