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  1. Halfords equivalent in France & Spain?

    You will often find a 'Roady' service setup next to large Intermarché stores in France and Portugal. They were called Stationmarché. They do servicing and also have a sales area.
  2. I cannot imagine that BF's business plan assumes 100% berth occupancy of its cabins or even that all its cabins are occupied on every night sailing. It is interesting to note that on the booking engine the cabins are identified as being for 1-2 or 1-4. So they assume that under-occupancy is the norm. I seem to remember a few years ago either from BF or P&O receiving an 'under occupancy' discount of £10 or £20 for there only being 2 of us in a 4 berth cabin. But that might have been since all 2 berth cabins were already booked.
  3. Pilot

    Every time I have been into or out of Santander, there has been a pilot on board. What has surprised me is how close in the pilot boards or leaves. I would have expected he would need to be on board further out to sea.
  4. From Scotland to Plymouth

    That's the problem with Plymouth compared with Portsmouth, especially with towing a caravan: the last few miles after turning off the A38 towards the ferry terminal and arriving off the ferry from Santander at 4.15 on a Thursday afternoon into horrendous traffic heading towards Exeter.
  5. Pont Aven Timetable in August

    Departure of the PA for its weekly departure to Santander from Plymouth in August is slipped half an hour from its normal schedule. Anyone know why?
  6. Is it Worth It?

    I've done this on Bretagne in Les Abers with the £7.90 pp Club Voyage Breakfast Allowance instead of the in de-luxe cabin Continental offering. On Pont Aven however in Le Flora they were insisting on full breakfast only, so had to go 'down market' to the self service instead. Will try again on PA when we travel again in April!
  7. St Malo schedulling

    Was there not a St Malo to Poole night service at some time?
  8. SAILING UPDATES: 2016 Latest News

    AIS showing CF out of dry dock and moving from shipyard .
  9. SAILING UPDATES: 2016 Latest News

    Could be. Coming back on the PA into Plymouth a couple of weeks ago there were 8 or 10 non-BF workmen scurrying about inside the funnel area. Couldn't believe how much new pipework there is up there now. It appears to be a very complex installation, well hidden behind the latticework. No wonder it is so big.
  10. SAILING UPDATES: 2016 Latest News

    Anyone know what the 'technical issue' is?
  11. Front windows of Le Café
  12. Booking with Avios

    Book through Avios. They will advise what your Avios are worth and if there is anything extra to pay. I don't think that any Voyage Club discounts can be applied if you use Avios.
  13. Cap Calls in at Brest

    Cap called in at Brest this morning, not Roscoff on way to Bilbao. Anyone know why?
  14. Cap's Vehicle Decks

    Been on Desk 6 and on Deck 2 (twice) in Freelander without caravan and on Deck 5 with caravan.
  15. Pont Aven Early Boarding

    Looking at the timetables, On Thursdays PA arrives from Spain at 16:15, and leaves for Roscoff at 20:45 - 4 1/2 hours layover. On Tuesdays, Arrives from Spain at 14:15 and leaves at 17:15 - 3 hours layover. A big difference! 50% longer in Plymouth.