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  1. "Dismal Ferries Dismal Service" ? ;-)
  2. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    No I understand, but just saying I was actually surprised by the size of BDS when I travelled on her. Looks like a big long swordfish when docked in Le Havre! Good job we don't only see things in two dimensions, else the person who owns the flat in the foreground has one MASSIVE juliet balcony ;-)
  3. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    Not really. Despite the angle of the shot, that is the stern, which is only two decks... it doesn't show the superstructure front of midships at all. BDS is quite a large ship in terms of dimensions, despite her relatively small gross tonnage
  4. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Hope the cleaners can cope ;-)
  5. The Summer peak season has just passed, and BF ships appeared very busy when I traveled a few times. I find it hard to believe they make a loss even if the exchange rate has been almost parity, I expect they hedge well in advance to preempt these trough periods. I bet they just hope that it will, inevitably, go back up at some point again and then they can start the cycle all over again... still, really quite a gamble considering what is at stake. I imagine the Brexit vote did not make the BF chiefs particularly chuffed...
  6. I wonder however, what that actual bottom line is here though for BF... for example, if they costed every single Cork - Roscoff, Roscoff - Cork sailing during the year to be at absolute maximum capacity, compared to the costs of keeping Ireland going.. i.e. Port taxes, port staff, cleaning, Terminal rent/ maintenance/ upkeep, I.T equipment, marketing, infrastructure (phone lines, utilities, banking etc), year-round staff and building in Cork centre. Don't get me wrong - I think that the Irish route / presence is great, but a lot of the overheads are 'already covered' as it were elsewhere..... I wonder if she would be more profitable doing extra Spain/France runs instead!?
  7. Etretat

    She has grown on me after the initial shock when BF chartered her. Serves her purpose. And every time I am on her I am shocked about her size/length specifically. She is longer than the Pont... and plenty of outside deck space up top to have a romp about!
  8. Armorique green bows

    As a Plymouth footy fan may say... "GREEN ARMorique, GREEN ARMorique" ! :-) Not the clearest shots, but you get the gist...
  9. That cabin looks 'sick'! I hope BF take at least a little inspiration from the likes of the Baltic ships (Viking Grace etc) and this rendering in their cabin design for Honfleur. I know BF clearly will clearly not have a pile of woodland style lofts, or jaccuzis in the cabin, but it would be nice to modernize a little... I find the cabins on pretty much all the current fleet rather bland and samey to be honest, in a way letting down the rest of the ship. Even the Pont Aven commodores are hardly stunning after 13 years!
  10. Armorique green bows

    The appearance of the green has been reasonably quick. Plenty of peak-season rust appearing but the green did seem to be almost over the space of a week... I suppose they have been building for a long time until visible. She needs her Winter rest! I will try to get a decent photo if I can... I was going to when I first noticed it.
  11. Yeah but what is with the picture? I would love to think that is deliberate, but genuinly knowing them I would say that is just a stock image of a "ship at Millbay"... they probably haven't got a clue. Talking of which, when was that taken? I don't recall FO being in, but it can't be long as the ago as the Marina is built...
  12. Bretagne - new miniature model

    This is a bit harsh; they are kinda cute. Definately got a character of their own! You can tell someone has really tried, and anyone who purchased one will still know it as the ship they love!
  13. This is classic and challenging question from the local rag in Plymouth today, in a quiz about how much of a Plymothian are you....!
  14. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Plymouth closes down - as has been discussed, this year more than ever. I am quite sure keeping the Barfleur running with minuscule numbers throughout the Winter is as much a political move more than anything...