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  1. Stowaways

    You really don’t want to get me started on religion 🤐
  2. Stowaways

    I’m sure the UK government could find people better qualified than me to help fix the problem if they so desired.
  3. Stowaways

    I don’t recall blaming the UK government for all the worlds problems but it certainly has helped stop the immigration issue that is currently affecting the UK, the British built their empire sticking their oar in as you put it , it’s also worth noting the benefits immigration has brought to this country particularly to our NHS.
  4. Stowaways

    Do you honestly think UK foreign policy hasn’t helped cause the problems in Afghanistan ? Successive UK government seemed happy enough to stick their oar in when it suits them financially or politically we can always do more to fix problems than just deal with the here and now consequences , you can help in a lot of ways financially or morally by not bombing or funding corrupt regimes for example.
  5. Stowaways

    Opinions always differ but it’s not hard to find out the cause of the problem if you look at what’s happening in Afghanistan, we could obviously do more to help fight the cause of the problem of course the easy option is to say “it’s not my problem why should I help?”
  6. Stowaways

    Until you fix the cause of the problem then we will be having similar discussions for decades or generations to come .
  7. Stowaways

    If you want to start blaming people for not doing their job properly a couple of overworked French customs officials probably isn’t the place to start, I personally would have a look at what’s happening in Afghanistan due to the past decades if not generations of uk and us foreign policy perhaps if that had been handled a bit better thingsight not be in the state they are now , I honestly feel Sometimes I’ve clicked on the Daily Mail website instead of the BFe one.
  8. Stowaways

    They would only be allowed to stay in the UK if they asked for asylum due to them facing death or harm in their home country of course a lot of immigrants get rid of all identity papers to delay the process although if you watch the Panorama program on the BBC iPlayer about detention centres I can’t see why.
  9. Stowaways

    Luckily I don’t live in a country that lets people die of hypothermia (yet) because they can’t pay for it, no doubt they will be put in a detention centre and eventually be shipped back to the hell hole they came from of course the cheapest option would be if they had froze to death but hey ho you can’t have everything.
  10. General Discussions on Brexit

    You have to remember a lot of these immigrants either don’t have access to or don’t believe news sources and are relying on word of mouth often fuelled by human traffickers so it’s a fairly safe bet illegal entrants or people trying to enter illegally is here to stay whatever happens with Brexit.
  11. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    What I can never understand is how almost every other ferry company can offer priorty boarding and disembarking but somehow BF can not manage it.
  12. General Discussions on Brexit

    That has been posted in more detail in other threads, Brexit will have no effect on people trying to enter the UK illegally.
  13. General Discussions on Brexit

    This shows how little power she actually has, you can’t be a strong and stable leader with no majority she will always be looking over her shoulder and making sure she doesn’t upset Boris and co ,it’s a recipe for disaster . https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/sep/23/johnson-forced-mays-hand-on-eu-claim-tories-as-cabinet-truce-unravels?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  14. General Discussions on Brexit

    The Tory’s are in power just now and we are discussing what may or may not happen to their leader.
  15. General Discussions on Brexit

    There’s every foreseeable reason , lack of majority, shaky power deal with homophobes , Tory proven track record of self destruction, Tory in fighting, vote of no confidence, history proves that there are no guarantees in politics and Tory history proves they will stab their leader in the back on a whim.