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  1. Good as once, one overnighter from Poole, was in the recliner lounge and couldn't settle so went upstairs. Apart from a couple of bods on the floor, I was the only person about apart from crew! Remember sitting playing Angry Birds till sunrise...😄
  2. Not sure if this is covered anywhere else on the forum, but saw this in the Echo this morning. Pelican has been given a further 2 years in Poole.
  3. What is the coffee like....😋
  4. I don't normally travel during the school holidays, but might well do so this year because illness has stopped me going anywhere the past month when I would have normally got one in before hiding from the school holiday crowds!!
  5. Will book her up myself soon again, been as good as housebound recently due to 3 medication changes and the hot weather has caused me a few problems as well, not been able to walk far, let alone travel. I really want to see her new look!
  6. I've asked on Facebook, as I know someone on her at the moment, and she's had hers removed too.
  7. I am pretty sure I saw fruit machines on Barfleur a few weeks ago, my memory may be playing tricks on me but she has had a reshuffle of stuff anyway with the Games Planet being moved elsewhere to make room for the new lounge. Pretty sure I saw a room marked "casino" nearby with fruit machines in.
  8. Poole Harbour and Port History Facebook page - I asked and it is because of weather conditions in Biscay being worse than expected so she turned around.
  9. I am planning a hotel in Guernsey anyway - would like to spend a fair bit of time on the island to see the WW2 stuff, don't get much time on a day trip.
  10. This in the Echo today - why Reading!!!
  11. I think they do provide taxis and hotels - but as far as I know it is for situations like cancellations? Under Customer Charter.
  12. I think it will be sold out and busy while it is new and lots of people want to try it out. I was prepared to myself but thought that, as said above, that I would only want to go amd sit where I usually do anyway, I have my favourite spots. Is it going to be a quiet zone kind of place, are kids allowed in there - if someone paid that money to sit in peace and end up with a noisy family in there... **ducks for cover** 🤐
  13. I am not sure I would want to pay £25 for a night crossing to sit in there. I have cabins anyway and that £25 lounge fee does not buy you the privacy of a bed, loo and shower. Thinking back to before I took cabins I would say I would prefer to stretch out on the upholstered seating. I think all in all it is best to wait and see what others report back. I thought about booking the lounge, but I know fully well I'd end up sitting where I normallly do anyway, I'd get my coffee from the self service and I'd buy my papers in the shop or in Poole before boarding. So would be a waste of money for me. Quite happy to carry on being a peasant!😄
  14. Thanks, Colin.
  15. Any idea when she is due in Pompey - thinking about popping up to see her arrive.