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  1. Condor Ferries - Website

    I like the new Condor website a lot - a great improvement. The information on the fleet and onboard facilities is much improved, and I now see they've even uploaded a deck plan of the Clipper. However, the lack of timetables for the year ahead is not so good. That really needs to be brought back if at all possible.
  2. P&O Considering Shetland - Scandinavia Route?

    P&O were also interested in bidding for the Portland to Nova Scotia route and that came to nothing. I don't think they actually ended up submitting a tender document for the contract. Perhaps this time it will be different. Let's hope so.
  3. TT-Line of Tasmania - New Ferry Orders

    This is also an another article...... Incat’s freight and tourism plan to link Burnie, King Island and Victoria LEADING Tasmanian shipbuilder Incat wants to establish a ferry service between Burnie, King Island and Victoria by the end of 2019. Incat spokesman Richard Lowrie has told the Mercury the company wants to build a 112-metre, high-speed vessel to boost the freight and tourism industries on King Island by the 2019-20 summer. It would operate from Burnie to King Island and on to Avalon or the Port of Hastings near Melbourne as well as direct Tasmania to Victoria runs.Mr Lowrie said the ship would run up to three times a week and could be operated privately or by the State Government. The vessel would travel at about 35 knots and carry 1000 passengers as well as 400 vehicles on each trip. It could cart up to 500,000 additional tourists, 250,000 extra vehicles or more than 500,000 tonnes of freight a year. Sea travel times from Burnie to King Island could be reduced from almost 16 hours to three, with a King Island to Melbourne route estimated at four hours. A direct Burnie to Victoria operation could achieve a trip time of under five hours, supplementing the Spirit of Tasmania services. Mr Lowrie said he presented the plan to the Legislative Council inquiry into King Island shipping two weeks ago. He said the sea corridor between Tasmania and Victoria via King Island was not catering effectively for the freight and tourism industries. “The feedback from King Island residents is there is a lot of frustration,” Mr Lowrie said. “They have a weekly freight service and all passenger services come by small planes and people then have to get hire cars. “If a passenger service is introduced for King Island, then they could spend some nights on King Island then go on to Burnie.” Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding said although Incat did not participate in the Government’s process to identify a preferred shipper in 2016, it would liaise closely with the company on concepts for a long-term solution for King Island shipping. Last month, Mr Hidding told the inquiry that existing temporary freight vessel the Investigator was “likely” to be replaced by a substantially bigger one by December. TasPorts’ search for a vessel has resulted in two ships of interest to operate as the next interim vessel. Mr Hidding said this week the replacement would be in place by summer.
  4. TT-Line of Tasmania - New Ferry Orders

    Yes this must be an inconvenient truth for InCat, in that the very place their fast ferry craft are made and where they were first used in a commercial ferry service anywhere in the world, these craft are not deemed suitable for their home market. Add to this the political pressure for TT Line to order an Incat to boost jobs in the local economy.
  5. TT-Line of Tasmania - New Ferry Orders

    Also Gareth as recently as this September InCat were still plugging a fast ferry solution for Tasmania. Quite telling how TT Line still consider conventional is better. Good for them. See link below. http://www.themercury.com.au/news/tasmania/tourism-chief-labels-new-incat-ferry-plans-as-rather-extraordinary/news-story/0aa1429d7c676156384b22c07248618f
  6. TT-Line of Tasmania - New Ferry Orders

    Yep sure is Gareth. Bob Clifford of Incat still believed some super new 150 metre long catamaran design would be able to cope with anything that sea could throw at it.
  7. TT-Line of Tasmania - New Ferry Orders

    With this new conventional ship order, very interesting how Incat have failed yet again to get their dream of a 150 m catamaran on the Tasmania run. I wonder if they have given up all hope now of ever having one of their ferries going to Tasmania.
  8. DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    In the 1980s travelled on DFDS's routes from Harwich to Esbjerg, GotHenbury and Hamburg. Really really miss these routes. These DFDS ships definitely cemented my interest in the ferry industry.
  9. DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Isn't it low cost airlines and the emergence of the Internet giving consumers unparalleled access to search for numerous other holiday ideas, the main reason routes like this aren't viable anymore? Real shame as I really want a route to Norway to return. Also the idea of taking your car on holiday on a new adventure is not such a big thing as it was in the 1970s and 1980s?
  10. Interesting. Fast ferry services here to stay then??
  11. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    Yep Gareth sailing times and the willingness to alter the arrival times are key. What I do know is that we desperately need a late evening departure from the UK. Sorry I've brought this thread to the Channel Islands but when I saw this ship had been sold to someone else other than Condor I had to comment. Also sorry for typos in last message - was writing on the go on my smart phone and now I can't edit the last post for whatever reason.
  12. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    Also from what hhv ferry says the extra freight deck would be no problem - in fact it could be a big benefit capacity wise. Condor may not be keen to purchase because of the costs involved in purchase, additional crew costs for what would also bow be a "hotel services" operation, the need to alter the outward the existing Goodwill sailing schedule to be more passenger friendly (more convenient arrival times), capacity issues with freight taking priority on the outward service (as opposed to cars) and if this service were to be popular - taking custom from the fast ferry service.
  13. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    I see from the Marine Traffic website that Hammerodde now has a length if 129.9 metres - still within the limits of the Channel Islands harbours. The ship was originally around 124.9 metres. I'm not sure whether the draught is OK or not for the ports. While she also has more cabins than Clipper she has less berths - as many on the Danish ship are one or two berth but this could be sorted by installation of bunk beds.
  14. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    Yep an overnight service in both directions would be a winner and a game changer for sure.
  15. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    Yep Manannan the extra freight capacity on this ship would come in very handy for an evening departure from Portsmouth to the Channel Islands.