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  1. If I could work my days of to suit I would definitely do it.
  2. And Econime ships don't have restaurants 😉
  3. Wouldn't cause confusion in booking a crossing.
  4. They just spent a few million on both King and Princess sea ways.
  5. I do a lot of online surveys in my spare time and get paid in vouchers which has resulted in us getting 5 nights away at Ibis this year on the flexible rate. (ipsos surveys btw)
  6. Ibis flexible rates are a lot more competitive than Premier inn only a few pounds more rather than the £20 ish that Premier inn want and you can pay at the hotel and cancel right up to the day before without a charge.
  7. The problem is you can't have one law for the good guys and one for the bad guys.
  8. One of the interesting bits of the article is how much the DVLA make out of credit card fees I doubt the figure quoted is their costs incurred and more a money maker for them, will be interesting to see what happens there, at the end of the day it's a level playing field and all companies still have to be competitive.
  9. It's nice to be able to see a price for something now and pay that price regardless of what payment method you use . credit cards are a useful means to pay and the interest rate on them means they are far from being free.
  10. We had vouchers for a company that went into liquidation before we had used the vouchers we got a full refund from the credit card company if we had paid with a debit card we would have got nothing a similar situation if it had been a holiday company that had went bust before you had taken the holiday,there's a vast array of protections you get by paying by credit card.
  11. Card surcharges most commonly applied to payment by credit cards by companies like Brittany ferries are to be banned from January 2018 good news as paying by credit card gives you a lot more protection.
  12. It's extremely bad advice that could result in paying a lot more or even not getting on a crossing.
  13. I booked in August for August the next year it's nothing to do with car sizes it's to do with prices rising nearer the time just like easyjet, Premier inn etc, it's extremely bad advice to say save money and book nearer the time and I paid the whole lot in December.
  14. My booking would have cost me £300 more if I hadn't made it so far in advance and I wouldn't have got the cabin I wanted as they are sold out.