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  1. Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    The W Class had web cams at the Shipyard. Have there been any for the G Class.
  2. HOVERTRAVEL: New Hovercraft

    All 3 on Ryde slipway last Thursday with old ones running the service. Are they still having issues with others?
  3. New cowes floating bridge

    longer prows with a 12inch bar that its the slipway would help like the car ferries that level it out.
  4. Red Jet 7 - Red Funnel orders another Fastcat

    That's why back in 1990 capacity was 142 x 4 = 568 per 2 hours 2018 will be 175+150+100+60= 485. So Red funnel could offer more sailings as 15% reduction in Wightlink offerings at peak times. If Red Funnel get new terminals will they change or just stick to hourly. Seem to have spent a lot on upgrading fleet comfort and want to invest in terminals but not capacity.
  5. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    Looking forward to Normandie on the Le Havre run now its been confirmed by BF when new build arrives.
  6. Red Jet 7 - Red Funnel orders another Fastcat

    Have to say its about time the car manufacturers started being responsible not only in size but power. Why do drivers need a car that does 0-60 in 3 seconds. We don't race them, we drive them on crowded roads with people who have cars much less powerful but we are all suppose to do max 70mph so why such powerful irresponsible cars.
  7. Red Jet 7 - Red Funnel orders another Fastcat

    But still meano that room for Red Funnel expansion as more people not getting time or day theyou want with Wightlink.
  8. Red Jet 7 - Red Funnel orders another Fastcat

    No more than about 10 years ago as all vessels downgraded capacity wise by quite a lot.
  9. Red Jet 7 - Red Funnel orders another Fastcat

    I am surprised that they have not increased Car Ferry capacity. With Lymington offering less of a service than in the past and Wightlink suffering delays all the time I thought Red Funnel may want to offer better than hourly. In the 1970s they had 5 vessels for cars.
  10. Wightlink New Linkspans

    Well you may be right re red funnel, as yet again late and yet again excuse "technical problem". Would you travel with a company that has almost daily "technical problems". They need to say something a little more detailed as last years excuse was always "operational difficulties". Just like when the trains were late it was always because of a late running previous service. No one ever got to find out the original trains delay.
  11. Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Flippin eck. another royal named vessel to follow carrier. She looks more like a hovercraft side on. If its a G class then Grand Victoria or Vicky G.
  12. Wightlink New Linkspans

    No, they are sending 50 cars up for Clare and said they would then send about 10 others for next vessel. If they do not get on then they will be dropped back down again. Personally I think they should carry on using that outside area, maybe 2 lanes nearest the wall or as the lane to the terminal. Then they can have 2 lanes coming off the ferry that can continue onto main road before amalgamating into 1. The lane remaining outside can be the road to fish market and A Bar Bistro. They have "minor delays" on web but over an hour now. Wight Sun has for some reason come off 2 round trips earlier than timetable. Maybe no traffic and because they are running late take her off as all her traffic has gone on the late 1800 and 2000.
  13. Wightlink New Linkspans

    Well the new link spans do not seem to have helped Wightlinks timing issues on a busy day. They are an hour late today. "mechanical problem". Seems to be a few of those lately. The new top linkspans have very high ramps when not in use and they are awfully slow at coming down. Do they really need to go up that high after use as the other vessels are not going to hit them.
  14. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Hooray, not sure what happened to my account midweek but this reply box was dark and would not accept text and trying to contact was exactly the same issue. Depends on exact date but sounds a good trip.
  15. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Hoping she will be held until Victorious and so loads of people will see her.