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  1. St Nazaire to Gijon

    I don't know anything -- but I have a gut feeling that it isn't going to happen. But I'll be happy to be wrong!
  2. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    I expect the authorities are bit depressed at the shortness of memories/lack of knowledge of some ferry travellers. Am I the only one who now remembers the Herald of Free Enterprise? I thought the need to get the load lined up so it could be stowed according to the weight of each vehicle was emphasised by this disaster. In this way the ship could be kept in trim. Booking order has nothing to do with it. Of course there were various other things wrong as well such as proceeding to sea with the bow doors open but it was found P&O (actually Townsend Thoresen -- they'd just been taken over) had no idea as to the weight of the load and consequently how it should be distributed.
  3. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    Are the loadmasters and traffic marshals actually aware of who booked first or last or who arrived for embarkation first or last? I rather think not. Certainly Bretagne was found not to be much good for day trips because of this Deck 5. As far as I am aware she's not been back to Poole-Cherbourg!
  4. Ramsgate & Polferries?

    I don't know about a Polish port via the Kiel Canal but maybe Polferries have ideas about instituting their own service to a port this side of Jutland e.g. a German port like Bremerhaven or Cuxhaven. I've always thought Ramsgate could do well to somewhere much further east than Dunkerque.
  5. Maybe it's the latest thinking on the configuration of a bow of a drive thru roro ship best able to deal with the heavy seas to be expected between Ireland and France. Maybe IF are planning to use this as yet unnamed ferry more between Ireland and France.
  6. St Nazaire to Gijon

    I think the attitude towards LD Lines on the part of many observers of the scene has been conditioned by their performance on the English Channel where bad luck was compounded by a lack of constancy. As regards Gijon-Montoir I would reiterate that LD's erstwhile partners, Grimaldi, declined to get involved because they "just didn't see it!" Maybe Balearia are beginning not to see it as well. I hope not but we shall just have to see. While Portsmouth ferryport I'm sure is a wonderful place its trailer parking space and vehicle marshalling space generally is not unlimited and it's difficult to see how it can be substantially increased. Thus MN Pelican being at Poole, I would guess. Maybe BF should have investigated Southampton but then Stena Line and Channel Freight Ferries failed to thrive. So Poole may be the only feasible alternative. But this thread is about Gijon-Montoir not possible spin-offs from it. As Gijon-Montoir may never happen presumably the spin-offs won't either.
  7. St Nazaire to Gijon

  8. While this is being discussed in another thread in this Forum and it seems to have gone quiet on this front anyway you can't totally rule out the possibility that Balearia as part of reviving the Gijon-Montoir service could go on to Rosslare -- like LD Lines. Whether this is likely to happen I couldn't say but, if it did, it presumably would be more competition for existing operators in this area.
  9. Etretat

    Are you sure about this? I recall reading abp My device is playing up again or is it the software somewhere regurgitating stuff I thought had posted! I can't recall the vessel LD started with but certainly the idea of a Superfast for Ports-Le Havre came later. It looks as if Le Havre have lengthened the berth by the addition of the white painted cylindrical piles seen in the photo. Pity they couldn't have done this for LD whose subsequent history might have been different had they done so. Certainly DFDS chartered the now Oslofjord and I seem to recall she was called Duchess of Scandinavia with them. What defeated LD was the charter situation which was a question of charters and sub-charters. The original owners were prepared to charter to LD but the sub-charterers in between were not I seem to remember.
  10. Etretat

    Are you sure about this? I recall reading about it in "Lloyd's List" and the issue was the length of the Superfast and the Le Havre port authority's refusal to modify the berth. I believe the vessel they had in mind later became SeaFrance Moliere. LD hoped to combine it with a smaller ship believing this to be the ideal combination. This ferry is now Fjord Line's Oslofjord, massively rebuilt, and on Sandefjord-Stromstad but before that at one stage was on Harwich-Cuxhaven for DFDS. Unfortunately there were legal complications over this ship's charter status and so wasn't available. This is why I suggest LD weren't very lucky to start with.
  11. Etretat

    This very good photo illustrates rather well Le Havre's ferry berth. I believe LD Lines wanted to use a Superfast at the start on their service to Portsmouth but this berth needed lengthening to take the ship which the Le Havre port authority declined to do for fear boat access to the pilot base would be obstructed. I believe this is in the centre of the picture. Thus LD had to abandon the idea. I don't know if the berth has since been lengthened with further cylindrical piles but a Visentini is almost 20m shorter than a Superfast.
  12. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Did you not think of switching to Poole-Cherbourg if you wanted to get to Cherbourg? I take it the conventional ferry will be operating as normal. Unfortunately this service is doing about as well as the local Premiership soccer team, I.e. not very well! But the HSC service seems do well in season. The latest traffic results in "Shippaxinfo" for the month of July this year show NEx conveyed 44,000 pax. This compares with 25,653 between Poole and Cherbourg, 55,730 between Plymouth and Roscoff, 44,536 between Ports and St Malo, 18,346 between Ports and Le Havre and 112,946 between Ports and Caen. Further 59,329 pax travelled between Newhaven and Dieppe so this route is far from dead. I haven't given any more statistics because this thread is about Sailing Updates but they broadly suggest a trend to me that in the event of cancellations at Ports travellers will switch to other services from that port rather than go Poole-Cherbourg or even go Newhaven-Dieppe.
  13. St Nazaire to Gijon

    The September 2017 issue of "Shippaxinfo" arrived today. There is some mention of Gijon-Montoir. It does suggest one of the difficulties of resuming this service is that apparently Gijon is a very expensive port to use. Thus something must be done about this. It further suggests Balearia lacks suitable ships but speculates this operator won't be committing any ferries to this service until the first of the LNG Visentinis is delivered next year. Another problem Balearia has is that the LaNaval shipyard in Bilbao which is building a 56,000 grt LNG superferry for them with an option for a second is in financial difficulty and Balearia as a customer is expected to help out. It seems to me astonishing that interests in Gijon should campaign for the resumption of the ferry service to Montoir when they know, or ought to know, that harbour dues at their port are exorbitant and uncompetitive.
  14. Isn't there a philosophical angle here? BF was set up to link the "Celtic Fringe" and the operator's official name in France is BAI, "Bretagne, Angleterre, Irelande". I suppose Pont Aven's once a week Roscoff-Cork rotation in summer is designed to maintain the idea that this concept still applies notwithstanding BF's now far greater commitment to the middle English Channel and to Spain. Thus it's a moot point whether they would abandon entirely all Irish connections.
  15. Going back further in time am I the only one who now remembers TT Line and Mary Poppins? In 1975 they wanted to institute a service between Southampton and St Malo but this was opposed at both ends, by the interests behind BF in St Malo and by the dockers' unions in Southampton. In St Malo the French Govt was prepared to draft in units of the riot police, the CRS, to ensure Mary Poppins could dock. In Southampton the dockers prevented her berthing but nothing was done and consequently TT Line gave up. So much for the principle of "Open Ports". The following year the Southampton dockers realised they'd been doing BF's dirty work for them when BF opened their Portsmouth-St Malo service, which utilised the new and rival facilities at Portsmouth. Demonstrations against it by the Southampton dockers outside the Portsmouth ferry terminal were to no avail and Southampton's descent into oblivion as an international ferry port, in my view, started at this point. I believe the problem at Brest is that while the port has a linkspan it has no shore side ferry facilities. Thus when Brest has stood in for Roscoff all embarkation and disembarkation formalities have to take place in the open air by the side of the road into/out of the port. It seems official permission is required to install the necessary facilities and this has not been forthcoming.