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  1. Now come on Ed, that's common sense, Governments and vested interest would never let it happen. It's one thing that makes BF stand out, ships registered where they operate and French crew.
  2. This was covered in June (Topic merged by mod into original thread.)
  3. The PA appears to have taken the normal route, inside Ushant and then joining and crossing the main shipping lanes further up the channel.
  4. But would they be welcome in French ports? Even if they are allowed in could the unions make life difficult if they see French seamen threatened.
  5. She very often stays close to the French coast and sometimes goes through the Channel Isles rather than going straight out to mid channel, it can depend on tides and weather.
  6. I had thought that, when we took the car we'd be on quick but nearly last off.
  7. Does anyone have experience of early boarding with a motorhome on the Thursday Pont Aven sailing from Plymouth? On the booking it says not available for over 5 metre vehicles, just wondered if anyone has boarded early.
  8. Which brings it back to your original question, stick with BDS or go for something faster but are there that many ferries that are that fast around? With one rotation to Plymouth most normal speed ferries could do 3 trips. In rough figures I think Cap and PA cruise at 23/24 knots and most ferries at about 20 knots, which on a trip to Spain makes quite a difference. Bretagne used to take 24hr from Plymouth to Santander and then PA could do Portsmouth in 24hr with her extra speed.
  9. This comes back to the old chestnut of running from Plymouth or Portsmouth, if one trip was done to Plymouth it would save enough time to do the extra trip. Of course the PA only does 2 trips to Spain because of doing Cork at the weekend.
  10. Throw out the Sat Nav and learn to navigate yourself. Here in Cornwall you keep seeing signs ignore Sat Nav.
  11. I don't think they really thought about drivers when they changed the arrival to 4.15, who wants to be put in a city at the start of rush hour? As Wortley said it's easier to head west, skirting around the city centre instead of driving right through it. Having said this we can get to our daughters in 10 minutes, she lives on the hill overlooking Marsh Mills roundabout.
  12. To me she is THE WIFE, no other wife matters. She says she's the Supreme Wife!
  13. As Durham Lad said the packet soups are much better than ours, I always load up with Knorr Minestrone, completely different to what we get at home. Rose D'Anjou wine for me and Breton Doux Cidre for the wife plus what ever she finds in the Kitchen section, as Shefford said they seem to have different things to what we get.
  14. Did you take the wrong road? It's dual carriageway from the M5 to Plymouth.
  15. You are joking, someone lose their job? Only if they have pay off.