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  1. General Discussions on Brexit

    To start i voted out.The reason some of the counties of Europe seen to have short memories,no names.When the EU started to talk money the amount seems to rise every time the subject is brought up. Now in my opinion this is the opinion of a person of 80 years im now not talking in money but lives would it not be an idea to invite the leaders of certain European Countries to come to London in November and stand to attention at the Cenotaph,the British have already paid the price not once but twice.
  2. 592c69b9b6b90_DSCN6940(1).JPG

    Barfleur approaching Old Harry.
  3. Poole Harbour Developmement

    South Quay in the making.
  4. 58f4bffd04462_DSCN6412(1).JPG

    25 Years of the Barfleur.4/4/2017.
  5. DSCN6412.JPG

  6. DSCN5733.JPG

  7. DSCN5732.JPG

  8. DSCN5727.JPG

    Barfleur in Poole harbour.
  9. Image Upload Problems

    Thanks Jim,seems i know even less about computers than i do ferries.Sorry Jin
  10. Image Upload Problems

    Thanks for getting the gallery up and running again,did miss it cause I know very little about ferries,but liked the photography bit. Now to the point, Sunday morning I uploaded a few photos to the gallery and the upload was successful,then later in the morning went to upload some more and the site was not available.Checking again Sunday Evening the site was available, but unable to find the photos I uploaded,was this caused by the site shut down or am looking in the wrong place?
  11. 58bbdf8b0a62c-DSCN5148(1).JPG

    Barfleur in Cherbourg having being worked on.Avery windy day and being held in place.
  12. DSCN5045.JPG

  13. 58bbde18590b1-DSCN5039(1).JPG