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  1. General Discussions on Brexit

    Well as an SNP supporter we are both in the same boat then. But just to lay my cards on the table, I really don`t give a toss whether we get a deal or we don`t. I just want it sorted, one way or the other,quickly..
  2. General Discussions on Brexit

    Big Picture Guys, big picture ..He can only deal so far.Sadly it appears, that the EU themselves want a political and not necessarily a business settlement. However, what we are seeing at the moment is the cut and thrust of the debate, with neither side completely showing their hand and it would be unreasonable to at this stage in the proceedings. To play it all out in the full glare of public scrutiny is just not how it works. Have patience and see where these events take us. All we have so far are statements from both sides, which tells us nothing. Courage Mon Brave
  3. General Discussions on Brexit

    Those days are behind her now Neil. Even she knows she can`t continue as she did. I agree she is talentless and simply doesn`t understand people. Davis on the other hand does, having come from a single parent family on a Council estate in South London. That`s why he made his statement on the health care for ex pats and rightly so. She dare not interfere like she did, because even she understands( and that took a botched election to do it) that her premiership is limited and she`ll be thrown over the side at the appropriate time. Good riddence as well.
  4. Bretagne - benches to sleep overnight

    and that`s just on the day crossings
  5. Bretagne - benches to sleep overnight

    Was on the Bretagne last month but don`t recall seeing any `bench` type seating. In fact I wouldnt think any of the casual seating would be suitable for `kipping on`..I would suggest a reclining seat might be a lot better, or have a word with BF reservations. Someone on here recently found that they do a berth in a shared cabin(albeit this was on the Spanish run) at a very reasonable cost and ended up being the only occupant .
  6. NORMANDIE mini cruise

    Nice report, Giloine and merci and a Happy 40th Birthday to you..Nice to know that things are still good on the Normandie , she has many fans on here. Getting to the Bridge, in this day and age was a big achievement, but also shows that Brittany Ferries Officers are able still to make their own judgements without danger to security. Gives hope to many other travellers. Oh, by the way, your English is far better than my French
  7. Red Jet 7 - Red Funnel orders another Fastcat

    Oh dear, must have struck that one a bit close to home..Lets just say after 30 years as a Policeman, including time as a Traffic Cop, I stand by every word. Oh yes and so do most of my past and present colleagues
  8. Red Jet 7 - Red Funnel orders another Fastcat

    Because there are too many posers with too much money..
  9. I very much doubt that they were
  10. P & O fares 2018

    P & O have released their fares and sailings today on all routes for 2018, for those interested in the routes they cover.
  11. Noise Deck 7 MSM

    If anyone wants a preview of what the shuttle is like here is the DIY version you can experience at home: Open the garage door and switch on the garage internal lights. Drive the car in nose first. Close the garage door and get back into your car. Sit there idly doing nothing, it is unlikely the car radio will work, so have some entertainment with you. After 35 mins. Get out and open the garage door and drive your car back outside.. You have just experienced the Shuttle.....On the other hand you can leisurely sail with the `Robber Barons`, have your first experience of the French atmosphere and culture, not to mention their wonderful Seafood Buffets, knowing that you are in the hands of a well trained crew that are more than able to load and sail and navigate your chosen vessel.... Priceless and for everything else there is the EuroTunnel
  12. Oops..bet that`s going to cause some problems especially at this time of the year. With only 2 vessels there`s no immediate plan B..Just hope repairs can be completed quickly. I have little doubt that the available airline seats will suddenly rocket in price, which is what normally happens.
  13. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    The webcams were the best I could manage this morning. The one on HMS Warrior was trained on the carrier directly and a great viewpoint to see her come alongside for the first time, together with some of the many accompanying tugs.Wonderful sight to see. Envious of those able to make it `in the flesh` as it were
  14. Upgrading from reserved seat to cabin

    Good result and one angle not many were aware of when travelling..Have a great holiday
  15. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Glad to see this idiot has been reported to the police for investigation. However, in the days when the likes of Raymond Lygo were in charge of Aircraft Carriers this piece of dangerous tomfoolery would have quickly been thrown over the side