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  1. I didn't think BF did the Property Owner's card anymore, it was merged with Club Voyage? We find that a single trip to Spain recoups the cost of membership, same for France.
  2. Baie de Seine Seakeeping

    She's the same width as Cap Finistere, just a couple of metres shorter. Her Economie Plus cabins are a bit of a misnomer as they are no smaller or less equipped than Bretagne's Commodore offering, the difference being that there's no breakfast, fruit & macaroons. They are either twin singles or double although I don't know if the settee has the usual up and over berth. The midships lounge on deck 10 is a relaxing, quiet place to spend some time with excellent views, wifi if so inclined and the odd book to read. The self service restaurant can get a bit cramped due to it's size and the only real food offer onboard and serves the usual BF fayre with unlimited desserts. She also has an outlet similar to Cap's Le Petit Marche next to the boutique. I've crossed the Bay of Biscay on her, the North Sea & the English Channel and have enjoyed every crossing. I like her and personally think she's a better seakeeper than Pont Aven.
  3. General Discussions on Brexit

    Honesty? I did say it was the WPI... I'd also argue that if you want something difficult to be read, reproduce it if it's in the public domain rather than post a link as many won't bother opening it which has been proven in the past on these pages... Horse to water etc. etc. Look at the engagement since the post, it did the trick didn't it. Jardinier, your post highlights one of the fundamental faults of a single currency being used by separate nations, taxation. Single currency valuation actually means that individual nations can't manage their own affairs. It's why the Euro was the major enabler of the crash of 2009. Eurozone EU members couldn't devalue to protect themselves, to remain competitive and it's the overriding reason why many nations now have an overvalued currency compared to their actual economic output and are struggling and why there is no longer a thriving competitive European market place hence the high levels of unemployment. It's is the reason why free movement is the cornerstone of it all. Allowing individuals the ability to roam unhindered to saturate areas of high wealth and high employment papers over the cracks. It allows those with an undervalued currency to thrive even more leaving those nations with an overvalued currency to struggle even more as their countrymen leave in droves raising the cost of living for those that remain. It's simple maths with a frightening snowball effect.
  4. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Come on Wortley It's getting better all the time, it's improving. LNG, CNG, EV, Hydrogen even F1 is hybrid. It's the biggest energy shift since coal & steam... It's exciting! http://www.lngworldshipping.com/news/view,lngfuelled-fleet-hits-200-ship-mark_46977.htm Most of the leading HGV manufacturers are now successfully selling LNG & CNG powered tractor units. Scania's LNG's have 1000 km range on one fill, Renault's D Range are popular too. Many of TOTAL's recently acquired PitPoint BV fuel delivery trucks are LNG & CNG powered. In the UK If we look at the likes of Sainsbury most of their fleet are now dual fuel with around 60% of diesel replaced by gas they've also had biomethane powered trucks since 2012. All of Waitrose fleet are CNG (biomethane) powered. Others in the supply chain sector are also following suit, Stobarts, Exel, DHL etc. BOC & their European counterparts such as TOTAL are also rolling out HGV specific LNG refuelling stations on the major route networks throughout the UK and Europe.
  5. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    There's a LNG logistics facility on the Isle of Grain which is around 3hrs from PIP. http://grainlng.com/media-news/grain-lng-to-offer-uk-first-lng-break-bulk/
  6. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    Indeed sir. Although it may be more realistic for a group such as Stena to buy Condor and throw their weight into that rather than offer a competing service.
  7. General Discussions on Brexit

    Jardinier, would you agree that all world currencies in terms of trade, goods at market and standard of living are traded against the dollar, the uniform currency by which all countries are measured? The World Price Index (WPI) is a guide to whether currencies are under or overvalued relative to the US Dollar. The WPI is based on the theory that in the long run exchange rates should adjust towards the rate that would equalise the prices of an identical basket of goods or services in any two countries. So if the WPI basket costs $150 in America on any given date, but only $75 in India, the Indian currency is undervalued by 50%. We can measure internal prices in Eurozone countries, so we can see stress levels within the European single currency. The most obvious strains evident in this month’s data are within the Eurozone, where internal country price differences cannot be reconciled by external currency movement, as the Euro is the currency for all countries. The October WPI shows that Greek price levels are 38% overvalued relative to the US Dollar. In stark contrast prices in Germany are undervalued by 8%, as the strength of the German currency is effectively pulled down via its association with the other weaker members of the Eurozone. Similarly, French prices are 16.3% overvalued relative to the US Dollar. Spain 6.3% and Italy, the world's 8th largest economy, 3.0%. Adding the under-valuation of the German currency to the over-valuation of Greek and German price levels, we see the Greek prices are effectively no less than 46% overvalued relative to German prices, French prices are 24.3% overvalued relative to German prices, Spanish prices are 14.3% overvalued relative to German prices and Italian prices are 11% overvalued relative to German prices. Given the huge disparities it isn’t difficult to imagine that the one in four unemployed Greeks, near 10% of unemployed French, 17% unemployed Spanish and 11.2% unemployed Italians are quite likely to stay unemployed for some time to come. Whereas the already low German unemployment rate of 3.6% may well continue to fall. The IMF agree stating that the 'German Euro' is the most undervalued exchange rate for any of the 29 countries and jurisdictions around the world covered in their reports.
  8. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    Ed, the contract signed in 2014 was non-exclusive. This is from Senator Alan McClean in July of that year... He said: "The new ramp permits, when issued, will be non-exclusive. A competitor that may wish to operate will have to provide a similar service to the incumbent provider. "Any bona fide ship operator can apply, at any time, to run a similar service and the harbour master will be required to give them consideration." The service level get out clause can be triggered from 2021. Paul Luxon of Guernsey's external transport group said that they have no mechanism in the island to provide a guaranteed licence. They have a memorandum of understanding which matches the Jersey contract.
  9. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    Yes your right, 91m For Express & 86m for Rapide.
  10. General Discussions on Brexit

    There are those too who used to travel through France to reach the more southern destinations who are now opting for the Spanish ships. For instance Bordeaux is only 3.5 hours from Zierbena and Narbonne is 5.5. travelling from say St Malo takes 6 hours for the former and nearly nine for the latter. Having a Spanish Club Voyage membership makes the ferry cost comparable.
  11. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Thanks Trev. I think we're looking at the mid term future for LNG refueling. it's clean and simple with a delivery method capable of serving vessels of all sizes.
  12. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    The Express is too small for the Poole route, she's 10m shorter than Rapide.
  13. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    HT she's gone to the Canary Islands. I agree though the hull design is far more stable for the channel and the choppy seas around the C.I's but they still have a 3.5m wave restriction.
  14. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    She's back in use with Viking and has just enjoyed a very successful summer between Helsinki & Tallinn. Viking will probably take up the option one her for next year too. She's the old P&O Portsmouth/ Cherbourg Express. There are few INCAT's available out there, Austal's too.
  15. Stena purchase 'Hammerodd'

    Stena are looking for a 2nd vessel to partner Nautica on their Grenaa-Varberg route. According to Ferry & Cruise review there's talk of them relocating from Varberg to Halmstad from 2019, both vessels are similar in length. Maybe they want her for that?