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  1. General Discussions on Brexit

    Farage is spitting feathers, no surprise there. To be honest, the two years could turn into five, that could turn into seven, then ten. By the hopefully the Maybot will have disappeared from the political stage. Let Farage carp, he just wants everything is own way.
  2. General Discussions on Brexit

    At least Pink Floyd's Battersea Power Station flying pig was fake - May is seemingly expecting us to believe the real ones floating past our windows...😂😂😂😂😂
  3. General Discussions on Brexit

    A member of my family is a Conservative voter amd she was prepared to go to prison for not paying the poll tax. She disagreed with it immensely.
  4. General Discussions on Brexit

    This is what is so crazy when people are basing Brexit reasons to leave on Juncker. He is not there for an eternity, there will be different people in charge and things could well be for the better. I see Brexit as cutting our nose off to spite our face because we do not like him in paticulat.
  5. Condor ferries new owners?

    According to replies on a Facebook ferry group I am a member of, the Japanese were on board to look at buying Austal ships - not Libby as such, just ships.
  6. General Discussions on Brexit

    Thing is, Ed, is that you live and work in France, whatever happens over here won't affect you, you are alright, Jack. At the moment....
  7. General Discussions on Brexit

    I didn't hear it, but according to BBC News he has accused Johnson of exploiting May's weakness as PM, and under 'normal circumstances' he would have been sacked.
  8. General Discussions on Brexit

    Plenty of point, Trev I think they happen to be making a serious point. At the end of the day it is NOT a done deal yet. I am all for the demonstrations, the country has a right to change it's mind, we all have, all power to the protests.
  9. Condor ferries new owners?

    Lib is a one off, her nearest sister is the Benchijigua Express with Fred Olsen. She is much bigger. https://www.fredolsen.es/en/fred-olsen-experience/fleet/benchijigua-express
  10. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    Rumours afoot that Condor is for sale/sold or Liberation is? Can anyone from Condor clarify this? Thanks.
  11. Condor ferries new owners?

    If they sell Lib, then unless a new ship is being invested in then they are down one. Will keep an ear to the ground. Macquarie may want to offload the whole company, guess it is for sale, like the whole fleet at BF is, everything has a price. Ask on thr thread about Condor, I will - maybe their spokesperson will come on and explain, don't they monitor that thread?
  12. Condor ferries new owners?

    I'll have a delve around - I know where to lurk if this is the case, the page I'm thinking of, they'll be crowing about it if this is true. Edit, nothing on there at the moment, and I am not a member of this page, if anyone is they can maybe ask. Think if Condor were for sale then this is the group that would be talking about it - or Ferry News. I am a member of that so can pose a question there. But have not heard anything about any sale. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1572986602954065/
  13. General Discussions on Brexit

    Watch out for them at Brighton and Manchester.....🤣
  14. General Discussions on Brexit

    I was part of the Brexit demonstrations in Bournemouth yesterday - (might have seen it on thr news) I spoke briefly to Vince Cable, the thanked us all for turning up! We had a few hecklers, about 4-5, who shouted abuse along with their booing, and soon found themselves surrounded by armed police. They went away with their tails between their legs, bargain basement EDL types. Didn't go too well did it lads..😂 Good fun, had a Boris impersonator called Faux BoJo doing some pretty funny songs with a May puppet...😂 Great party afterwards in town.