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  1. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Interesting, Equasis still have her owned by the I.O.M/Dublin outfit.
  2. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Oh I dunno HT, she could have sailed a bit earlier from PIP. BF didn't start their regular seasonal Spanish departures from Portsmouth until 2009 and P&O had withdrawn Cherbourg, Caen & Le Havre a few years earlier so there wasn't a berthing issue but I agree, no one wants to turn up at their destination port at midnight... I think BF should leave arr's & deps at those ungodly hours to Irish Ferries & Stena on their UK routes.
  3. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I think P&O had a different business model, theirs was more about packing the bars, the longer they were at sea the more was spent onboard. They couldn't compete for freight as PoB's capacity is poor. Interesting fact: Irish Ferries still own her through their subsidiary Zatarga Ltd. The same Douglas based company which owns Oscar Wilde.
  4. Condor Ferries - Website

    http://www.condorferries.co.uk/timetables/ If you put in your dates they are generated plus those days before & after.
  5. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    A new groundbreaking route. Larger freight capacity due in 18 months for Caen, expansion of the Le Havre route plus a chartered new build increasing capacity for Spain. We also have associated capacity increases on the way for the UK and France from Stena & Irish Ferries. I think there are exciting times ahead.
  6. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Plus Bretagne is already well within the limit as with her DPF's she's only chucking out 0.01% as are all others already burning LDO.
  7. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Yep, been all through that one Rick, the global 0.05% cap... goodluck. It seems only a few of us realise how game changing it'll be and how pointless the SECA regs were.
  8. Halfords equivalent in France & Spain?

    That's because we didn't quote you're original message in our replies.
  9. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Gareth it was a Tornado doing the Mach loop in South Wales...The Tonka pilot was holding up page 3 while his R.I.O behind him pressed a 'hello mum' sign against the cockpit window... at mach one...! Rest assured young man all the V bombers will get a turn. Sourced the VDL pic after the thread regarding the ships passing each other? VDL is passing Pride of Portsmouth opposite Southsea. Another change in March, sexy doctor lady is treating me to Color Magic for my 50th. Stay tooned and watch this space!
  10. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    It's also interesting to see Stena happy to charter a vessel to BF which may have an impact on their route to Cherbourg too. The relationship between the two carriers would appear to be going from strength to strength.
  11. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Shame it's not the Baja ship, everyone could have woke up to La Cucaracha... hopefully not literally!
  12. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Baja Ferries have been marketing the ex Stena Forwarder now called California Star. Her berths plus pullman seats would equal the 500 pax quoted. D 5130 REF m1hr Year: 2001 Flag: Non US: Location: Europe Price: Price on Request Currency Converter Length: 187m Beam: 26m Draft: 7m DWT: 7200 BHP: BP: Class: RINA Details: 187m ROPAX 2001 - 1000 PAX - 2040 LM - DWT 7200 For Sale Built CN Visentini Italy 2001 Ex-name : STENA FORWARDER Mexican Flag - RINA Class compliant - Stockholm compliant LOA/Beam/depth 186.50/25.60/15.00 m DWAT 7200 on 6.50 m GRT/NRT 24418 / 7868 Passengers 1000 persons on board including crew 308 berths - 78 cabins 210 pulman seats 200 pax in lounge Garage 2040 LM total 3 trailers decks + 1 car deck Stern ramp 16.50 beam X 13.90 m length + 3.00 m flaps Internal ramp main deck /weather deck 7.00 m beam Internal ramp main deck / lower hold 3.50 m beam Machinery 2 X MAN B&W 9L 48/90 - 9450 kw each - HFO abt 22 knots max speed 2 X CPP propellers 3 X Gensets 1360 KW - MDO 2 X shaft generators 1375 kw 2 X bowthrusters 900 kw each 2 fin stabilizers
