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  1. Brittany Ferries Fleet Pics

    I think the best shots are of her with a bit dramatic scenery in shot like the beaches she sails past as she enters Santander,.
  2. Brittany Ferries Fleet Pics

    I’m surprised it took Tony 3 attempts before he managed to get all of her in shot 😉
  3. Butter shortage

    There’s plenty farmers around where I stay and in Scotland in general who moan about the price they get paid for their milk , yet there’s a butter shortage?
  4. Butter shortage

    French supermarkets unwilling to pay more and Chinese new found love of croissants. https://www.economist.com/news/europe/21730877-forget-about-making-croissants-margarine-french-are-fretting-over-sudden-butter
  5. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Cheapness is a weakness for a lot of companies.
  6. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Maybe they decided to fit an new restaurant at the last minute?
  7. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    So an issue that wasn’t a problem required more work that therefore required BF to cancel sailings but it wasn’t a “problem “ for BF ?????
  8. Ships nicknames

    Twitter is now 280 characters so nothing stays still.
  9. Ships nicknames

    Personally I look up the proper local pronunciation when I’m on board on my phone using the free WiFi or as the French would say “Wee Fee”.
  10. HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    If Honfluer is around for as long as Bretagne then they have an extremely good point.
  11. We were booked to go on Nova star from Portsmouth to Le Havre and then it all went wrong I vowed never to cross the channel by any other way but BF after that. Great pics.
  12. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    No the Chris that works for BF (Jones).
  13. Barfleur lenghtening ?

    You would be best contacting the author of the blog Brigette I’m sure Chris would help if he can.
  14. Barfleur lenghtening ?