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  1. I was not the advocate of this idea to begin with please don't forget. I just thought it was amusing when I heard it.
  2. Well, as I said to start then... we can agree on it being a very far fetched concept. Others may have different ideas and one day who knows what strange events may take place. Frankly I would like to know where it came from in the first place... I am speaking to the the person who told me again tomorrow (who is still very determined). He is not usually someone who would be considered a ship enthusiast but thought I should know all about it!! (The Americas Cup came to Millbay once don't forget so miracles can happen)
  3. I understand your point. But as we are actually discussing this topic - QM2 was custom built for the role. All has been said is that PA could potentially do it, as a one off. Don't forget that many much smaller ships can, have, and do make that crossing!
  4. The QM2 has a draft of 10m. PA is 7m. Not a lot of difference considering her being much smaller in other dimensions?
  5. That is a good point. I was wondering what else the car decks could be used from. But perfect, instead of being on foot and having to navigate your way to a car rental place in the 'Grand Pomme' and pay, you could just drive straight off and go upstate a little!
  6. I I agree, which is why I initially laughed. But technically it is viable. It could be a one off marketing gimic for a big anniversary, or the Mayflower celebrations for example, or the introduction of a new flagship? Who knows, but I agree, would not be a great regular occurance. Although, 42000 is not that small for a week onboard for example... Don't forget the "double mini-cruises" are already marketed by Wessex Continental (Plymouth - Santander - Portsmouth - Santander - Plymouth)!
  7. It is only for club members I beleive. Also, it is likely they would not know if you have used them for 20 years and are not a member, as I would imagine the system does not hold historic data like that in it unless there was another attribute, such as being a club member. If it did then it would be a very poor system from a design/efficiency point of view.
  8. They are very nice. If you don't mind a bit of vibration, the view of the wake is excellent, and the berths are side by side so it is like a larger cabin (4 berth on some other ships).
  9. Indeed. I have seen her fuel entirely internally from 3 arctic tankers when bunkering facilities have been out of use before...They literally travelled across with her.
  10. Amazing. That would be so good, one day, just do it once as a PR stunt. Would probably sell out!
  11. Thanks for that Ferry Man. That is very interesting. Also - one of her Spain rotations is Portsmouth - Santander, so that is another few hundred also!
  12. On an slightly more serious note - I would be interested to see if PA could do a full transatlantic crossing on one tank of fuel. If she was topped up to the bring with a light load and at an economic rate. I seem to remember her fueling about once a week doing her usual rotation, which must be getting there in terms of distance - . 2 x UK - Spain and back, Ireland and back, France and back,..
  13. Seeing the subject has been broached, I wonder what the actual range of the Pont is on a full tank?
  14. A friend phoned up earlier and said to me "I hear they are expanding the port in Plymouth?" I said "Really? I don't know... Why?" He informed me "Yeah, Brittany Ferries are starting up a route to the USA in 2020, probably New York!" I laughed. He genuinely couldn't understand why, or see any problems with the duration, cost, vessel or potential market. It did make me chuckle, but he is convinced. However, so the point is, if anyone has any inside information or plans on this genius idea - please let me know:)
  15. LOL - yes, just about thanks Fine Whine! Very good to see you guys as ever My dad and the golf contingency are departing tonight!