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  1. You are joking, someone lose their job? Only if they have pay off.
  2. Which side is the lounge? The sun will be portside in the morning and portside coming back in the evening.
  3. That makes me a re-leaver, voted remain but not with any conviction, so now I take the attitude get on with it. Can I say don't go by the comments you see on facebook etc, according to the posts I get on my feed there's no way the Conservatives will win but the opinion polls tell us different, It looks as if the people posting and sharing most online are left leaning.
  4. Looks like they have major problems with cars scrapping when coming off, someone got the design wrong.
  5. The superstition about Rabbits is not just a French thing, Fishermen and sailors in Cornwall don't like them, don't know about other areas.
  6. The same has happened on the King Harry ferry on the Fal, the last time I think the driver it the accelerator by mistake, but the free standing fencing and cones wouldn't stop a car in these cases.
  7. So the Euro is needed for a unified Europe but two thirds are not fit to be in it. Besides all of this who voted for a unified Europe or a country called Europe which is what it would be?
  8. I'm not an IT expert but if you have that much running in the background that needs disabling perhaps you need to look at what is running. I think this all comes from the unlimited packages that people have, no one has to think about usage, if you want to open or view something you just do it. When travelling all I want is to check e-mails, check a few websites such as BFE and Facebook, no viewing videos etc.
  9. Khaines, you say "The EU can evolve for the better and change" that's the problem, the majority don't see it doing that. When ever there's a problem the answer is to centralise things even more, if Cameron had pushed them a bit more on this he could have won but what he came back with amounted to nothing and people voted accordingly.
  10. Roscoff is 9/10 months, Cherbourg is 12 months, plus does that include Nex? Will concede the freight but I think all agree Poole is more freight orientated.
  11. She headed SW for the first part and turned when about SSE of Falmouth for Roscoff.
  12. Turned back now, passing the Needles.
  13. That's what I have been doing, but on some threads it's a star not a dot.
  14. The BDS leaves on Saturday, so the crew would be there before the ship. I think more the question is why go from Bilbao to Santander?
  15. Didn't expect a reply that quick Jim, you must on top of this at all hours, well done.