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  1. And I will append my previous comment - proving the link between the infrastructure provider and the included destinations, THREE are also about to add the extremely popular mass-holiday destinations of Aland Islands, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin and San Marin! However, very fortunate for the few who will visit those place I would imagine, as data is probably about £300 a meg!
  2. Indeed it does. It includes some strange countries, partly because infrastructure ownership arrangements by the parent company in those countries. Norway is a very good one though. I was there for just 2 days recently and saved about £400 on would-be roaming charges. This will remain I imagine, regardless of the EU legislation changes. Companies like THREE can continue to bolster their profile by adding non-EU and exotic countries to their plans. USA and AUZ are already included, and they are about to add Singapore and Brazil. Good stuff!:)
  3. Make sure you turn OFF data roaming whilst onboard though!
  4. Yeah, I hope one of the first things the government do is to arrange a special quota for duty free lager, over and above current limit. That's how to win votes ;-)
  6. I would contact / e-mail BF directly. Probably the marketing department would be best. I know that their groups departments sometimes arrange special concessions for one-off events and such like.
  7. Spring lasts until June 20th does it not? I don't think they would have said so much in the press already, after Pegasis, if it was likely not to happen. Watch this space I guess. If it gets to June 21st, then we will know - and father fittingly the evenings will start to get darker again:/
  8. I think it's a good thing. Nothing they wouldn't do on aircraft, if it were more practical. Although, I do remember hearing somewhere that on some flights now there are one or two "undercover" security officers mixed amongst the passengers... Not sure too much more about that though.
  9. "Sea Marshalls"
  10. It seems to me that BF embraced Twitter whole heartily, but were always holding back with Facebook. At the end of the day, Twitter is probably a better platform to use but at the same time to convey messages and last-minute sailing information etc. Possibly it's hard to materialise people at BF towers to deal with a Facebook presence round the clock (which is what Twitter appears to be)... Maybe things have moved on now.
  11. All sounds a bit fishy to me. I'll have to cheque the facts.
  12. I am intrigued as to why someone would want to use a cheque these days! I am not the youngest sprog in the room, but I have never written a cheque as I have had a debit card since I was 16 at least.
  13. Thanks Wortley. Fair enough then... but I have not travelled with a ticket in seven years now. how strange!
  14. I find that very hard to beleive if it was recent times... It was probably because they know some people really WANT a ticket and worry without one.
  15. We have talked about this many times before. Paper tickets are most certainly not required. If you talk to any of the staff they actually dislike them. Booking reference on a piece of paper, phone, ipad, in your head, it doesn't matter. And if you ask them to print out a ticket for you at the check-in booth it takes a while for the printers to warm up. Best thing to do is not bother I find, unless you need it for directions to accommodations or any other important information which you do not have to hand.