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  1. Butter shortage

    I buy Flora Light, no shortage of that lol...😄
  2. Ships nicknames

    Talking of Condor Libby’s full name is the Condor Liberation. She just gets called Libby or Lib because it is easier and less of a mouthful. She gets called a lot of derogatory nicknames because of her unpopularity in some quarters, but in general she has just got one heck of a mouthful of a real name. I think nicknames are endearing to the vessels. I hardly wver call Barfleur by her full name, most are just shortened versions of their real names.
  3. Ships nicknames

    She gets referred to as Tatty on Facebook sometimes.
  4. Ships nicknames

    The Hoff.
  5. Ships nicknames

    Someone will call her “Heifer”, I bet...😄
  6. Ships nicknames

    ‘Cocoa tin’ suppose it is easier than trying to pronounce her given name correctly. Barfleur is quite easy to pronounce but several of the fleet have names that one can easily say wrong. Bretagne, Cotentin, Baie de Seine, Etretat for example to thr unaware. Normandie, Mont st Michel, Normandie Express and Barfleur are pretty straightforward.
  7. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    I can’t imagine her any smaller than she is now.
  8. Gremlins on forum

    I’ve been getting it a couple of weeks now, Usually it is a blip but thought tonight I’d put a message here, wasn’t there a thread for site issues?
  9. Gremlins on forum

    Been getting “Internal Server Error” a lot recently when navigating the forum, gremlins at large?
  10. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    The person I am talking about on here is a BF employee too, he has been looking ages.
  11. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    Someone who is an occasional poster here and is from Poole is interested in photos of her before she was lengthened, not sure if any exist, if so they are probably not in the public domain. I would love to see her original appearance.
  12. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    The Express as the one in my link? They definitely should be interested in her, Libby on her own is just not working. They need two boats like before and there is a spare cat sitting there waiting.
  13. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    https://www.maatsuyker.com/express Regarding Condor boats, this is sitting awaiting charter...😉
  14. General Discussions on Brexit

    That’ll be the money promised to the NHS, then.
  15. I don’t know why Cotentin isn’t hauled back for duty. If freight is picking up, then surely using their own vessel would be sensible.