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  1. Given the time constraints I wouldn't have thought that roaming charges would be very high on the priority list.
  2. Roaming appears to be a part of the telecommunications single market regulations. As we no longer wish to remain a member of the single market it is difficult to see why we would expect to receive the benefits.
  3. We may inherit EU laws but the result rather depends how they were drafted in the first place. If the law says that roaming charges will be abolished between EU member states, as is probable, we may loose the facility. Even if we take that law into UK statutes then we, no longer being in the EU, would not benefit from it. EU nationals travelling to the UK would of course be covered. Three introduced free roaming several years ago however there was not a stampede by other suppliers to follow suit. Perhaps the cost outweighs the benefits to the phone companies.
  4. Interesting timing. http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/279532/brittany-ferries-makes-10-year-portsmouth-commitment
  5. In your dreams hf_uk.
  6. Possibly, but in such small quantities after you factor it the travel costs hardly a life changing.
  7. It's also interesting that only two British governments since WWI, the Labour government of Ramsay MacDonald in 1931 (60.8%) and the Conservative government of Stanley Baldwin in 1935 (53.5%), can claim to have had the support of a majority of those that voted. On three occasions 1929,1951 and 1974, the party with the most votes has not even gained the largest number of seats. We have a very odd electoral system.
  8. With all due respect Gareth I don't see how a general election can settle the issue. General elections are usually fought on a number if different issues hence the publication of manifesto's and this general election is, in that respect, no different. The problem with settling the position regarding Brexit is still that nobody actually knows what the final outcome regarding trade for the UK will be. Until that is known, personally, I don't think anything can by settled by any vote. At the present time not much has happened. What we do know is that inflation is now rising and wage increases are not keeping up. We also know that the banking industry are moving high earning and high tax paying employees to other EU countries. This will have a long term effect on our economy. What the effect Brexit will have on car manufacturing and other industries we don't yet know. If you have held cash in Euro's for more than a year, hold shares in UK companies that trade mostly in Europe or shares in companies in the far east or South America the chances are that you are doing very nicely out of the current situation.The truth of the matter is that the poorer more disadvantaged members of society, whom often voted Brexit for that very reason, are the ones that will notice the difference in any downturn first. There is the potential for a lot of very angry disillusioned people on the streets if, and I accept it is an if, things go very pear shaped.
  9. I think Bramble Bush Bay was built at Hessle on the Humber.
  10. Do you think so? I would have thought that the average Brexit supporter is predominantly on right of centre of the Conservative party and on the left of centre of the Labour party. Remainers, I would have thought, tend to be in the political centre hence the positions taken, often without much conviction, by the three main parties. They see the need to follow preferences of their core vote and are prepared to deal with the consequences as best they can at a later date.
  11. It's always a danger to rely on a single poll when the question asked and the motive behind the organization paying for the poll is not clear. The link below is to a site which correlates the findings of several polls on different subjects over time. That said of course you don't know how they pick the polls they incorporate in their findings. http://whatukthinks.org/eu/opinion-polls/
  12. Are you sure you have that round the right way? I thought - Macron = stronger more integrated united Europe = years of being ground down by an unelected, unrepresentative, undemocratic dictatorship. Le Pen = leaving the Euro and leaving the EU = amazing opportunities and untold riches for all, a chance to set sail on a wondrous voyage of discovery, taking back control actually. Why would BF prefer Macron to Le Pen. Perhaps I've got it wrong.
  13. That depends if BF were using the astronomical or the meteorological definition of "spring". If the former, yes it is the 20th of June but if they are using the latter, perhaps more common interpretation of spring then it is the 31st of May, just 19 days away.
  14. Perhaps you don't consider a mental health problem as a medical problem then. I've lived in Poole for the last 42 years and in that time a number of people have driven off of the slipways for the Sandbanks ferry, sadly a lot of them have died.
  15. Well, not a particularly nice attitude to a potential problem. I've been recently diagnosed with heart problem which could put me at a greater risk of a stroke than normal. It was discovered after a hospital visit totally unconnected to my heart. I had no symptoms, I'm lucky, I've found out I had a problem of which I was totally unaware and will be treated for it. There must be probably thousands and thousands of people driving around with ailments that could cause problems and of which they have no knowledge. Let us all hope that you're not one of them. A relatively small outlay is surely worth possibly saving several lives.