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  1. General Discussions on Brexit

    Mmm... I take it then that not many listened to Juncker's speech last week? It is a singular model for integration, where the union’s energies are devoted to the interests of the mainstream majority, rather than the dissenting few. No more protests outside Big Ben then... It sets him against not only the serial EU rebels in Poland and Hungary, but possibly also Europe’s most important decision maker: Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. Uses obscure “passerelle clauses” to remove national vetoes over foreign policy, social policy and taxation. That would sweep away prized protections for national sovereignty that enabled the modern EU to be built. (A passerelle clause is a clause in treaties of the European Union that allows the alteration of a legislative procedure without a formal amendment of the treaties.) Isn't this what all Remain voters are complaining about now regarding the Tory's... Altering legislative procedure without a vote in the House... or is it ok for the EU to do it? Berlin has grown increasingly wary of the commission as an institution, distrusting its economic agenda. Now this is a whopper... The largest benefactor, using a highly undervalued currency giving them a huge economic advantage are concerned over the EU's economic agenda... Oh dear. Even under the presidency of Mr Macron — France is unlikely to abandon its traditional reservations about yielding national control over tax, foreign and security policy, or the fight against terrorism. That's right, hand over your elected governments control over all tax, foreign policy, security policies both at home and abroad and then let Brussels decide our role in fighting terrorism... Warsaw and Budapest will be particularly alarmed. Making the euro “the norm” has implications for other policy areas, ranging from their share of EU funding to their access to emergency support during crises. It also touches the rawest of nerves in central and eastern Europe: becoming second-class members. Anyone remember Juncker's abuse of the Luxembourg Intelligence Service to silence political opponents, rig elections and bribe officials when he was PM... No? It didn't effect our little land so why should we be bothered... He's very keen on an EU Intelligence Agency to rival the CIA & NSA... Let's silence all those who are anti-EU, let's defund them, he's already threatening Poland with sanctions...and they're an EU member! Yes silence them, hey maybe even bang them up in chokey... No dissidents allowed. Welcome to European democracy! We should have a single dictator with great powers who the people cannot expel from office and more importantly the States of Europe can't veto the policies of. Centralise power away from these States of Europe with one military and one police in the hands of one President to rule the continent... Hey Blair are you listening, it's what you dreamed of back in '97? BUT... whatever you do, do not question Juncker or the European Dream because then you are an extremist... Read the speech... and be concerned. Irrespective of whether you voted for Brexit or to Remain.
  2. Ramsgate's new Transport specialist, Robert Hardy, has been visiting the Polish operator at their HQ in Kolobrzeg although no further announcements have been made. Polferries are soon to embark on an ambitious project to have four new RoPax vessels built and have recently bought the previous Anconia vessel, Murillo, a 25,000t, 180m, 2300LM RoPax. Don't know about anyone else but I'd quite fancy the trip from Ramsgate to Swinoujscie via the kiel canal?
  3. The Attica Group who control Superfast & Blue Star have signed an agreement to obtain the controlling interest in Hellenic Seaways the fellow operator they have worked closely with since 2011. The deal will be formed by €30.6m in cash and over 24 million new shares. It had been thought that another major shareholder, Grimaldi, would succeed but it seems Attica have beat them to it.
  4. 30 minutes Safety Procedure

    There's a chance that the vehicle deck crew are busy tying down HGV's and making sure the electric hook up for refrigerated trailers is in order, they'll probably sweep the area for possible hidden stowaways and other nefarious finaglers too. Crew generally have different access hatches to vehicle decks rather than the magnetic watertight doors passengers use so in order to maintain compliance with SOLAS regs during the sailing these tend to stay firmly shut. If one has a fault and cannot be secured then the ship must remain in port until it's rectified. A problem which Oscar Wilde was noted for about 3 years ago. For you access is granted at a senior level and must be logged. Or... They may not want you to see where they hide their playboys, cigarettes & whiskey!
  5. I can't see ICG doubling their offer to France from Dublin without looking at bringing another ship in if Epsilon is going back. I.F won't cut down on their Dublin-Holyhead route. It's very, very competitive and far more lucrative than two 4 day return trips from Dublin to Cherbourg every week. It's why she'll carry 165 freight units and has separate decks for 300 cars, the volume is needed for Holyhead. They won't tinker with their conventional freight laden timetable to Wales. Holyhead handles over 2 million passengers a year It's why there are 5 ships and 10 sailings a day.
  6. The bow mirrors what they build on their RoRo's It's similar in shape to Pascal Paoli the last ship Van de Giessen built, I wonder if a few designs headed Flensburger's way?
  7. I think there is a viewing area above the bridge unless it's designed for the balconied premium cabins.
  8. Lumieres sur le Baie de Seine

