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  1. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    The mv Barfleur Wikipedia page was where I read it some time back. Probably should have verified it! I’ve just checked and it still says 19m.
  2. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    She was lengthened by 19 metres during construction.
  3. The Cabs

    What brand? Probably manufactured abroad, and shipped To the uk. Mercedes and scania seem to have a good market share over here
  4. Apple card reader

    I’d be interested to know as well. I hadnt heard of these devices, but I have to fire up the dinosaur PC just for doing photos from my SD card (commented just to get notifications, sorry)
  5. Pont Aven

    One night in the last week, possibly Monday night (I did a late evening delivery near the hoe) Armorique was berthed bow first in Plymouth. I’m sure she is normally stern first?
  6. Pont Aven

    I was talking to someone on Saturday who went over on Pont Aven on Thursday and back or Armorique on Friday night, and apparently both had ‘issues’ with the hydraulics for the deck ramps. He suspected it to be an excuse for something else, or possibly unofficial action by the deck crews.
  7. Stowaways

    Some interesting figures in this article. http://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/stowaways-who-hid-ferry-fridge-525581
  8. Ryanair problems

    Ryanair are to blame yes, but Brexit also contributed to their issues. New aviation rules introduced because of Brexit knocking out the old ones, for flying hours includes a 900 hours per calendar year limit. The calendar year limit has hit Ryanair, as they ran April to March under the previous rules which were hours per 12 month period. They have moved their holiday year to line with the calendar year from January 2018, to avoid falling foul. Another factor is Norwegian Air are opening a Dublin base, and have recruited 140 pilots from Ryanair. One can only assume offering better terms.
  9. Equity release - any opinions or experience

    For him... he'll have his money from his asset in the bank, rather than the property. If he needs home care at the moment, until the Tories implement their proposed new care bill, home care disregards property value when considering his contributions to care, but if the money is in the bank he'll have to pay. If he spends big and then needs care of any kind, the council might determine he's deliberately deprived his assets and capital, and he'd still have to pay for care, despite the money being gone. Maybe not appropriate but I'll put it Straight to the point, does he want to leave anything for his family? Equity release would deprive that. It can be a good option for elderly who don't want to leave for family or dont have family to leave for, as they can't take their money and assets to the grave so might as well live a good lifestyle and get things done.
  10. Pont Aven in the sun.

    I watched her arriving on Sunday from the Hoe. It appears some forum members were onboard as well as I have just seen a trip report!
  11. Roscoff to Spain?

    From memory cap finistere doesn't allow foot passengers to book online, the call centre can do it.
  12. Car sizes

    No Zafira Tourer. I've also a inherited BMW 118d, which I use for my 50 mile round commute as the insurance is lower than the fuel saving. The Zafira is required for getting the kids and stuff in. Pushchair doesn't even fit in the 1 series.
  13. Car sizes

    Jonno, my 2 year old MPV is a gas guzzler. Having experienced blocked filters and dpf issues on my previous diesel, I'd decided I was going for a petrol engine instead. The dealer talked me out of the 1400 turbo option into the naturally aspirated larger engine, as I was sceptical of long term reliability and engine stress on a 1400 with a turbo on a heavy MPV. The dealer said his personal thoughts would be the same as mine.
  14. Car sizes

    I had a 2010 berlingo previously which was on 16 inch wheels. A friend had a 2009 same shape with 14 inch wheels. Tyres were a similar profile from memory. Certainly not 5cm difference in profile. ive now a Zafira with roof bars. My inaccurate measuring technique was standing next to it and comparing to me. The top of the roof bars was half way between my eyes and hair line.... I'm 5'11. Its currently wearing my roof box, so multi storey car parks are off limits. A trip to town needs to ensure the BMWs left for me!

    I missed that one. Either way your all posting in the wrong section as it's clearly titled news board with a sub heading making it clear news about BF