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  1. Toll Road Petrol

    Well, humble pie for me! I only tried one journey, the one I'm doing 3 times per week. It was E5.00 by coming off halfway and E5.40 by just doing what I always do. Never would have believed it, because you'd think that there'd be a tariff for one toll booth to the next and your total journey would simply be an accumulation. Sorry about that - your friend was quite right.
  2. Toll Road Petrol

    It sounds a bit like one of those ‘urban myths’ to me Ed. It would be perfectly possible to exit the autoroute on one side of a town and rejoin at the next entry a few kms down the road - St Omer is an example of that which springs to mind. I’ll have a proper look later today and try a few ‘what-ifs’, but I suspect that even if it’s true, you’re talking about a matter of a euro or two.
  3. Ships nicknames

    ‘Aitch’ ........ or for the French, ‘Arsh’.
  4. Ships nicknames

    Sorry to continue the digression from an otherwise amusing thread (I suspect that most of us have given up trying to think of a good one for Honfleur), but it’s hard for both the British and the French. Happily, ‘Marsails’ just about disappeared from modern parlance. Rheims though is one that usually emerges as ‘Reams’ as opposed to ‘Rance’, but even my phonetic version doesn’t quite get it right! Around here, Frach is a very common surname which I pronounced as ‘Frash’, but was quickly corrected to ‘Frack’. As for the French, Portsmouth usually seems to come out as ‘Portsmooth’. London, Dover and (strangely) Edinburgh have their own French versions. Think of the difficulty for the French though with places like Shrewsbury and Tewksbury. My own surname begins with an ‘H’, and in French it simply isn’t pronounced, so I don’t bother anymore - I just use their version! Mark you, we British must be the most arrogant when it comes to other countries’ city names - Moscow, Vienna, Rome, Naples, Geneva, Cologne, etc, etc.
  5. Pre-order Breakfast

    I’m not suggesting that the motives behind this are cynical, but it wouldn’t surprise me if BF see this as a way of generating a bit more ‘breakfast income’. Some passengers may have hitherto been put off queueing up to select their choices and then queueing to pay, thinking that time might be tight - this way, you’ve paid, so you’ll take it. Sounds like a ‘win - win’ to me.
  6. Gremlins on forum

    You’re not imagining it Brigitte. Very on & off, and to be fair mostly off (I.e. not a problem).
  7. Cork..end of season.

    There have been many opinions expressed on here over the IF ‘advances’ and the extent to which they might affect BF’s weekly Cork run. Unless I’m badly mistaken, most of the views have been from ‘GB’ or French residents, as opposed to ‘the island of Ireland’ (no offense intended to anybody & hopefully none taken) customers. I’d be very interested in their views. My impression, albeit as a Brit living in France, but with family (and me) which from time to time wants travel between Ireland & France, is that increased competition is good and that there’s an untapped market out there. Competition = lower prices, eh?
  8. Excellent Customer Service

    Thanks for that Millsy. It’s been a long haul, but hopefully back home soon.
  9. None of this will be ‘news’ to many of you out there, but it’s perhaps worth repeating for some. I made a booking a few months back for our annual pilgrimage back to the UK to see family & friends at Christmas. Unfortunately, Mrs G is currently hospitalised and whilst she should be discharged before very long, she really won’t be fit enough to undertake the long journey back. I postponed cancellation for as long as I reasonably could, but reality dawned and I rang the BF Call Centre the other day. ”Do you anticipate being able to make the trip sometime in early 2018?” The answer was “Yes” and almost certainly in early May. We settled on a date, which I was told that I could change again if needs be. Deposit transferred to the revised booking. Done! The conversation took no more than 2 minutes and the new booking details were in my email ‘inbox’ immediately. What’s more, the revised date is cheaper than my original booking. No surcharge for having the audacity to need to change something (as with lc airlines) and the benefit of a lower fare + very quickly and efficiently done. Well done BF.
  10. Ophelia

    Galway, I believe.
  11. Ophelia

    As we all know, things were pretty ‘hairy’ in Ireland and N Ireland yesterday. A close friend of our elder son is a helicopter pilot with the Irish Coastguard based at Waterford. He was off duty yesterday, but apparently the Dublin aircraft had to go out to help some wind-surfers who had got in to difficulty! Simply incredible isn’t it? Some fools think that despite ferries being cancelled and other shipping taking shelter, they’ll be all right on their flimsy boards. Instead, 4 crewmembers risk their lives & umpteen million euros worth of aircraft.
  12. Boarding Times on the Bretagne

    Goodness me ! Just about everybody on here is a seasoned ferry traveller. Me too. After years of doing it, we all know that sometimes you can arrive quite early, sometimes quite late ......... and you never really know in what order you'll get loaded. The same (more or less) applies to disembarkation. I reckon that over the years, it has pretty much evened out, but I don't keep a score! And btw, even if I did, it would make sfa difference.
  13. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Tripers a la mode de Caen?
  14. No need to apologise. Pricing, whether with an airline, train or ferry is a moving feast. You can say something one day and its wrong the next. Haven't tried Ouigo, but haven't had the need - for those who don't know what we're talking about, its a low-cost service from centre to centre (example Paris - Marseille) on certain trains. You might get a ticket (one way) for €20.
  15. Yes, Cabin-boy beat me to it ! The only thing that I'd add is that the direct service fares on Eurostar seem to be held at a pretty constant rate even if you're booking quite late. Not so with TGV's, but there are often late-booking offers around to be had, although not in peak season.