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  1. Favourite French films

    Some interesting films already mentioned. Another couple I have enjoyed: La Cage aux Folles Delicatessen Both bonkers, both watchable again. Delicatessen seemed to spawn a couple of English language adverts, but with no credit given to it.
  2. Fuel Crisis in France?

    More fuel blockades in France... As Ed has stated in Sailing Updates, make sure you have a full tank if travelling over to France in the next few days. See http://penurie.mon-essence.fr/w/ for a map of e latest position.
  3. Vegetarian food in France

    Another revival of this topic! We've noticed that vegetarian food has come on over the last year. Supermarkets such as Super U and Leclerc (didn't try others as there weren't others available in the area we were in) have several soya based offerings, which we tried and were OK to quite good. One benefit of soya is that they can grow it in France, so that should help to increase the variety available in the future. At the gite we stayed the owners made us a vegetarian meal - it wasn't difficult for them as they grow their own vegetables and fruit, so mainly had to leave out the meat! Barfleur had a vegetarian option of galette aux cereales - which my wife had and thoroughly enjoyed.
  4. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Came back on Barfleur from Cherbourg last night. She was stern in at Cherbourg, so we had to go up the ramp as usual to the top car deck, but then drove around to face the stern ready for the normal disembarkation in Poole. Never done that before on the old girl. Not sure if there has been a problem with the bow doors, but worth noting as a potential problem. Security was tighter than ever - all hand luggage checked after leaving the car (as on the outward journey), but then they checked all boarding cards and marked them as checked.
  5. The Crit'Air scheme

    I ordered a Crit'air sticker in early February - not arrived yet. I have been debited for the cost, and have queried it with them as I did not get a receipt or confirmation email. It took 6 weeks to get a reply, but as I didn't get a receipt from the process, and they need the receipt number, I think it is not likely they will be able to sort it out. I'll just have to apply again...
  6. I believe Barfleur used to do a 28 hour weekend trip to Santander during the winters of about 1997/1998.
  7. Driving in Paris

    There is some detail of how to apply for a Crit'air vignette in this article: http://www.wheels-alive.co.uk/heading-to-france-with-your-vehicle-quelle-surprise-dont-fall-foul-of-new-emissions-regulations/ An English language website should be available from 1st Feb. Will this scheme be like the breath test that you have to carry in your car (but not really enforced)?
  8. Guardian advert

    At the bottom of the article was a link to other articles, including a competition with a £1,000 BF holiday as the prize: https://www.theguardian.com/brittany-ferries-summer-holidays/2017/jan/16/win-a-1000-brittany-ferries-voucher-for-your-next-holiday
  9. End of year awards - 2016

    The line is connected and ready to use for occasional special trains at the moment. Hopefully there will be some services from Wareham next year - I believe they are waiting for parts to be fitted to the rolling stock that will be used.
  10. Rip-off France

    The daily charge at Poole is £7, so some redress in the price balance for travelling from France and leaving the car at Cherbourg versus from Poole as a footie. I'd still prefer to take the car on a day trip though.
  11. Barfleur capacity

    The latest Guide to Services on the BF website shows passenger capacity as 1,212 again. See page 4 on http://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/media/pdf/k/s/Barfleur_Ship_Guide_22-08-16.pdf
  12. Fuel Crisis in France?

    Just driven down to the Haute-Savoie from Cherbourg. Topped up twice on the way, with one service station (after Tours) asking for payment first, and a maximum of 20 litres. They also turned off the card payments on the pumps. The only fuel out of stock was sans plomb 98 at that service station. Agip seemed to be the most expensive at 1.55 per litre.
  13. They may have let you look around her if you had had a toolkit, sandpaper, and paint with you!!
  14. Are there scrubbers fitted to Harmony? Looks like not, going by this article: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/may/21/the-worlds-largest-cruise-ship-and-its-supersized-pollution-problem