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  1. Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Clare, VoW and a W will be less capacity than 15 years ago, they must be saving up for another new one or they will have to keep one of the St class. Personally keep 2, spend a bit of money on them by raising the cash when you sell a W class that is not required or suited.
  2. Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Is it Costa Shop or machines? Thought they were ditching Costa as a lot of people are. They also applied for a premises licence for it so wonder if a bar is there? Hope they not skimped after paying out £45m. They use to have a bar when the Gunwharf terminal first opened.
  3. Hayling Ferry running out of cash!

    Things like this either have to be subsidised by taxpayer or put out their misery. Are Hayling residents prepared to pay more tax to keep it?
  4. Wightlink car ferries

    Well the reason for the cancellation is that Wightlink do not have enough crews to run the timetable and bring ships to and from refit plus the follow up trials. When the new Vessel arrives, what happens to Wight Sun as Lymington does not need 3 vessels?
  5. Wightlink car ferries

    Looks like Wightlink have cocked up with dates on certificates as tomorrow they are cancelling the 3rd vessel as they have to carry out annual safety checks with St Faith still away.
  6. Wightlink car ferries

    I cannot locate St Faith now. AIS must have been turned off.
  7. Wightlink car ferries

    So what I am getting at is why 2 locations?
  8. Wightlink car ferries

    So she has been to Hythe and now Dockyard? Do Solent refit do inside only?
  9. Wightlink car ferries

    What is at Hythe?
  10. Wightlink car ferries

    Notice St Faith was at Hythe for a while and now is in Portsmouth Dockyard. Is this a annual refit with something else as don't normally do 2 places?
  11. Fire in engine room- Wightlink

    She is finally back. Was on Hulk in Portsmouth Harbour last time I looked. Have they modified Wight Sun or will she now stay in Lymington and Wight Sky Portsmouth.
  12. CI Inter-Island Service

  13. Fire in engine room- Wightlink

    Oh I was looking at Falmouth and Cherbourg. Closer to home then cheers.
  14. Fire in engine room- Wightlink

    Where has Wight Sky gone for repairs.
  15. CI Inter-Island Service

    Just dont let Condor near it! The railways are full of insest, we don't need it here.