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  1. The last time the U.K. Terrorist threat level was critical
  2. I pay for my phone of my wages so I don't pay tax or NI on the cost it's a decent saving.
  4. I find the Prin temps wine sales far better value than duty free.
  5. During the Brexit negotiations? Nothing, after Brexit they will continue to try to make money for their shareholders the best way they can.
  6. I thought the Stena ship was going to be late as it left Belfast so slowly but it arrived on time , both super smooth sailings to be fair, the ride from Larne to Cushendall was lovely and scenic if a tad windy and the ride through the Glens to Belfast was perfect.
  7. I thought there was only about 25 minutes difference in the sailing times there were only 4 motorbikes on board European causeway according to a crew member , I always like to spend time on deck unless it's freezing cold which it wasn't but it was hard to get away from the smoke on her outside decks, to be fair I would sail on her again if she was priced competitively the Stena ship is just a far nicer experience. Here's a photo to show the closed off section on deck 4 and a phot of her in the distance taken from Superfast 7
  8. It wasthe smell of people smoking that made pretty much all the outside space of limits to me lung cancer isn't high on my short break wish list.
  9. I stand by what I said the outside space on the side was small and the access to the upper deck was blocked off, I don't know how many people were onboard but it was enough to make it feel cramped and lack seating.
  10. There's certainly a massive push to promote Mrs May maybe because if you promote her and not the party you can get around election spending not that I'm suggesting for a second that Conservatives have a dubious election spending record I will let google do that.
  11. Cheers Jonno uploaded the video of them boarding now , got a lot of nice photos on the trip too it is a lovely island with friendly people.
  12. Had a nice weekend away in Northern Ireland we went out on European causeway on the 10 30 sailing from Cairnryan just as well we hadn't booked the 730 sailing as it had been cancelled, we were going on a cycling holiday and on this particular route the foot and bicycle passengers go on a bus and the bus stays on the boat was a busy sailing particularly the relatively small public areas with 3 bus loads of South Koreans taking up a lot of space European causeway is a spectacularly dull ferry with next to no outdoor space and poor choice of public seating I will leave it at that apart from the fog horn going of a lot, After a wonderful couple of days cycling from Larne to Cushendall then Cushendall to Belfast we arrived at Belfast port and entered the terminal waited about 5 minutes before we were escorted out to board the ship by cycling on after a short wait in a car lane to let 200 odd motorbikes on we cycled on board the noise from the bikes was spectacular as the bikers tied there bikes down we were directed to a small cupboard at the bow of the ship and left our bikes in there , we spent most of the crossing at the Met bar at the front got some edible food from the taste restaurant and ate it in the met bar as the restaurant was full, Superfast 7 is a great ship with loads more features than EC, was a smooth sailing and she never seemed to be making an effort to move at all a good sailing , disembarking was great my father was convinced we would be last off but I came out the storage cupboard a member of staff made eye contact with me then came across "When I wave at you after the doors down cycled right out the gates and get on the cycle path then I will start letting everyone else off" great service. Was a short cycle of about a mile from the Stena port to the P&O port where we had left the car.
  13. "Contract expected to be signed soon" according to latest Voyage newsletter.
  14. There seems to be an attitude amongst nearly all leavers that somehow remainers aren't allowed to have a say on Brexit negotiations on how they are progressing or how they are going to evolve or how Mrs May and Davis are trying to keep the EU quiet about the ongoing negotiations , we are all allowed to complain and point out failings.