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  1. And now a Christmas tree for a seasonal touch .
  2. Nothing to do with protection from welding or a angle grinders , they have cut an opening in the hull for worker access . The same was done on the previous builds but without the screen .
  3. The bow thruster housings were all ready in place in that section when it was brought in , the screen went up afterwards and is positioned aft of the thrusters . I was thinking that it is something to do with a curing process / coating
  4. Anyone any idea as to what is going on behind curtain .
  5. Pilot

    Maybe just practicing boat handling skills .
  6. I wish they would let us know about their kennel arrangements .
  7. Cork..end of season.

    They could also put a notice at the stairs leading to the kennels that it is for dogs and owners only , there is a constant stream of people with children heading up to the kennel area as if the kennels are a petting zoo .
  8. This comment reminds me of the anti Irish / Paddy went into a bar type jokes we use to put up with years ago . This Brexit thing must be getting under some peoples skin as Brittania sinks below the waves .And as far as Cromwell goes , we got over him long time ago .
  9. Well the Irish Naval Service has a ship named William Butler Yeats which does fly the Irish flag , Irish Ferries will have a ship named W B Yeats flying the Cypriot flag .
  10. BF Captains

    Buy using just Capitaine they are referring to a job description and avoid making a gender statement .
  11. A ferry with the number of cabins and standard as this new build is hardly going to spend most of it's time between Ireland and Wales . It's pretty obvious that it is intended for Ireland to continental Europe . Bars, restaurants and gift shops in operation on a 14 to 16 hour crossing is a far better money maker than a 3 hour crossing From Ireland to Wales . Plus all those cabins need to put to use .
  12. Well seeing that all their ships fly the Cypriot flag and not an Irish one then maybe they should be looking at naming the ship from that neck of the woods .
  13. Car sizes

    Cost is the same as a regular outside 4 berth on the Cork route and no floor/ deck carpet ,