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  1. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Baie de Seine is going back to DFDS. I wonder if Bretagne could be used on this route, outside of the emissions zone, when PA is moved from the Spanish route.
  2. That's the Internet Neil, sometimes things come over sharper than you would say them face to face, the thing is on here we're all friends.
  3. Neil I think you missed the point of what Trev said, the cabin was free you paid £5 for the window, whatever size cabin you have. I didn't realise you could get a 4 berth free when only 2 people, handy to know.
  4. New cruise Ferry Line to New York ?

    It would be good for us yes but how many would really use it? You say about freight but why would you transport a truck all the way across when you can just lift a container off the back on to ship and then put it on a lorry the other end and would you have a driver doing nothing for 4 or 5 days? Can you imagine all the American motorhomes coming here and getting stuck on our roads.
  5. You're right Hawser, they would rather drive possibly hundreds of miles extra instead.
  6. Must say well done Ed you've created a discussion on a wet miserable day here.
  7. It is a supplement, perhaps self imposed, to get the extra comfort.
  8. As you say it's the price, it's up to us if we want to pay for a 4 berth instead of a 2 berth, which works out at more per head.
  9. Ed you don't seem to realise you pay a supplement for under occupancy, a 4 berth costs the same whether 1, 2, 3 or 4 occupants. Look at some of the deals BF offer they quote a price for 4 people sharing and then it is more per head if less people travel.
  10. Ed I am a fairly fit 60 year old and I'm starting to find it hard climbing out of the top bunk, it is normally climbing out that's harder. The cabins are sold as 4 berth or large 2 berth.
  11. Pont Aven 4 berth cabins

    As Manxscorpio said we have also tried various cabins, 2 berth for France and 4 berth for Spain, when you are more liable to be lazing in the cabin. The best night I ever had on the PA was right forward on deck 8, it was flat calm not recommended in bad weather, but very quiet and no vibration.
  12. Pont Aven 4 berth cabins

    We had an inside cabin once going to Spain, had noisy school party either side of us, stuck to outside since then.
  13. Security, what is your opinion.

    Probably easier for BF to take them back and not have the risk of fines for bringing them in.
  14. What would it take for BF to restart the cruises? Presumably the first thing would be complete agreement from the crews that they are happy to work the holiday period, as we saw before without that it's a non starter. There does appear to be a market.