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  1. Is that the same Boris that is prepared to see more difficult travel and less European trade? On the face of it a bridge might have some attraction but how often would high winds cause closure. You don't get so many closure problems with a tunnel.
  2. Poole Bridge

    The council have closed almost all of the public toilets in the town. The council have paid some businesses to allow public access to their toilets but if you want one after 17.30 or are at a popular area like Baiter then it's up to a mile walk to find one. That is of course if you know where to look. After 22.00 at night, you are basically on you're own.
  3. Poole Bridge

    Yes, I can see you have a problem, but I'm not sure it's shared by large numbers of others. If it was I would have thought that the re-routed 152 would have a more intensive time table. http://www.buscms.com/morebus/uploadedfiles/pdfs/Current_Timetables_Sept_2017/more_preview_web_TT_0917_route152.pdf
  4. Poole Bridge

    @Khaines. Well at least we now have an alternative bridge to use. To the majority of people it's not a great problem. It's the other roadworks causing the delays not the old bridge. With regard to Carillion and Interserve they are largely facilitators on projects such as Poole bridge. Usually the actual work, which is almost complete, is sub contracted out. Those companies will still be able to complete the work, with or without Interserve.
  5. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I was just thinking of the freight and passengers from Ireland who at present use the UK as a land bridge. Perhaps any future harder customs requirements, I would have thought, might make the possibility of more direct routes very attractive. But then perhaps the land bridge element of continental trade is not very significant.
  6. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    It would certainly limit the need to use the UK as a land bridge and solve probable customs problems especially if they could get in a France trip as well. Perhaps Portsmouth and Plymouth services might be reduced.
  7. New cruise Ferry Line to New York ?

    d2frs thinking like you? Are you sure? I may be wrong but I think I detected a strong element of satire in his post.
  8. The consequence of 1 and possibly 4 & 5 would probably be a price increase for UK passengers. You may get some support as turkey's sometimes vote for Christmas especially if they don't realize it involves stuffing.
  9. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Millsey, of course you are also right. Many strikes were in companies that operated closed shops, but not all. You are also quite right that the cost to the employee rarely makes financial sense but that is not always the object.
  10. General Discussions on Brexit

    As the UK government doesn't seem capable of producing reports on the possible Brexit options and consequences it is fortunate that the EU has done it's homework. The EU reports are very comprehensive and make interesting reading giving both pro's and con's of the alternative choices. http://www.europarl.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/en/ukevents/brexit/brexitstudies.html http://www.europarl.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/en/ukevents/brexit/brexitstudies.html http://www.europarl.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/en/ukevents/brexit/brexitstudies.html
  11. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    I think you'll find that the thing that stopped employers sacking strikers was the damage that would have been done to their companies. Workers for their suppliers or related industries would have given their support and the company would not have been a position to carry on their business. To strike was not illegal in the UK and as today we have some of the most strict labour laws in the world I doubt it is in many other places either. If one is unable to withdraw one's labour, which is, lets face it the only thing that workers as individuals have, is one anything but a slave?
  12. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Isn't the concept of an "illegal strike" a purely UK notion and even then only since the 80's. Prior to that, with the execption of the police and armed forces, strikes were either official or unofficial. Legality didn't enter into it.
  13. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Well that's a bit of a turnaround cvabishop. I didn't expect to read that.😉
  14. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    It's a shame that the software doesn't give the ability to like some parts of a post that you might agree with. All or nothing is not always a great choice.
  15. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    To be fair Gareth I would have thought that in the absence of any information as to the cause of the current action it is just as difficult for anyone to explain how the Port of St Malo is not behaving as an unscrupulous employer.