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  1. Stupid thing the other day. St Clare was 35 minutes late. St Cecelia was at hulk as she came off at 1220 and due back on 1310. St Faith was on time and due in 1340 for 1400. Well instead of putting St Cecelia back on at 1250 and the crew for St Clare going on her so she could leave as 1300,, they waiting for St Clare to arrive 1310. She left 1335 and St Faith then had to wait as St Cecelia was brought in and left 1400. St faith left 1430. So all 30 minutes late when they could have switched 2 vessels and switched them back later in the evening and all sailing would have been on time.
  2. Don't book yourself on the odd hour or odd half hour from Portsmouth and opposite from Island then you will not get St Clare unless major disruption. You will get Faith or Cecelia.
  3. Charge on width as this is also what reduces capacity on older vessels as cars being built American size for British Roads etc. Range Rovers need to be paying double they are huge. Too many couples buying large cars just for status. A lot of pensions are for height but could do with smaller MPVs as they are a nightmare with the bigger ones.
  4. Irving Brewers & Co have a new beer coming out for the occasion as all their beers are named after Naval Ships or other things in Portsmouth. Regular 5 that an be found around Portsmouth and Hampshire:- Frigate Pale Ale 3.8%abv Type 42 Best Bitter 4.2%abv Admiral Stout 4.3%abv Invincible Premium Bitter 4.6%abv Iron Duke IPA 5.3%abv Current Special Spinnaker Summer Ale 4.5%abv
  5. Well I wasn't impressed with IOMSPC the only time I used them. Sounds big ideas not backed up with cash. Cannot see them being able to keep Ben my Chree as well. Sell her to Condor ferries for Portsmouth-CI and then maybe Commodore Goodwill can go from Poole to St Malo or rival Portsmouth St Malo as competition against BF.
  6. Maybe a different Port would make sense as looking back from Portsmouth daily sailings were in 90's early noughties: 2 x fast cats P&O x 2 trips 3 Le Havre 3 Cherbourg 3 Caen 1 Bilbao 1 St Malo 2 Ch Islands Now we have: 1 Le Havre 1 or 2 Cherbourg 2 Ch Islands 3 Caen 1 St Malo 1 Bilbao/Santander So quite a few less sailings so overkill before.
  7. but then barriers at top of wightlinks linkspans, necessary? You may as well say if someone drives down there if there were no barriers when no vessel in they should not be on the road as plenty of time to realise nothing at the end. In this instance, sudden loss of control would be more of a risk. Driver has a sudden "episode" that ends up with the car in the drink.
  8. Looks like this tug is the old Carol James Butcher Boat tug.
  9. Bit dodgy if a car loses control and goes through railings as they are not fixed. Plenty of left over unprotected linkspan.
  10. Hythe Ferry could bye her. :-)
  11. Well they are up at PIP again this week for 3 days. The new terminal layout is coming on a treat although a little chaotic for busy times especially when lots of freight and coaches as they have to park outside in Gunwharf Road and last Friday they ran out of space on the road. Parking in and around Gunwharf Road and Old Portsmouth I have heard is to be reduced to 1 hour free from the current 2, KA permit holders exempt. People have complained they cannot park near their house as everyone using Gunwharf Quays parks there to avoid the high car park charges. t
  12. Blimey. hardly enough time to drain the dock and refill it. Did they just look at her and say "she floats" and sent her back with am invoice?
  13. Is this really the old floating bridge or is it Wightlinks new ferry as part of their 45m investment?
  14. Old one still in Gosport.....we can hope for a return of a vehicle floating bridge as the charge would be about the same for a car as the current Gosport Ferry charge.
  15. Be nice for a ship company to take it on and not another pension fund.