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  1. Jonno, my 2 year old MPV is a gas guzzler. Having experienced blocked filters and dpf issues on my previous diesel, I'd decided I was going for a petrol engine instead. The dealer talked me out of the 1400 turbo option into the naturally aspirated larger engine, as I was sceptical of long term reliability and engine stress on a 1400 with a turbo on a heavy MPV. The dealer said his personal thoughts would be the same as mine.
  2. I had a 2010 berlingo previously which was on 16 inch wheels. A friend had a 2009 same shape with 14 inch wheels. Tyres were a similar profile from memory. Certainly not 5cm difference in profile. ive now a Zafira with roof bars. My inaccurate measuring technique was standing next to it and comparing to me. The top of the roof bars was half way between my eyes and hair line.... I'm 5'11. Its currently wearing my roof box, so multi storey car parks are off limits. A trip to town needs to ensure the BMWs left for me!
  3. I missed that one. Either way your all posting in the wrong section as it's clearly titled news board with a sub heading making it clear news about BF
  4. Other than being about a former BF vessel....
  5. I saw that earlier. The comments on their Facebook page all pointing to the 11 hour schedule to do 6 hour crossing.
  6. I stayed there a few years ago. The rooms were as standard. The beefeater was a good one, all food was cooked well.
  7. On railforums many members speak highly of Easyhotel. My own experiences would also recommend. Comfy bed, clean and an ensuite and I paid £21 a night in London. Easyhotel is somewhere to sleep and wash but not really hangout as lack facilities. No tv or wifi etc. if you're looking for a comfy bed in a clean room I don't think you'll get better value. I've used them on rail trips, where I've arrived at 9pm or later, gone to bed, woke up showered and left. Easyhotel is perfect for this purpose. my most recent night in London both travelodge and premier inn wanted over £100 a night, compared to Easyhotel at £21
  8. I won £150 out of the one on Armorique once, from an initial £1 play. Won £8 from the first quid. Replayed a fiver of that, and won £50, so put the other £3 in from the first win and won £100 from that!
  9. I can't see how they have time. Things are tight loading timings already. Surely it would make sense to do it whilst people are in the queue on the quayside?
  10. Something amiss there then. What does the DVLA vehicle enquiry show? If these search engines online are getting the wrong vehicle there is a risk the police will get the wrong vehicle and you will have issues then.
  11. it isn't just the uk, I got waved through the passport control entering Greece recently without even handing over or opening my passport. Gatwick was very thorough on my return though,
  12. Try clearing cookies on your machine. They all pull data from this database which will be what you've got taxed.
  13. It bought up mine ok, with correct details. The predecessor to the 64 plate was a 2010 on a private plate that in the age related would have been around a 2000. The AA quote I used and bought at least knew it was a 2010 car.
  14. Every one I've used in the past have asked for the registration before the quote, so the quote has been made based on the registration. I'd expect excluded ages to get a reject with no quote? The quote for my 03 plate car was quite a bit higher than my 64 plate car though, so obviously a premium for older cars on the ones I got quotes from
  15. It wouldn't support FaceTime when I tried it.