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  1. A Few Changes...

    Super job. Well done indeed. A really good looking site... a credit to you.
  2. Many thanks for such wonderful photographs effonine. Superb.
  3. The new world

    Perhaps this topic could be moved from Brittany Ferries forums to General discussions.
  4. The new world

    Oh... goodness me.. is there a moderator in the house ?
  5. Brexit may raise BF fares

    I am bitterly disappointed by the leave campaign. The remain campaign talk about how workers rights are protected within the EU, any idea what the french workers think about their rights being protected when they compete with a country without a minimum wage... that being Germany. Anyway, lets just hope that whatever the outcome the Brits accept it get on with it.
  6. SAILING UPDATES: 2016 Latest News

    Sailing updates ?:rolleyes:
  7. HAPPY from BF

    Re: HAPPY from BF Many thanks for posting that BAI4, it has made my day, good to see some people I know
  8. First time on Plymouth - Roscoff

    Re: First time on Plymouth - Roscoff Definately worth it. Have a wander around the paths and enjoy the tranquility and wonderful views. Nice to get away from cars for a while.The Jardin Exotique Georges Delaselle is worth a vist. The 10 minutes or so ferry trip from the old harbour in Roscoff can be a little bouncy at times but well worth it. Do it ! We are lucky enough to live nearby and love the Ile de Batz. If you manage to stop a night on the Ile experience the wonderful sense of calm after the last ferry, usually 8 pm, returns the days visitors to Roscoff.