  13. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Monday, 15 January 2018, 21:57 Government confirms new maritime connection to Cork's Irish port The Cantabrian executive and the Port Authority close the advanced negotiations for this newspaper for the shipping company Brittany Ferries to operate from April 29 a new route destined for passengers and DM goods. From April 29th, the port of Santander will have a new maritime connection with the port of Cork (Ireland) destined to the traffic of passengers and goods, the first and only ferry line between Spain and Ireland. The Government of Cantabria has made it public this afternoon in a statement after this newspaper today advanced the state of the negotiations with the Irish port for the French company Brittany Ferries to operate the new route. A link that implies "new business opportunities and tourism for our port and for Cantabria", according to the adviser of innovation, industry, tourism and commerce, Francisco Martín. Martín explained that the opening of this new ' maritime Highway ' with Ireland is ' a project that the government of Cantabria had marked as a challenge in this legislature and today we can say that it is a reality '. According to the owner of industry and Tourism, the connection with Ireland implies a substantial improvement in the communications of the region and thus adds to the efforts that the regional government is "being made to open the region to Europe and facilitate the economic dynamization Of Cantabria, both by sea and by land and air. " "This connection is a commitment to improving communications, which will also have an impact on the opening of possibilities for the region's industry and new business relations, as well as the arrival of goods and activity for the port of Santander and, finally, The call of tourists from Ireland, ' insisted Martin, for whom the new line contains an ' important potential for the economy of both ports and the regions in which they are based '. Competing with Gijón or Bilbao in addition, for Martin, it is "one step further to turn the port of Santander into an important logistical area and consolidate against direct competitors such as Bilbao or Gijón". It also sees in this new route other benefits for Cantabria and the port like the creation of direct and indirect jobs that represents its putting into operation. The counselor has also been congratulated because it is the shipping company Brittany Ferries responsible for operating the new connection, since "is an experienced and well known, with which we maintain excellent relationships and whose results with their operations in the port of Santander are optimal '. In this sense, he recalled that Brittany Ferries already operates two connections from the port of Santander with the English of Plymouth and Portsmouth, with a total of four weekly outings. "This company is one of the great allies of our port in terms of the movement of goods and travellers from the United Kingdom, with an annual average of 220,000 passengers". Two weekly connections The new maritime route will have two weekly connections, with departures from Santander on Thursdays (16.00 Hours) and Sundays (12.00 hours). The duration of the voyage will be 28 hours. To carry out the route, Brittany Ferries has incorporated to its fleet the ferry called ' Connemara ', with a capacity for 500 passengers. It offers the characteristic services of Brittany Ferrie's boats and has a capacity of 2,250 linear meters of space in garages. The boat is 186.5 meters in length and reaches a speed of 24 knots.
  14. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    Yes there's a chance but I think she's too small especially in terms of freight capacity, a bit like what was just a single Spanish route outgrowing Bretagne and she had competition. I dare say that they'd need to look at augmenting her fo'c'sle too in a similar way to VDL, maybe not want they'd want to do to a 31 year old vessel. I suppose the much rumoured antics and fleet improvement/expansion of Baleria may put them in the mix... Stena are replacing Superfast X with an E-Flexer, SFX has the ice class, ergo bow strength and many of us have experienced the Cap's comforts to Spain and back? I prefer crechbleiz' idea, BF to buy or charter from GNV... La Superba replaces Bretagne, La Suprema replaces Cap' Finistere allowing her to relocate to form a close bond with Cork and still maintain her Sunday night rendezvous in Roscoff.
  15. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    That's right, if anything over the next 5 years BF will need to increase their Spanish capacities, ref the lively E-Flexer thread. They may well see a drop off in demand for freight traffic through their northern French ports as the road-borne freight transiting France from Spain and North Africa will be directed more toward the Cantabrian & Basque ports which will see huge expansion during the next 7 years. This again has been discussed in other threads & topics. There will be demand for a direct link to Spain, some can point to valid arguments to suggest there always has been. It may also effect Stena & I.F's freight movements from Dublin & Rosslare to Cherbourg & Roscoff, again alleviating the need to transit France for more southern destinations for which the EU are offering financial incentives. This could be BF's response to the expanding tonnage I.F are investing in?