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  1. That was last years that is sold out, surely?
  2. Call centre suggested end of the week to me...
  3. That is surprising - but I suppose it is very subjective. If those figures are year on year, then apparently in 2016 there were 21.5% fewer Chinese tourists to the Paris region, 41.2% fewer from Japan, and 27.6% fewer from Italy. Far less of a drop from UK and Spain. However, I suppose in terms of BF, the most important figure is the UK-France drop - which was around 9% last year. I wonder how that figure is this year....
  4. There is also a lot of common sense involved. Before now they never knew the actual make of the car before it turned up at the port (I doubt somebody looked up the dimensions of each pre-enterred registration manually), or type, and I doubt they use that information yet anyway in terms of garage space. If you imagine Bretagne is rated up to 580 cars. If everyone booked a standard "car" space, regardless of height (as height often nowadays is proportional to the other dimensions of the vehicle) and they were all Range Rover Vogues; imagine the difference if they were all Smart Cars. That is an extreme example agreed, but in one scenario nobody would be able to get out of their vehicle and likely a dozen or so being left on shore, and in the other half of the ship would be empty...
  5. I think it is very regional. I heard that France (PARIS) was around 40% down for some airlines?!
  6. Wasn't it technical + medical emergency?
  7. Among other things, I always pick up bard of chocolate with raspberry pieces in, but I used to get the same with bits of Pear in... I have not seen these for some time now though in Brittany, only when I go to Spain. Has anyone else seen Pear chocolate lately?
  8. Happier times. I don't think they will do a 2017 remake somehow, after the Brexit vote:)
  9. When booking online, there is the option of a HIRE vehicle, so you are unsure what vehicle it is until you turn up at the port, and then the operator will do it on the day. Why not book it like that!
  10. BF charge £3. Previously £5. And only for Credit and non-UK debit cards. I think that is fair enough. Many people benefit from free travel insurance by using their credit card for example (something which BF no longer sell in the UK incidentally, probably due to lack of uptake).... I have heard some horror stories of companies in the past (Kuoni springs to mind) who charged an uncapped percentage, and on round the world trips or upmarket cruises and so on people paying £470 card fees. I feel that the people abusing the system should be brought into line, but I don't think you could include BF in that...Similar to the small corner shop who has to pay a fee to the credit company a fee of X pence, and then covers it by charging you X * 2 pence for example. I don't mind paying that, but a £1 charge for a £5 purchase sucks.
  11. Very interesting, Thanks Jonno. So I know that Plymouth can take about 205m, using their extended 'monopole' for a rope. So presumably 215m would be ok, as it would only require the use of the same pole, with a rope sticking her bow/stern out slightly more into the channel. I doubt anything new will ever come to Plymouth in the near future though!
  12. Very interesting point. Armorique kind of goes against the grain there though, because they deliberatly made the top deck (deck 5) low enough (about 1 meter lower) than Cotentin, so Arctics could not go up there.... various reasons have been suggested, but a skeptic may say so as to prevent her being stolen and used by a more freight-heavy BF port, with a double level linkspan. However, it is still what would be considered 'high space' at least for passenger vehicles. Very handy in the summer, when they shove a lot of small campers and so on up there when it is busy.
  13. Interesting - thanks Cabin-boy. Even so, that does seem a lot, its almost 40% more than the Irish ship. Am I correct in thinking the Irish sea is out of the zone which requires the lower emissions levels currently, but it will be inside of it within a few years?
  14. I understand your issue straightfeed yes, that does need to be looked at really doesn't it. I went off on a bit of a tangent because I have heard so many people complaining about the new service/pricing itself.... But I would imagine they perhaps have to feed back errors or 'near-the-mark' situations like yours to the supplier at regular intervals...
  15. I understand, but that does not explain the actual cost of the ship, regardless of what stakeholders or other help they are getting. the cost is 200M Euros then. Why, is the larger Irish Ferry, 56M Euros cheaper, from the same yard!?