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  1. Noise Deck 7 MSM

    If anyone wants a preview of what the shuttle is like here is the DIY version you can experience at home: Open the garage door and switch on the garage internal lights. Drive the car in nose first. Close the garage door and get back into your car. Sit there idly doing nothing, it is unlikely the car radio will work, so have some entertainment with you. After 35 mins. Get out and open the garage door and drive your car back outside.. You have just experienced the Shuttle.....On the other hand you can leisurely sail with the `Robber Barons`, have your first experience of the French atmosphere and culture, not to mention their wonderful Seafood Buffets, knowing that you are in the hands of a well trained crew that are more than able to load and sail and navigate your chosen vessel.... Priceless and for everything else there is the EuroTunnel
  2. Oops..bet that`s going to cause some problems especially at this time of the year. With only 2 vessels there`s no immediate plan B..Just hope repairs can be completed quickly. I have little doubt that the available airline seats will suddenly rocket in price, which is what normally happens.
  3. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    The webcams were the best I could manage this morning. The one on HMS Warrior was trained on the carrier directly and a great viewpoint to see her come alongside for the first time, together with some of the many accompanying tugs.Wonderful sight to see. Envious of those able to make it `in the flesh` as it were
  4. Upgrading from reserved seat to cabin

    Good result and one angle not many were aware of when travelling..Have a great holiday
  5. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Glad to see this idiot has been reported to the police for investigation. However, in the days when the likes of Raymond Lygo were in charge of Aircraft Carriers this piece of dangerous tomfoolery would have quickly been thrown over the side
  6. Ferry companies and airlines

    ` Easyjet inside the cockpit` ..certainly not viewing for the feint hearted or nervous flyer..is on ITV tonight at 9pm ....now if the Ferry Companies can`t pick up some business after that, they really need to examine themselves.. Told that the Tristar was an excellent machine to fly. My son is an RAF ground engineer and went all over the world in one. He spoke very highly of them, although not too enamoured of the seating and the fact that the RAF ripped out the cinema system when they bought them, I think from Pan Am.
  7. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Now if he had managed to get something that size going for himself it would have made Roman Abramovich`s yacht look like a lifeboat!!..once saw it dock in Gibraltar and it needed tug assistance just to get alongside ...sorry to go off course
  8. Ferry companies and airlines

    Totally agree, especially the French ambiance on board as well..re the aircraft on landing bit, they simply have to. The firm landing is the designed way for the spoilers (the flaps built on top of the wings) to activate. These are also speed brakes and slow the jet down. The best time to get a `greaser` as they call it is when the aircraft is at the end of a long flight and is much lighter having burnt a lot of the fuel off. Oh yes, and you don`t get good restaurants on Boeings and Airbuses either. The lunch buffet on the Bretagne last month was outstanding for instance..We are on a pre booked jolly from Stansted next month and frankly dreading the whole experience.
  9. Wightlink New Linkspans

    Wouldn't it just be easier to use Red Funnel??
  10. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    Ok thanks for clearing that up but is the Libby still running on just 2 engines?
  11. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    Either way I would`nt want to be on it with that kind of swell running
  12. Passport Chaos Ahead?

    Our experience a few weeks ago into and out of St Malo was very quick. Cursory glance of the passports inbound (literally from Deck4 of the Bretagne to the open road was 6 mins). Inbound, the car interior was checked by the Gendarmes as was our passports and through to the forward holding area. In fact much more stringent checks of our passports on return to Portsmouth. With regard to the airports, I simply don`t buy this ballyhoo...This sort of delay occurs every year at places with high holidaymaker arrivals. Palma handles more aircraft and pax at peak times than most other places in the Med. Ditto Barcelona, Malaga and Faro all of which have featured on the media front pages. Funnily enough there doesnt seem to be such problems at the smaller airports. True, due to security worries, more care is being taken with arrivals than before. Shengen is an excuse imo. Go by sea.....you know it makes sense
  13. Sandbanks Haven webcam

    Thanks for that, just got a very good close up of the Barfleur passing Sandbanks on its way to Cherbourg..Really good quality cam as well
  14. Photos by Clive Eardley

    Yes many thanks, welcome and great photos
  15. Either way, its no big deal, or not to most of us. Still a small deposit and plenty time to save up for the rest. Whats not to like????