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  1. New quayside fendering for Berth 2. Kevin who posted the pic might be able to elaborate! Libby-wise, has she had any work done on her ramp, looks like black panels where her curtained area was. Looks like steel doors? She looks different.
  2. Trying to remember which vessel did the Cherbourg route before NEX - did another ship operate it or has it been only her? I thnk she was moved to Cherbourg because possibly there was over capacity on the Caen route and they were starting up the Le Havre service - too much in the mists of time!!
  3. Looking forward to my copy, will pick up on during my next trip.
  4. Well, one thing is certain, it won't be NEX, Barfleur or Bretagne doing it...😄 If a present member of the fleet was to do a transatlantic crossing, who would be the most suitable. My guess is the Pont ot Mont. Purely for fun.
  5. I am so glad to have booked up my trip on NEX, am staying overnight in Pompey to get the sailing out and returning via Barfleur. Should be a good day out. Would have done it the other way round as Barfleur out is more convenient (and no hotels needed) and NEX back, but she leaves mid afternoon so would have basically no time ashore. NEX would do good on a schedule like Barfleur, leaving at 10 in the morning and sitting in Cherbourg till around 5-6 in the evening. She only does the one rotation at the moment so maybe in the future that could be tweaked.
  6. I see the new fendering has arrived in Poole - photo on Facebook this morning, so Libby has new cushions.
  7. I wish NEX would have later departure times from Portsmouth - like 10 in the morning. Regarding the lady I said about I remember her saying she works on NEX, and have seen her on both her and Barfleur. I am not sure which vessel she prefers!
  8. May has just said the foreign aid budget will stay the same, so no cutting that then to pay for the NHS, schools, social services... Money will still go abroad and plenty of it.
  9. I am interested in seeing what Osborne does regarding his editorship of the Evening Standard (which I now follow on Facebook). Will he make mischief for May in revenge for his sacking?
  10. Corbyn is unbelievable. Watching him on PMQs was very painful watching. He stood there berating Tory policies and full of what he would do if elected as PM, but failed to see that his Brexit stance has had Labour voters leaving in droves, many Labour supporters are now either not voting or voting Lib Dem. Basically, he won't get a chance to fulfil what he's on about as he has alienated his own voters.
  11. I know we have a border with France and we show our passports and get our bags checked - but I am talking about checking for hiding migrants on board and at the Tunnel. The French apparently are going to hand the entire job of policing what leaves France for us to deal with in the UK. At present border control works both ways but after Brexit the French will probably only care what comes into their country from the UK, it will be our responsibility to police our own points of entry. This will mean a lot more police and customs officials - and of course they will require paying.
  12. A conversation elsewhere on this forum on the Channel Tunnel - wait for after Brexit and the border controls then, utter chaos now, enjoy it while it lasts as I have a feeling the French will then leave a lot of stuff up to us regarding immigration control. There will probably me a lot more migrants getting onto the ferries and into the tunnel and we will be trying to police the lot.
  13. I heard on the news tonight that a lot of Conservative voters will probably not vote as they think the result is a foregone conclusion. Isn't this the same attitude that ended up with us getting a Leave win? Many Remain voters didn't bother voting as they thought it was a foregone conclusion that Remain would win. Cameron thought so too, which is why he offered the referendum. Nothing is a foregone conclusion and we have had some very recent examples as to why. As I saw in a Facebook post tonight, June could be the end of May....😉
  14. A trade deal with America means agriculture as well which could mean chlorine washed chicken and hormone fed beef. Along with probably loads of other US nasties.
  15. I think that in the past year EU stuff has eclipsed a lot of stuff. Maybe years ago it wasn't so much of an issue but the country is very divided by an issue that is not going to disappear. At this moment in time, we should not speculate about ANY outcome. Polls got the last election wrong, they got the referendum vote wrong - everybody assumed it would be a Remain win, so we should not take anything for granted. If May ends up in another hung parliament with probably the Lib Dems, my bet is that she'll be off. It is her way or the highway. She wants everything her own way, OK, Brexit aside, what about other important matters that she wants to have everything her own way on. While people who voted Leave seem happy to see her steamroller her plans through Parliament, what people have to remember that she could just as well be the same with other things. A hung parliament would be a good outcome.