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  1. HOVERTRAVEL: New Hovercraft

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-41788041 So both craft have been fitted with new propellers, and should both be back in service soon... Fingers crossed!
  2. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    I have never managed to find any cheap flights, and if I do, they are never at suitable times. And if you add up the hours spent at the airport, It probably isn;t much quicker by plane then it is by the fast ferry
  3. Certainly would make for some interesting times if they did...
  4. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    Is there a reason that the NEx couldn't cover just for the half term?
  5. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    Ouch - not the best of time for this to happen! How often are routine dives performed?
  6. Webcam - Portsmouth Harbour Entrance

    There's two US Warships currently docked in Portsmouth
  7. Deo Volente arriving in Poole

    Draught marks only go up as far as the load line which is just above where the red hull paint changes to blue, so don't think she does. If you look at Mighty Servant, they go all the way to the anchor: http://m3.i.pbase.com/g1/98/696298/2/118286373.koOYOPmg.jpg
  8. BF Refits 2017-18

    No refit for Normandie this year?
  9. FoNE reporting that she will be called the W. B. Yeats
  10. Pont Aven

    She probably could make up the thirty minutes though, if she puts her skates on - looking at AIS she is pushing over 20 knots, fast fer her
  11. Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    https://www.facebook.com/wightlink/photos/pcb.10155550277031832/10155550276166832/?type=3&theater Wightlink have posted a few pics on facebook of the Victoria of Wight (I assume this link will work...)
  12. Queen Mary

    She is a very impressove ship, reallyt enjoyed stayng on her. She is currently in the process of being repainted, with a lovely patch of fresh paint in the middle portside. Not entirely sure what they are doing to the funnel, possibly repainting. Had a look - they are indeed replica funnels: http://www.sterling.rmplc.co.uk/history/ripout.html
  13. Queen Mary

  14. 30 minutes Safety Procedure

    As in the passenger lift?
  15. HOVERTRAVEL: New Hovercraft

    It does seem to be a fairly consistent run of old craft on the route - I wonder how much is done to the fact that its the busy summer period, so the older craft can cope better with the higher pax count...