    Impressive Photo's LHC. I had a close look at the multi coloured containers last week, a similar concept to the phone boxes in Kingston. For those with a motor caravan, camper or motorhome Le Havre have opened a new free Aire in the city centre which is well sign posted from the bridges and not yet in any of the Aire directories. Well worth a stop for a good mooch around either overnight or prior to boarding the ferry.
  9. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    Ah so deux mille is 2000 as in Port 2000. Just looked at it on Google Maps, not the most attractive of approaches if something is planned and I see there's been a fair bit of land fill at Seine entrance. LNG facilities too, how interesting...Still, I think I'll file it in the rumour mill plus I prefer where it is now with a nice easy stroll into town. I think it's fair to say that Le Havre have big ambitious plans, vast port expansion to rival Antwerp & Rotterdam creating a few thousand new jobs too. Very interesting read and an English version... Thanks Ed.
  10. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    LHCity, just the man... Have you heard anything regarding HAROPA looking at relocating the ferry terminal? I was speaking to the woman in control of the lane bollards on Friday about the slow boarding and she reckons there is talk about "deux mille", wherever that is? It's the first I've heard of it and there's nothing on the port's website so I filed it under gossip.
  11. Hey Ed, I didn't think Molly Malone's wheelbarrow was eligible, especially after you suggested that passengers sing 'Cockles & Mussels' as they back out of the Liffey?
  12. I went for Samuel Beckett... Lived in Paris, wrote in French, Nobel winner for Literature, went to the same school as Oscar Wilde and was left handed...just like the best of us!!
  13. Baie De Seine

    I think the price to travel on Normandie was around £291 with Club Voyage, a commodore and a 6.5m x 4m motorhome. Baie de Seine was just under £200, Economie Plus and same van. The day sailing on Monty was £202. I'm not really worried about the Pont de Normandie as cat II is only €6.30 and the tag plus direct debit take care of it. I've previously swallowed the near on €50 for the great belt bridge and nearly €100 for the Oresund... one way... bringing out a fair bit of Anglo Saxon which lurks in quite a shallow manner under the surface of my usually finely chiselled (not!) dynamic, erudite self! I don't sleep when we overnight in the marshalling lanes at Ouistreham, they're too noisy so I tend to spend the day crossing in bed. St Malo is quieter and I don't mind the drive although that means leaving a day earlier and opting for a site in Winchester after disembarking. We spend a lot of time at the very quiet site in Le Brevedent and usually end up there prior to heading home, with BDS offering a solid 6 hours sleep we'll definitely be using her again. I hope the timetable remains the same when Normandie transfers.
  14. St Nazaire to Gijon

    A couple of things for me. Transfennica had been running from Bilbao to Portsmouth since September 2007 and were well established, how could this service be seen as emerging especially as they pulled out in December 2014 increasing freight traffic for BF? BF announced that Cotentin was being pulled late 2012. Maybe running to Santander was the problem as the ferry port is not particularly suitable for large movements of heavy vehicles, it's more pax orientated. Also whether some like it or not Poole isn't particularly popular with hgv drivers especially those from overseas. Could this be the double barrel reason why now BF receive a subsidy to run the non accompanied freight on the chartered Pelican to Bilbao with her own crew? What freight were BF clawing back from Poole by running Etretat once a week from Portsmouth, all of the Department of Transport SPA figures show that route traffic had already increased on Cap' Finistere and Pont Aven plus let's remember that Baie de Seine now runs twice a week due to volumes which are still steadily increasing hence the need for the e-flexer? How does Stena's purchase of the well established Celtic Link effect things, likewise I.F's introduction of Epsilon from Dublin? The weather? BF seemed to cope. LD's problem was that they never hung around long enough anywhere to breed any form of brand loyalty or confidence regardless of what a route could achieve. Maybe it's because they are a bulk carrier first and foremost and ro/pax travel was never high on their list of priorities.
  15. St Nazaire to Gijon

    LNG bunkering is very similar cost wise to heavy fuel oil (HFO) in terms of energy content and being far cleaner doesn't have the associated ongoing maintenance costs. With the global emission limit being set to 0.05 from 2020 the comparatively cheap marine diesel oil (MDO) will be the only alternative fossil fuel as HFO production will cease. Sea water wash scrubbers won't be required as MDO only needs the standard particulate filters. Those few who knee jerked, spending millions on scrubbers have wasted their money... unless of course the funding came from the government...