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  1. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I did say my account of a truck being left behind at Cork was anecdotal! I don't doubt much of the vehicular space on PA was taken up with tourist traffic. But this wouldn't have helped the truck driver, would it? What was he to do now, head for Rosslare it was thought? I am intrigued by how one should regard LD's Rosslare-Montoir-Gijon service, as one route or two. I have always thought of it as the latter. For example would a hypothetical Cork-Roscoff-Santander service be one route or two? Would any Ireland-France-Spain through service be a good idea anyway? Thus BF are very likely right to favour the direct connection they are about to establish.
  2. Poole Harbour Developmement

    Prompted by a discussion elsewhere in these Forums I take it South Quay is now finished or substantially so as it is due to be formally opened next Tuesday, the 23rd. This also the day of the PHC Open Meeting.
  3. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    This may be anecdotal but the last time I was at Ringaskiddy PA had to leave a truck behind! What's the betting that if a service between Ireland and Spain exists the business will head for it. Personally I would have thought Rosslare-St Nazaire(Montoir) was worth considering -- but they are not existing BF ports as are Cork and Santander where BF presumably has organisations able to handle this new additional service.
  4. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I'm not sure the business model had anything to do with it. It was more a case of avoiding pitching up at Bilbao in the early hours, I thought. Maybe the port was closed anyway. I'm sure BF will be keen to avoid a 2330hrs arrival time at either Cork or Santander as was the case on a Saturday at Portsmouth with Acciona Trasmediterranea and Fortuny.
  5. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Yes, indeed I have! I passed through in 1974 after an appalling crossing on Pen-Ar-Bed from Plymouth and on a number of times since after very much more agreeable crossings. There was nothing there in 1974 -- unlike now. I entirely agree it's very difficult to see where a second berth at Roscoff could be built. I could have mentioned Roscoff's second berth may well have to be at Brest but declined to do so because I didn't want to go off topic and anyway the subject is being discussed elsewhere in these Forums.
  6. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Sounds to me as if Roscoff ought now to be thinking in terms of a second roro berth. I believe P&O's Pride of Bilbao also took longer than necessary on the southbound leg in order to avoid an arrival in Bilbao in the early hours of the morning.
  7. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I agree it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. It will be interesting to see how the weather affects it. The course the ferry will shape takes the vessel well out into the Bay of Biscay with no opportunities to take shelter anywhere that I can see. Thus we'll just have to see how often sailings are cancelled because of adverse weather conditions. Having experienced a very rough crossing on PA where the ship was eight hours late back into Plymouth the captain having taken the vessel off course to sail much closer than usual to the French coast in the hope of avoiding the worst of the weather I always hesitate about recommending the Bay of Biscay!
  8. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    It seems to me BF are moving quickly in the hope of firmly establishing themselves in the market place against any potential competition. Maybe Balearia should have moved more quickly themselves if they are serious about reviving Gijon-Montoir and maybe more of LD Lines Atlantic Arc routes. Montoir-Rosslare was said to be picking up business when it was axed. Thus the prospects for Cork-Santander would seem to be good. But maybe Balearia have designs on a service to the UK. They have these two LNG Visentinis on order and I've seen it suggested the two older ones they have available could be converted to burn LNG. Do they they have plans to operate into the Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA)? Should they do so one might guess Balearia will prove more of a challenge to BF than LD ever did. One wonders why Norman Asturias has been selected for this new service bearing in mind she is already chartered out. I suppose Stena RoRo must be making a replacement vessel available. But it is curious when she has operated regularly to Spain before.
  9. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I'm not sure it's wise to discount any possibility at this stage. Of course we are all waiting for something to happen on the Balearia front but that may well be not for some time yet -- if at all. But maybe BF have their suspicions and are considering their options. With Brexit looming Ireland-Europe services which by-pass the UK have an obvious appeal and not only to BF I would guess. As with so many of these projects one tends to imagine they will be happening next week! But very probably not! I'd guess a lot will turn on what competitors do. If they move quickly I'd guess BF will redeploy their existing fleet quickly in response. If no competition emerges, who can say?
  10. Brest instead of Roscoff?

    However I distinctly remember reading BF were most surprised to learn some 3,000 pax had crossed from Roscoff to Plymouth presumably during the course of one season for the specific purpose of catching a ferry to Spain. I rather think the CF Roscoff calls were originally just for the purpose of effecting crew changes because otherwise the vessel never called at a French port and it was/is BF's policy that crew members join/leave their ship in a French port and then BF discovered -- to their surprise -- that there was a worthwhile demand for a Roscoff-Spain service. I could speculate that this crossing to get to Spain predates the introduction of CF but seemingly BF were unaware of it. I suppose if CF called at Roscoff on the northbound leg they could convey pax to Roscoff on this leg as well. I believe it's a purely commercial decision.
  11. Brest instead of Roscoff?

    If my memory be right BF decided to allow embarkation for Spain at Roscoff on discovering some 3,000 pax had during the course of one season crossed from Roscoff to Plymouth specifically to join a ferry to Spain. I believe they found this statistic very surprising..
  12. New cruise Ferry Line to New York ?

    There is some debate amongst historians as to who won the War of 1812. The Americans, of course, insist they did but as one of their war aims may have been to take over Canada and in this they did not succeed it seems we did. Maybe the US thought it had unfinished business. The issue which prompted the 1812 War was the RN interfering with US trade as part of its continental blockade of Napoleonic Europe, something the Americans greatly resented. Incredibly this was still a lively issue more than a century later when the RN was still at it only this time as part of its blockade of the Kaiser's Germany. Maybe the US Navy believed it had to prepare for a naval war against GB in defence of US trade. I don't know if the US was planning to invade Canada. It has always been an aim of US policy to bring the whole of the North American continent under US control, Canada, thus far, being the big exception.
  13. New cruise Ferry Line to New York ?

    It always seems to be me who points this out but Portsmouth ferry port is not capable of being infinitely expanded. Would there be the capacity for a further major operation? I doubt it. It's no secret BF's trailer service to Spain is based at Poole because there's no room for it at Portsmouth. Will having to base such a service as is proposed here elsewhere than Portsmouth have any effect on its commercial viability? But maybe the promoters of such a scheme will have to think of somewhere else in any event.
  14. Cabins for Passengers with Restricted Mobility

    I suppose an advantage of an overnight cabin, or even a day cabin, is privacy for a few hours. However the fact that the vast majority of cross Channel travellers choose to go without this luxury and sail on services of approx no more than two hours duration or through a tunnel obviously suggests many regard this as totally unnecessary. Indeed travellers' preference for such services has prompted BF's CEO to say that in comparison with the Dover Straits the operations of his outfit are essentially peripheral. One might say that those keen to spend a night on a ship are in fact a small segment of the cross Channel market and may well not include many with restricted mobility.
  15. Cabins for Passengers with Restricted Mobility

    I suspect many cross Channel travellers simply wouldn't entertain the idea of an overnight crossing but instead head for the Tunnel or the Dover Ferries where such issues as in this thread just don't arise.