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  1. If you book the lounge on the direction when the sun is the opposite side, saying you book a seat returing to Poole when the sun is on the port side - gonna be pretty dark in there. Maybe the walls are temporary, and just serving as a smarter screen than plain board.
  2. Not sure if they'll have the marshalls on board. About four or five walking around.
  3. This is what I wondered, going by the artists impression, looked light and airy. That lounge will only get the sun on the outward crossing, that is the darker side coming back as the sun has moved across.
  4. It was - ton of chocolate to get through now...😊
  5. I stayed in the Premier Inn in Portsmouth on the Thursday night, caught the NEX at 09.00, but got to the port early at at 07.00. Lovely weather, and nice sitting in the terminal outside looking at the ships. All boarding and security checks went smoothly and I happily settled out the back outdoor area on NEX, where I spent most of the crossing. She behaved impeccably, the sea was a millpond and it was a lovely pleasant crossing. No marshalls on board her from what I could see. Foodwise, just had sandwich and coffees. Wifi proved impossible to use outbound because the log in screen did not load properly and stayed entirely blank, the box to type in the log-in code did not load. That aside, the trip was lovely and pleasant, the staff were all very polite and friendly. Arrival in Cherbourg wad pretty straightforward, there was the normal cursory check at the passport going through customs. I went upstairs as I had an hour to wait before being picked up so I could see Barfleur arriving, and use the port wifi to do a bit of catching up, before being picked up to go to Crisbeq (think I spelt that properly). Beautiful weather all day and spent a few hours poking around bunkers and admiring the lovely French countryside. It was nice to see my friend's children again, he brought them along. Crisbeq very interesting, could have done with another hour or so there, though, but time was limited due to having to get back for the return journey. Back at the terminal, customs checks and boarding were pretty straightforward, nothing more than usual, just a bag search. Armed marshals were walking about on Barfleur, they were just walking around and I didn't feel intimidated or anything, because I expected them to be there, and knew why they were there. Also passengers were being given a factsheet at the point where boarding cards were issued explaining the presence of these marshals. I felt indifferent to them to be honest, I wasn't worried or frightened of their presence. Something in this day and age that is unfortunately necessary. Barfleur, her usual impeccable self, lovely millpond sea again, went to look at the new lounge, but they have built/walled it in and there were closed doors so could no see in. I thought it was going to be glass walled, so possibly could be a little claustrophobic in there if it is completely walled in? Not sure about it at the moment and it isn't finished yet so probably too early to judge. Games planet has moved and that looks ok where it is now. Wifi not as bad as on NEX, where access was impossible, but very slow. Foodwise on Barfy, excluding the three Toblerones and biscuits I bought in the shop, went for the chicken tandoori with rice which was very pleasant, very enjoyable, thought it would make a change from my usual salads. Will have that again! All in a good time out, both ferries were great - nice to see the NEX again, I do like her. Taxi back to Bournemouth...🙂
  6. Just come off NEX and the security for footies at Cherbourg and Portsmouth for us footies was just a basic normal check of passports and luggage through a scanner. Same as always for footies.
  7. Thanks for the good wishes, chaps. Police patrolling Southampton and Portsmouth train stations, last night, am leaving the hotel for the port in an hour so I guess I'll find out soon...🙂
  8. I have just repacked my bag for tomorrow, have taken out liquid smellied like bath gel, mouthwash and perfume, will use the hotel toiletries, and pinch a squirt of perfume on board. Not sure if they will be checking for liquids, and maybe I am being overcautious, but I think it may be a good idea.
  9. Thanks, it is to be expected after what has happened. I'll get to the terminal for around 07.00,
  10. Just been watching the news and Theresa May has raised the threat level to critical. I think I heard the word "ports" mentioned so what implications would this have, if any, for ferry passengers. As I am travelling in a couple of days, would like to know if need to know what this is likely to entail. Probably extra police presence, there was sonething on the news about military personnel at airports? Critical level means an attack is possibly imminent - not sure what else it entails. Just been thinking after watching the news, so thought I'd ask on here. Thanks.
  11. I heard this on BBC news a while ago, post Brexit it might not apply. I am with EE, so will try and ask.
  12. I am going out for a drive anyway, Ed - so will probably either go looking round bunkers or go up the Roule. Express arrives at 13.00 french time, so not that much time to do that much anyway. Otherwise it would be Cite De La Mer and Maccy's.
  13. I've been on the port bus in Cherbourg and some passenger got escorted off, we were waiting for around 15 minutes before said passenger reboarded the bus and we went on our way.
  14. What is it like for footies - I am in Cherbourg Thursday. What I don't get is they check passports in the terminal at check in, both the police check and check in desk when you get your boarding cards. Then you get on the port bus and douanes boarc the bus and have in the past taken passports off the bus to check the, in some kiosk they have there. This is what I think is a waste of time, passports have already been checked twice already so anything of interest would have been dealt with at check in?
  15. Brexiters are quite happy to leave whatever "deal" she gets, if they don't like it they still expect to leave anyway and the likes of UKIP will be back with a vengeance because everything has to be what "the will of the people voted for" and nothing less. May walking away with no deal and we are out is actually preferable. I see it as that no matter what anybody else wants, those who want a hard exit want their own way at whatever cost. Hardline Brexiters would fear the likes of asking the public on the grounds they might just say, no that is not what we wanted, and stay in, this is what they are scared of. A public vote is only fair - but will we get one?