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  1. PHC Open Evening

    Don't know why my post has been repeated!
  2. PHC Open Evening

  3. PHC Open Evening

    Maybe I was being a bit too cryptic. The meeting is dominated by yotties and boaters and sometimes would appear to be an occasion for the officers of PHC to explain their commercial policy to them. Indeed they may well succeed here as the leisure users of the Harbour seem to be well aware that the excellent facilities they enjoy are paid for by the earnings of the commercial docks. However interest in the ferries from the floor is noticeably lacking and not many questions on this topic get asked at "question time". Further the PHC website does indicate that space in the hall (which is the ferry passenger terminal) is not unlimited and perhaps PHC would prefer attendees in the main to be people with a direct involvement in Harbour activities such as yachting and boating rather than just ferry enthusiasts or ship enthusiasts generally. Presumably next Jan PHC will be reporting on the continuing success of MN Pelican and what the prospects are for South Quay. I have heard they haven't got the number of cruiseship calls they were hoping for. Obviously if an enthusiast goes he/she can inquire about it. But I would repeat in general it would seem such matters are not the primary interest of most of the attendees. Personally I wish there was more interest and those attending might learn something about how BF see the future for Poole-Cherbourg, especially next time when the guest speaker is scheduled to be BF's UK MD.
  4. PHC Open Evening

    This is happening two months later than usual at the end of January next year. The guest speaker is BF's UK MD. Go to www.phc.co.uk for further details. However it may be intended for relatively local people with an interest in Poole Harbour rather than ferry enthusiasts from further afield.
  5. BF Refits 2017-18

    How's Barfleur doing? She's still going I take it. Could she be picking up a bit of extra business with all these other ships off service? Her month off is not due until Feb next year, I thought.
  6. Seaborne Freight to reopen Ramsgate/Ostende?

    .......but remembering the British Iberian Line fiasco at Poole one perhaps should wait until one of their ships actually appears on the route before being too optimistic about it all!!
  7. Seaborne Freight to reopen Ramsgate/Ostende?

    Thanks for this. I thought I'd seen the story in a magazine. As the onetime SeaFrance Nord Pas-de-Calais is evidently immediately available one must assume this venture is "on". It seems those who will be managing her have had prior experience with her previous operators. One wonders what vessels will be brought in to run with her. I believe Ramsgate-Ostend's previous operator, Trans-Europa Ferries, was popular with east European truckers but then it was Slovenian owned and Croatian crewed. I wonder if this new operation will have the same appeal. It doesn't appear to be particularly east European. What sort of carpax element they may offer will also be interesting to see.
  8. Seaborne Freight to reopen Ramsgate/Ostende?

    I've seen it suggested somewhere -- I can't currently find where -- that the onetime Nord Pas-de-Calais is one of the three vessels likely to be involved in this revived service. At the moment I believe she is operating in the Western Mediterranean.
  9. Ships nicknames

    "Cocoa Tin" certainly reminds people that the name is COTENTIN and not CONTENTIN! There are just two "Ns" and they are not in the first syllable! I can't think of a nickname which would remind people that the port is named LE HAVRE and not LE HARVE. I believe it's French for "The Harbour".
  10. Ships nicknames

    This rather tends to support the point I made in my previous post that the use of nicknames like Tat, or "Tatty" even, represent rather poor publicity for the route. Most travellers I fear will take the name literally.
  11. Ships nicknames

    I doubt if BF will appreciate Etretat being referred to as "Tat" as it is unlikely she will be leaving their fleet anytime soon. The CEO indicated in his "ShippaxInfo" interview that either she or Normandie will be required to plug the gap left by the departure of BdS and the arrival of E-Flexer 3. I suppose both could be used in turn as occasion demands. It seems there is no chance of extending the charter of BdS as DFDS want their ship back. Thus enthusiasts perhaps should think of some other nickname for Etretat than Tat, e.g. "E"!
  12. Ships nicknames

    Some nicknames like "Tat" for Etretat could be unfortunate carrying with it, as it does, the implication that she's rubbish when it seems almost certain either she or Normandie will have to stop the gap between the departure of BdS and the arrival of E-Flexer III! However it may be the case that it is only on this website Etretat is so known.
  13. Ships nicknames

    Ships have always had nicknames. In past centuries it was because the uneducated ordinary sailormen couldn't get their tongues round the rather erudite names some ships had, e.g. HMS Bellerophon which took Napoleon into final exile on St Helena was known as the "Billy Ruffian" apparently. However I do have to say I'm not sure about some of the nicknames bestowed on current vessels, though some seem to be designed to convey affection rather than because they are difficult to pronouce. A modern example of the latter has been Cotentin, a rather difficult French proper noun. It seems the first of this name was known to the Poole dockworkers as the "Cocoa Tin!"
  14. Le Havre / Rosslare / Roscoff route ?

    There have been Le Havre- Ireland services in the past. The problem is that LH is one and half hours further on from Cherbourg. This means an extra three hours on a round trip. It seems Cherbourg is as far east as ferry operators want to go. It is otherwise with roro freight services.
  15. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    I seem to recall hearing that the configuration of Barfleur's main vehicle deck wouldn't permit the stowage of the the number of freight vehicles they were hoping to convey. The reason for this was the vessel was more streamlined than the more boxy shape characteristic of roro ships. Hence the modest lengthening to give the intake they were hoping for.