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  1. This comment reminds me of the anti Irish / Paddy went into a bar type jokes we use to put up with years ago . This Brexit thing must be getting under some peoples skin as Brittania sinks below the waves .And as far as Cromwell goes , we got over him long time ago .
  2. Well the Irish Naval Service has a ship named William Butler Yeats which does fly the Irish flag , Irish Ferries will have a ship named W B Yeats flying the Cypriot flag .
  3. BF Captains

    Buy using just Capitaine they are referring to a job description and avoid making a gender statement .
  4. A ferry with the number of cabins and standard as this new build is hardly going to spend most of it's time between Ireland and Wales . It's pretty obvious that it is intended for Ireland to continental Europe . Bars, restaurants and gift shops in operation on a 14 to 16 hour crossing is a far better money maker than a 3 hour crossing From Ireland to Wales . Plus all those cabins need to put to use .
  5. Well seeing that all their ships fly the Cypriot flag and not an Irish one then maybe they should be looking at naming the ship from that neck of the woods .
  6. Car sizes

    Cost is the same as a regular outside 4 berth on the Cork route and no floor/ deck carpet ,
  7. Car sizes

    Wheelchair accessible , not exclusively for people with a disability . BF just fulfilling their obligation by having such cabins available .
  8. Car sizes

    I also have a Berlingo and can only assume that the data base they are using is based on Berlingo's on the Continent which all seem to come with the roof rails as standard , as does the steering wheel on the left . If you notice in the manual the diagram of the vehicle shows it with roof rails in most of the illustrations . I still can't see why this would be a problem as I have the rails plus roof bars with box and never have any problems ,plus never have to go up the internal ramp .
  9. Good news for EE customers

    Of course post Brexit it may no longer apply to UK registered mobile phones .
  10. New cowes floating bridge

    Looks like they need to adjust some more for tidal conditions .
  11. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Maybe they are seeking some European Development money like Irish Ferries are doing/ secured .
  12. Pets

    Looks like they need to make the exercise area bigger , or do they not like the color of our money anymore .
  13. Pets

    Thank you, that's exactly what i needed to know .
  14. Pets

    Thanks , so that's the only exercise area , and what happened to the port side kennels ?
  15. Pets

    But is it still possible to walk in that area just below the funnel on the port side .