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  1. French Speed Limit Changes

    I will hazard a guess : Audi Quattro or SUV drivers? Was in Brecon on Sunday am and overtaken on treacherous roads by idiots in SUVs with no winter equipment. One of them lost the control of his car and hit a curb hardly a few miles further. Couldn't stop smiling when I saw his front wheel sheared off the axle. My car is fitted with winter tyres and I installed snow socks but was still struggling even with them.
  2. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Off topic but I thought I needed to clarify some oversimplified statements on french affairs. As a french native who knows not enough on British politics, I refrain from commenting on these matters. Nobody is going to be laid off. The reduction is going to be achieved by not replacing staff when they take retirement or not renewing temporary staff. Furthermore, all these measures were clearly outlined in his manifesto and he got elected and has received a comfortable overall majority in parliament. The last rounds of union demonstrations have lost a lot of momemtum. Even the SNCF workers have not been massively on strike since the summer. Work law reforms have been adopted.
  3. St Malo Dockers’ Strike

    Ed, the CHSCT is not the equivalent of the HSE but a committee of made of employees and executives in each company employing more than 50 staff. Its purpose is to discuss health and safety and working conditions within the company. One of the compulsory members is a "Médecin du travail" ie a GP for occupational health. There is no direct equivalent of the HSE in France. This role would be typically fulfilled by the Inspecteur du Travail and/or the prefect.
  4. Butter shortage

    Can't blame the EU for everything that goes wrong... There's no shortage of milk but of cream. Over the last decades and in most european countries there has been a shift to cattle breeds such as Prim'Holsteins which are producing a lot of (poor quality IMHO) low fat high protein milk. So the amount of cream available for butter making has diminished and the demand for butter has dramatically risen. French breeds such as Normande or Pie Noire Bretonne produce far less milk than a Prim'holstein or a frisian but their milk has much higher fat content hence the butter making tradition in Brittany and Normandy.
  5. Toll Road Petrol

    It is true for some itinaries. I use this web site https://www.autoroute-eco.fr/
  6. Baie de Seine Seakeeping

    My experience of BDS is only on Portsmouth - Le Havre but I can say that she compares well with the other members of the fleet. I travelled on her a week ago, the sea was fairly agitated and I watched the pilot ship bouncing up and down in the swell while BDS was very stable as we left Le Havre. On the plus points, you should get a double bed in your economie plus cabin. The standard cabins are comfy too with wider berths than on other ships. I would recommend taking a few books to help pass the time as there is very little to do on this ship.
  7. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    The LNG tankers are powered by... LNG, most of the time, using the boiled off gas from the tanks. Furthermore some of LNG in continental Europe is produced by liquefying natural gas transported by pipeline from Russia and other places.
  8. Transat Jacques Verde Race

    on BDS tonight. I hope the port will be easily accessible. It is the Jacques Vabre race, not Verde
  9. The Cabs

    Well spotted. i was about to post about this plant from the Volvo Trucks group. A couple of my fellow students from Polytechnique Nantes are welding engineers in this plant. One of the most important plants in the group.
  10. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    The less sophisticated or smaller hydrojet tend to have a bucket shaped deflector which is positioned in the output jet to reverse. http://www.castoldijet.it/en/waterjet_en/15638_en.html Brings back memories of when I worked as a fisherman in the bay of St Brieuc. One of the amphibious barges I worked on had a jet which didn't have a clutch so the neutral was achieved by setting the bucket in its mid position to divide the flow equally between forward and reverse. I also remember being told that the hydrojet were better than propellers in shallow waters for high powered vessels notably because it offers a much reduced draught. The hydrojet are also less vulnerable to entanglement (nets, ropes) than a propeller and rudder arrangement.
  11. BF Refits 2017-18

    Thankfully BDS is still scheduled for the 5&6th of November. I am booked on Sunday's 5/11 overnight to Portsmouth. Looking forward to sail on BDS again. We were initially allocated a cabin on deck 6 but got it changed to a deck 8 cabins to avoid being waken up by car alarms...
  12. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    Planned a long week end with some friends in Guernsey for mid-march. All of us can't afford to be delayed or stranded there on the Monday so we will fly from and to Bristol instead. Pricing was not even considered. On this occasion flights were reasonably priced and available. If Liberation would have been the only option then we wouldn't have bothered with Guernsey and would have gone somewhere else. I guess many people face the same dilemma. I feel that the all Liberation situation is hindering tourism in the Channel Islands. From an engineering point of view the failure of all 3 buckets is strange. Could they been all damaged during when reversing the ship into the one of the berths too hard?
  13. Breakfast in Roscoff

    The cafe in the terminal is fine. The choice of food would be restricted to croissants and pain au chocolat though.
  14. Club Plus Armorique

    spot on Andy. I also noticed the tapered wall. Does anyone know who uses the cabine Armateur? When available I book a Club Plus cabin. I find these cabins very comfy and it's convenient to have the breakfast served in the cabin when you are rushing to get children ready before disembarkation.
  15. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    I will ask my parents to take a picture of PA off St Quay Portrieux. That's if they fancy going out...