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  1. Port Border Issues

    Nor is their a hardline separatist group within Andorra.
  2. Is it Worth It?

    But they won't roll in a heavy sea .
  3. Is it Worth It?

    That's great ,torture me by showing me the rolls i look forward too so much .
  4. Swift has been sold ,to be replaced by Westpac Express .
  5. Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Don't rule out the shellfish , I got a look inside a truck on board the Pont while awaiting to disembark at Roscoff from Cork , live shellfish , lobster and crab all in large tanks with a complex circulation system and three backup generators . The driver told me that by 4 pm that day (Sun ) the truck will be empty after a few deliveries around Brittany and he heads back to Castletownbere via Cherbourg / Rosslare and do it again the following weekend .
  6. Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Just needed to someone to confirm my calculation,not concerned about the early arrival time .All though it is targeted at the freight trade so the truck drivers might like the early start .
  7. Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Surely a 26 hour crossing from Cork departing at 2230 on a Fri would arrive Santander earlier than 0800 Sun .
  8. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    That won't look good in the sale brochure .
  9. And now a Christmas tree for a seasonal touch .
  10. Nothing to do with protection from welding or a angle grinders , they have cut an opening in the hull for worker access . The same was done on the previous builds but without the screen .
  11. The bow thruster housings were all ready in place in that section when it was brought in , the screen went up afterwards and is positioned aft of the thrusters . I was thinking that it is something to do with a curing process / coating
  12. Anyone any idea as to what is going on behind curtain .