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  1. Poole Bridge

    They only opened the ones by the Sandbanks Ferry (Poole side) aftee public outcry. And then they still might close them. Nowhere on the Quay except locked ones only for use by people who own boats in the marina I presume, apart from those tucked away round the corner only open at weekends. They closed the Quay ones up by the bridge, which is a pain as I used to avail myself of those, but they were often disgusting because if it wasn’t vandals pouring cement down them, it was people uptipping bins and the contents were often all over the place. They closed the bus station ones, the ones up in the High Street near the multistorey car park. Wetherspoons is the best bet on the Quay, the train station, Sainsburys or the Dolphin Centre. The coffee chains as well. Otherwise you probably have to be a paying customer to use independant cafe ones. Subway at the bus station changes the code on a keypad daily and the code is printed on receipts. The toilet situation in Poole is really bad. I know where to look being a local but not a good thing for tourists and people who do do not know the town.
  2. Condor Ferries - Website

    Heard they are going to put the timetables up this week.
  3. Poole Bridge

    Correction to mylast post as left it too late to edit, it is arounf 05.45 I catch a bus from home. I would say the amount of people inconvenienced by this probably would be served by a more intensive timetable. I think there should have been an hourly shuttle bus that picks up near the Quay and drops people off near the other side instead of a re-routed bus. Especially, after the first two reschedules for the work to be finished. Poole Council’s silence over all this is deafening. You have port employees, Sunseeker employees, other workforces, residents all wanting proper explanations. After the debacle over closing the toilets as well.....
  4. Poole Bridge

    For those of us who have to walk, not just foot passengers on the ferries, but normal pedestrians are affected by this. I have just not booked many trips over the past year because of the cost of taxis and the plain fuss of it all. Drivers will have less difficulty with driving the Twin Sails, but as for pedestrians, it is most inconvenient. As said, I just don’t travel as I like to walk to the port and no way am I walking the Sails when it is dark, which it would be as it would be a forty minute walk probably and I already have to leave Bournemouth by bus at 06.45 when I go on a crossing, and having to do a forty minute walk back as well after disembarking after 10 at night. It is either that or fiften quid for two taxis. This is what a lot of non drivers are having to face. Drivers get queues.
  5. Poole Bridge

    “It also emerged that the company carrying out the Poole Bridge work, Interserve, is now being closely monitored by a team of government officials following the collapse of Carillion” The article is the one amalgamating the situation, not me. I just stated that I am concerned about the situation, as many people probably are. Me mentioning it in my post is no different than what is in the Echo article. The company carrying out the work is Interserve and the situation is being monitored as stated in the article. Not hearsay or assumption on my part, this is what is happening and people are genuinely concerned considering the amount of problems and delays with the bridge work. This was BEFORE Carillion collapsed. The collapse has just deepened people’s concerns that is all.
  6. Poole Bridge

    http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/15857807.When_WILL_Poole_Bridge_open__Silence_from_council_who_refuse_to_set_a_date_for_reopening/ OK, with the collapse of Carillion and the work on Poole Bridge being carried out by Interserve, I was chatting to someone this morning who asked if the bridge closure had affected the ferries. I said that as far as I know, not the ferry companies, but that alongside other roadworks nearby are making life a bit difficult for passengers travelling to get on said ferries. Not sure if Poole Bridge will be open now, supposedly the latest is mid or the end of January, but with the situation as it is at the moment, it is a bit worrying what will happen. Poole Bridge services a large proportion of BF and Condor traffic (as well as other places around Hamworthy). Just wonder what BF’s take on it all is. Very frustrating for those who work in the Poole terminal. Getting beyond belief now, and what happens if Interserve go the same way as Carillion.
  7. Condor Ferries - Website

    I don’t bother with website timetables, I go round the port and book. I use websites for sailing updates, but prefer to walk into an office and speak to a human being. Failing that, pick up the phone. Luckily, because I live near the port, the option of just popping round is open to me. Depending on being able to walk across the bridge that is...😄. Enjoy the stroll round anyway.
  8. SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Barfleur is on her way out so she is sailing today. Went for a beach stroll and took the advantage of a pic with the iPad. Not sure how comfortable the crossing will be!
  9. BFE Users

    Clearing my cookies amd history in Safari on the ipad logs me out of here, so I often lurk as a guest unsigned in. Guess there are probably quite a few members who lurk anonymously as well...😉
  10. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    This is what was on my ferry related news items online this morning. https://www.ifomocantabria.es/cantabria/el-puerto-de-santander-estrenara-en-abril-una-nueva-conexion-maritima-con-el-irlandes-de-cork
  11. SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    I have heard from someone who works on Barfleur that as far as he knows Barfy is sitting in Poole till Thursday. Looking at the BF sailing updates on their webpage it says tomorrow is cancelled, nothing about Wednesday yet.
  12. P&O ferry in Eastenders

    Thanks. 🙂
  13. P&O ferry in Eastenders

    Anyone have any idea which P&O ferry played a part on Eastenders. The character of Ben Mitchell was running off to Calais on board one of them. I think it might be the Spirit of Britain or France.
  14. She is a lovely ship, my first experience of her was that of quite impressive. Loads of comments about her on her prior to that gave the impression she mas more like an airport terminal. Having been on her I see her as a rather supersized version of Barfleur. Bigger than our Poole buddy and with public areas spread out over two areas, she has quite a similarity about her. She does not have a formal restaurant, same as Barfleur, but everything else she has is just a bigger version with more space. And she has bigger cabins. I am not bothered about the lack of restaurant as I have a self service preference anyway, the most impressive thing about her dining facilities is the salad bar. I have to watch my weight so I tend to gravitate towards the stuff like that, much as I do have the occasional indulgence. Wish the Barfy had a salad bar, bit difficult to fit one in her without losing space, but I think it would be popular with us who are trying to watch the pounds...😄 I am on her at the end of February when she visits Poole again, and am looking forward to travelling on her again.