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  1. They probably wont use that as the new Irish Navy ship [2014 was name Le Samuel Beckett ...
  2. Was this not due in part to the Pont Aven being out of service for several rotations in that year. Missed sailings have an affect on passenger numbers and confidence on forward bookings on the Irish routes as there are limited alternatives. Stena Horizon has been out of service since last Sunday with technical difficulties and I know passengers who were left stranded in Cherbourg swear they will never use Stena again because of the lack of consideration/information given to them
  3. The route has to be very profitable based on the loadings certainly in the summer - maybe with Brexit it might become more important to them . Certainly this year there were more French & RoI cars on the Pont Aven with only a few NI cars. The exchange rate since the Brexit announcement has become less favourable & Uk visitors to Ireland generally are down 6 % .
  4. I think Chris has highlighted the inadequacy of the BF single sailing a week from Ireland. It suits BF's scheduling for the rest of the week but does not suit the Irish Customer that wants to spend more than 5 nights in France. Travelling on the Pont Aven you regularily come in contact with passengers that have used IF for the other leg of the journey so that they can extend the length of their stay in France beyond 5 nights. Usually they have travelled on the OW and comparisons are generally favourable but if now they have a brand new ferry operating out of Dublin then they might be tempted to use it both ways. Dublin is also more convienent to our Friend in Northern Ireland so they could be easily tempted away from BF in Cork unless they improve thier offering
  5. Disappointed Pont Aven

    Those surveys have been on the go for several years- they do say if you have specific complaints to contact Customer services and detail you complaints. I have had issues with pet handling on The Pont Aven from Cork for the last 2 years and have written to Customer services each time . I get a reply eventually but it is always very defensive . On the July crossing again this year we had problems but I have come to the conclusion that there is no point complaining as i think that they view it that passengers with animals is at most 40 and are not significant in the overall scheme of things..
  6. It does not surprise me - on the Pont Aven fine notices have appeared warning dog owners not to stray into passenger areas or cabins with the fine being £400 . However as there is little or no supervision from BF staff and no assistance in returning dogs from the kennels to the cars what do they expect. I saw dogs being exercised on the helipad and brought through the passenger areas to reach the car decks because they could not use the lift from deck 9. Bf need to be consistant in their dog handling procedures & then maybe dog owners will be more responsible in their behaviour but a lot of this is borne out of frustration and if a new passenger not knowing what is expected from them. PS I don't think I could spirit a 10 month old GSD down to the cabins or through the passenger areas I think someone would notice !!
  7. Did that exercise for a crossing in July 14th 2018 returning 27th July Cork Roscoff on Pont Aven 2 passengers large dog ,Suv, with roof load €1282 euro deposit €320.50 Same dates roughly 13th July 28th July Portsmouth Santander on Cap Finistere £1133 [ Euro Equivalent €1269] deposit £40 We are definitely not doing well comparison wise but in peak periods [certainly this year ] the Pont Aven is fully booked up in July & August so they don'y have to compete aggrssively with Stena & IF
  8. On the Irish Route [Cork Roscoff ] they take 25 % of the booking cost so £40 would seem very small in comparison ....
  9. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Did they get good value for money from FSG ? Irish Ferries new ferrry Honfleur Price €144 million €200 million Gross tonnage 50,000 42,200 Lane metres 2,800 2600 Trucks 165 64 Cars 300 550 Passenger/crew 1885 1680 Cabins 435 257 Speed 22.5 knots 22 knots
  10. General Discussions on Brexit

    Agreed In Northern Ireland they have to sort out a new power sharing agreement or direct rule from Westminster will be imposed The DUP have enough trouble trying to do that with Sinn Fein looking over their shoulder. They don't want a hard border between the North & The south - yet as we saw last week with one of the London bombers finding a back door into Britain via Ireland . the UK will want strict border controls so the Conservative view & the DUP view are not compatible . it is a total mess ...
  11. BF and Brexit - What will happen?

    Maybe they are preparing already - travelled with them last week & the exchange rate had improved from an abysmal 0.77p last year to 0.83 p to the Euro. the onboard shop seemed to be much busier as a result whereas last year you could hear people complaining & not buying. They might be looking to the French,Irish & Spanish to travel more & spend more to offset the effects of Brexit with their UK customers
  12. Pets

    They could let them on the PONT AVEN & let them chew through those scrubbers & let everything back to the way it was for pet owners !!
  13. Pets

    It can be particularily useful if the overflow kennels are not in use otherwise it can get a bit crowded ! on our trip last week a shorebased member of BF staff advised us that they may have to restrict the number of dogs they carry on the Pont as the exercise area following the scrubber installation is inadequate & they are getting complaints. Certainly the number of warning notices that suddenly appeared on our return trip [dogs not allowed in cabins,public areas & outside exercise are] it would suggest clients are not adhering to the rules & with the lack of crew supervision I am not surprised [see previous post]
  14. Pets

    Travelled out on the Pont Aven 29/04/2017 & back on 05/05/2017 Cork Roscoff The information provided at boarding [ in printed form] on this route states there will be no early transfer from Kennel to car deck on the early Sunday morning arrival but will be 90 minutes before docking on the Roscoff Cork leg. Now the reality: Outward Leg 17 dogs 6 with no muzzle - helpful staff explaining the location of Kennels,exercise area. When asked the staff did not know if there would be an early transfer in the morning. Sunday arrival . No early call , No staff member present. Dog owners left to bring the dogs down when ship docked.. Many owners were on the PA for the first time and were bewildered as to what to do. Return Leg: 7 Dogs Disinterested staff member took details on car deck and pointed owners to the lift up to deck 9 Saturday morning arrival : No early call. No staff member present . Chaos in trying to get the animals down to the car decks because the lift was being used by non pet owners & when it got up Deck 9 several times was full so pets could not get into it. We were parked on Deck 3 and as such were under pressure to get the dog down & then go back to the cabin to collect other luggage. Proved very difficult as the stairwell was block by Passengers for Deck 4 who were no allowed on to that car deck yet. i have travelled on the PONT AVEN many times but other customers who were on it for the first time were very upset and as a result will look for alternatives in the future. Brittany ferries need to be consistant in what they do and follow their own stated procedures [including use of Muzzles] as it makes the transfer of animals more stressful than it needs to be . As an aside a shorebased member of staff told us that because of the exercise area on the PONT AVEN following scrubber installation being so small that they would have to consider restricting the number of pets carried so they must be receiving complaints particularily on the Long UK to Spainroute