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  1. French CRIT'Air Certificate

    In addition to the above : The code de la route is very clear. In the absence of a signalisation e.g. The above signs or a stop or cédez le passage you must assume that the give way to the right regime applies. This also the case when traffic lights are defective (flashing Amber) unless the yellow square is affixed to the traffic lights.
  2. French CRIT'Air Certificate

    Like a lot of rules in France, the common approach would be a gallic shrug and common sense... However, in the event of a pile up on the motorway and if the police can demonstrate that you were exceeding the reasonable speed by quite a margin you would be at fault and your insurance may not cover you. It happened to one of my friends who shunted a car on a dual carriage way. Somehow the gendarmes managed to prove that his speed was not suitable for the driving conditions. "Le conducteur doit rester maitre de son vehicule en toutes circonstances" i.e. the driver must remain in control of the vehicule in all circumstances would be the argument of the police forces. Speed enforcement will be privatised in the next couple of years. I can really imagine overzealous speed checks becoming the norm.
  3. French CRIT'Air Certificate

    A 10kph reduction also applies to dual carriage ways i.e. from 110 down to 100. Another little known speed limit for fog: 50kph if the visibility is less than 50 metres on all roads including motorways.
  4. Does early boarding exist in St Malo?

    Was on this sailing too. On the last two occasions boarding for cars was later than advertised. I think next time we will check-in at 6pm.
  5. Is it Worth It?

    The minibar is a fridge which usually contains cans of coke and perrier and bottles of mineral water.
  6. Pre-order Breakfast

    Was on last night crossing to Portsmouth on Normandie. A card advertising the pre-order breakfast was issued along with garage door location card.
  7. Poole Bridge

    Was only giving my opinion on the article. First of all, Interserve is being monitored like many other companies supplying services for government contracts. Secondly, mentioning two different matters in the same article i.e. the project delays and the collapse of carillion is not good journalism in my opinion.
  8. Poole Bridge

    I don't think it is fair to amalgate Interserve's name with the current's situation at Carillion. Furthermore, it is also unfair to mention a contractor in particular on this project when the reasons behind the project delays can be numerous (partly listed in the article) and sometimes with shared responsibilities.
  9. Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    You beat me to it Chris! In case a ferry would be stuck to the berth, they can always divert to Brest or even St-malo.
  10. Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Would a ferry like the GNV La Superba be suitable? She was mentioned as available for charter in another thread last year. This route has the advantage of being outside the SECA and could therefore be operated by a wider range of ships.
  11. Cabins for Passengers with Restricted Mobility

    Just scrolled through this surreal thread... BF have done their maths, the under occupancy vs the cabin numbers vs the vehicle capacity would only be an issue for a few crossings each year as the maximum pax numbers on overnighters is much lower than the max capacity of each ships. For instance I have been told PA would not normally carry more than 2000 pax on an overnight crossing (against 2400 pax maximum). I am 36 and fit but I suffer from sleeping disorders which include sleep walking. Sleeping in the upper bunk can be nerve wracking... So when larger cabins are available we book one even though it's only me and my 9 year old child. Guilty as charged. I booked on several occasions the odd deluxe or commodore just for myself!
  12. I really like the Club Plus cabins but they are unfortunately very often sold out.
  13. Favourite French films

    Professor T is indeed very good.
  14. SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    According to the on-board screens she's doing 25knt. That's impressive. She is rolling gently. I've always found PA being a fairly good sea keeper at full (design) speed and remarkably vibration free. I know a few people may object but... My findings are based on regular crossings in all sorts of weather.