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  1. Wightlink car ferries

    What site are you looking at ?, MarineTraffic shows exactly where she is and that the last signal from her AIS was 10 days ago.
  2. Wightlink car ferries

    It doesn’t mention the beam, and have been up their slip a couple on months ago it’s not very wide at all.
  3. Wightlink car ferries

    Solent refit wouldn’t be able to dry dock/slip the ferries so would still have to go elsewhere
  4. A bit elaborate just for workers access.
  5. Could be something as simple as a screen to protect anybody walking past/working nearby from arc eye.
  6. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    The one I was on had Rolls Royce jets, all four were steerable with buckets on all of them.
  7. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    Most water jets have the ability to back flush, the impeller can be run the opposite way to normal running to clear anything that may be over the intake grids. We used to do this just before departure and/or once alongside on arrival. If while running you felt vibration or engine temperatures rose you would stop and back flush, normally that solved the problem.
  8. Condor Ferries - Commodore Clipper Dry Dock Update

    She has gone away, nearly in Falmouth now.
  9. CONDOR FERRIES: Condor Liberation

    How much longer are Condor going to continue with a vessel that’s obviously not fit for purpose?
  10. Fire in engine room- Wightlink

    Just look on Marine Traffic, easy enough to do. It's in the Empress Dock.
  11. new line

    In the middle of summer it's almost as quick to get to Portland as it is to battle your way though town to get to the ferry terminal. The road links to Portland aren't the major problem, Portland don't want to spend the money on a linkspan on the chance this dreamer comes up with a viable business plan. And as I said above, Weymouth are or in the process of selling off the ferry terminal for redevelopment. The only ferries that are ever going to run out of either two places are already running, that's the small trip boats
  12. new line

    Never going to happen, certainly not from Portland Port, I work there and pretty sure Weymouth and Portland council are going to sell off the ferry terminal for development. The chap behind high speed ferries is a bit of a dreamer, has promised a service for a few years now but nothing except empty promises have materialise.
  13. What happened to the bow, did the designer go for a break and the tea boy finished it off !. That looks pig ugly.
  14. Red Jet 7 - Red Funnel orders another Fastcat

    Say what you like, I stand by every word too. So you never saw all the young idiots racing around Leigh Park in your 30 years then ?. Just because some people have money, I don't by the way, that makes them posers then ?. My original comment was about the size of cars on the ferries, I worked for Wighlink for 13 years and in that time fitting the same amount of cars on the same deck space became impossible almost year by year.
  15. Red Jet 7 - Red Funnel orders another Fastcat

    Never known an irresponsible car. What's posing got to do with anything, I have a nice car that I worked hard for and it does go fast but that doesn't mean I drive it fast. Never heard such a load of waffle. All that was talked about a decrease in capacity on the ferries and some people spout off a load of bull about posers and fast cars.