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  1. BF deposit is far less, £35 - so that is attractive for people who want to book early for price, but potentially have changeable plans.
  2. Quite staggering the speed of assembly isn't it Chris!
  3. Baie de Seine Seakeeping

    Personally I find her a very good seakeeper, and the plus cabins are lush - they open out onto the old Commodore lounge. I think you'll have a ball
  4. BF Refits 2017-18

    Roscoff is OUR port (and most of Irelands' soon)
  5. BF Refits 2017-18

    You do get about Chris! ;-) I have not heard a dickybird about Etretat either... With so many ships out I had a thought, possibly for a new thread.... Which vessel to people feel needs the most work doing to it in its current state?
  6. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    So what was the main reason for the delay with Etretat in the end, or have I missed something?
  7. Property Owners became Club Voyage... Same thing.
  8. I find that you make a saving by just doing one or two sailings per year. Roscoff is always culled in Winter, just more so this year, presumably by the Brexit situation!? I would still think you could make a decent saving with the card, by booking 2018 dates now?
  9. The Cabs

    Cheers Cabin-boy.... good info. I suspect I am not the only one taking photos of non-ferry items, such as trucks and cranes when away, ahem
  10. BFE Members Offer - Winter 2017

    Indeed - especially around Xmas! Well done BF&BFE
  11. The Cabs

    Isn't it possible that there are many different cabs transported? I definitely saw 4 white Scanias... i have a pic somewhere
  12. The Cabs

    I have seen them before. I think they were Scania... Scania have a big presence in Dagenham over here - but not sure if they actually assemble anything there....
  13. I wonder where the market will come from? Else there will be 4 large, and largely empty vessels coming in each week!
  14. Security, what is your opinion.

    One was not travelling with one's regulars this time though Chris!
  15. Pont Aven - Standard vs Club cabin

    As Andy said - the main draw for me at least extra length in the cabin. I believe they are about two foot longer so you have much more space and the end of the bed, where the dressing table etc is...