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  1. I think you need to study the "Shippaxinfo" figures month by month which would suggest Etretat is sailing with a full load of freight. In any other situation an operator would be seeking to build on this and expand the operation. But I doubt if BF will. A similar difficulty exists at Poole where the trailer service to Bilbao has attracted an important new customer in the shape of MacAndrews. It may be remembered this outfit ran their own trailer service from Southampton to Bilbao years ago. I seem to remember Goya was the vessel involved. They now have returned to offering a door-to-door trailer service under the Macpac brand. Should BF think of closing the service what would be the betting Macpac would take it over? Should Etretat take over from MN Pelican would pax, cars, caravans etc be conveyed as well? BF know a Visentini would work at Poole since it was Etretat as Norman Voyager which carried put the berthing trials for LD's Norman Asturias.
  2. This situation exemplifies the difficulties of BF's position. Not "covering" a route could invite in competition yet covering it could take away business from an existing service. Traffic results from "Shippaxinfo" (as "Shippax CFI" now calls itself) indicate Ports-Le Havre does well especially in relation to freight. Maybe BF wish this wasn't so. Thus reducing freight capacity could be a solution. Only the emergence of serious competition could make things awkward and this doesn't seem likely in the short to medium term.
  3. Surprising! Barfleur always had the reputation of being a good seaboat.
  4. Maybe there are concerns that at 185m MSM2 will be too long for Ouistreham. I would hazard a guess the budget will be affected if there are to be serious departures from the original Irish Ferries design.
  5. As far as Le Havre is concerned I think you'll find much of the extensive damage was caused when the Allies fought their way in in the summer of 1944. It wasn't just bombing alone, I think you'll find, either by the Germans in 1940 or by us subsequently.
  6. Actually the facilities inside Poole's pax ferry terminal are very good -- comfortable and quite capacious. It's just that the building is reminiscent of Croydon Airport before 1928 when a permanent building came into being (which still stands I believe. It's an office block now and a listed building). This could, of course, appeal to some! I'm not sure about Astoria being that small. She can accommodate 550 pax which means if fully booked there could be something like that number in the terminal building. I think Poole's terminal could manage. As far as ferry use is concerned the problem with Poole's terminal building is that it's too far from the car lanes which rather rules out its use by motorised pax.
  7. I see "Radio Times" is offering a "cruise sale" on Astoria, I.e. two for the price of one sort of thing. Two of the cruises offered at the end of August and early September next year are from Poole, the rest are from Portsmouth. Perhaps the less ambitious cruises are from Poole. I suppose the operator wants to see how it goes before going overboard! I don't know about any other cruiseship calls booked in. While Poole has all the necessary facilities I don't know how the cruisers will react to the temporary nature of the building in which they are housed, especially when compared with Portsmouth's airport terminal type building. Maybe PHC will have to start thinking about a new facility both for the cruiseships and the ferries.
  8. At the risk of going off topic this linkspan depicted in these images is the one rebuilt by Ravestein, I.e. Berth 3, is it not? It will be interesting to see what they do with Berth 4 next door.
  9. Thanks for this. I remain of opinion that the aim is to make RoRo2 more versatile and able to take a wider range of ships than a comparatively small vessel like Condor Lib. This HSC can also use RoRo3 at Poole. Indeed the first time I saw her that was where she was. But maybe we're going off topic and further discussion should be in the South Quay thread.
  10. I tried to correct my previous post unsuccessfully. I think the vessel I mention was sf Panther used by P&O Southern Ferries. Nf Panther was a different vessel used by P&O on their erstwhile Dover-Boulogne service.
  11. I thought Hoverspeed Great Britain took the Blue Riband of the Atlantic when she crossed a few years ago now. She was the very first wave piercing catamaran type car carrying HSC to appear in UK waters I think you'll find. I doubt if a Transatlantic car ferry service would be commercially viable. It's too easy to fly and rent a car there these days. I thought the limited size of ships able to access San Sebastian-Donostia ruled the port out as a ferry port for the UK. Nf Panther was found to be too small for the Bay of Biscay.
  12. Thanks for this. I am mildly surprised to learn of it. Could it be that PHC as part of the South Quay development are modifying RoRo 2 to take a wider range of ferries than just HSC like Condor Lib?
  13. I don't see Facebook so what new fendering is this? Poole already has the two Yokohama fenders which are used as occasion demands.
  14. To get back on topic the advantage of NEx to BF is that it allows them to operate a service from Ports to Cherbourg without taking too much business away from their primary route of Ports-Ouistreham thereby, hopefully, discouraging the emergence of competition. This policy of "covering" routes I'd guess is a rather more important feature of BF's overall business strategy than some seem to realise.
  15. Don't know where the previous post has come from. Thought it was one I'd lost, but it remains valid. I hope work is on schedule with South Quay as I believe there are number of cruise ship calls at Poole set for 2018, including some cruises starting and finishing at Poole.