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  1. IoMSP Arrow

    South Quay today PM from Baiter.
  2. Deo Volente arriving in Poole

    The Lib is still there, it's just out of the picture. Just hoping that there will be a P H B open evening next month may learn what could happen when South Quay opens for business.
  3. Deo Volente arriving in Poole

    Deo Volente leaving Poole on Monday 9th Oct.
  4. Deo Volente arriving in Poole

    Yes it looks short,it could be the angle i took the photo.Think the view attached may show a different perspective.
  5. Deo Volente arriving in Poole

    Photos of South Quay from the Barfleur 2nd Oct.
  6. General Discussions on Brexit

    To start i voted out.The reason some of the counties of Europe seen to have short memories,no names.When the EU started to talk money the amount seems to rise every time the subject is brought up. Now in my opinion this is the opinion of a person of 80 years im now not talking in money but lives would it not be an idea to invite the leaders of certain European Countries to come to London in November and stand to attention at the Cenotaph,the British have already paid the price not once but twice.
  7. 592c69b9b6b90_DSCN6940(1).JPG

    Barfleur approaching Old Harry.
  8. Poole Harbour Developmement

    South Quay in the making.
  9. 58f4bffd04462_DSCN6412(1).JPG

    25 Years of the Barfleur.4/4/2017.
  10. DSCN6412.JPG

  11. DSCN5733.JPG

  12. DSCN5732.JPG

  13. DSCN5727.JPG

    Barfleur in Poole harbour.