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  1. Didn't IF originally want to operate from Brest but the authorities, either EU or French would not back a new linkspan when there was already one at Roscoff under used. Sorry if I got that wrong but I think I've seen that on here in the past.
  2. What has this got to do with this thread, Honfleur or E-Flexer won't be turning up in Plymouth either, should ABP be panicking as well?
  3. St Nazaire to Gijon

    Plus you would have a trip around Land's End and up the Bristol channel, instead of just going into one of the south coast ports.
  4. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    When comparing BF ships with Dover ships remember at Dover they don't have cabins, so that equates to an extra deck for vehicles.
  5. St Nazaire to Gijon

    Yes Gareth the main channel is very deep but the channel to the docks is only 5 metres at low tide. Most charts show it as dredged to 40ft in the forties but there's been no dredging since the sixties. Perhaps we should get back on topic.
  6. St Nazaire to Gijon

    HT the problem for cruise ships is the big ones can't get into Falmouth, the main channel needs dredging or the whole port will die as far as big ships are concerned. This has been an ongoing argument for years, Portsmouth needs dredging "No problem" Falmouth the environmentalists are out "You can't do that there's a rare seaweed" forgetting that it has been dredged in the past and recovered.
  7. St Nazaire to Gijon

    You mention Falmouth HT but there are no facilities. For years people have said Falmouth should have a ferry service but once BF started using Plymouth it was never going to happen, as a lot of trade would have to come from outside of Cornwall, why drive 60 ml past Plymouth to catch a ferry?
  8. St Nazaire to Gijon

    Because it's those from Poole that do most of the speculating.
  9. Double Booked!

    Looking at her past track on AIS she was on berth 3 over night.
  10. Onorato buying St Peter Line isn't the same as starting from scratch in a new area, to compete with BF would need very deep pockets there's no ready made route to just take over. Starting from scratch would entail all the start up costs plus getting Freight to commit possibly upsetting BF in the process.
  11. Now come on Ed, that's common sense, Governments and vested interest would never let it happen. It's one thing that makes BF stand out, ships registered where they operate and French crew.
  12. This was covered in June (Topic merged by mod into original thread.)
  13. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    The PA appears to have taken the normal route, inside Ushant and then joining and crossing the main shipping lanes further up the channel.
  14. But would they be welcome in French ports? Even if they are allowed in could the unions make life difficult if they see French seamen threatened.
  15. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    She very often stays close to the French coast and sometimes goes through the Channel Isles rather than going straight out to mid channel, it can depend on tides and weather.