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  1. £35 Deposit

    Just felt for a few weeks that the ‘banner’ in the trhc needs updating to the £40 that it has been for months. Not a big thing.
  2. Cork to Santander route set to launch

    I'll bet that there'll be more than a few Irish customers wanting to re-think their existing bookings on PA's weekly Cork - Roscoff service - those that travel further south than Brittany that is. The existing service has the disadvantage of (slightly) curtailing a fortnight's holiday with it's timings. What's more, the Economie pricing structure will be interesting - Irish members have often complained about the high cost of Cork - Roscoff crossings.
  3. Brest instead of Roscoff?

    Sorry - Gareth beat me to it !
  4. Brest instead of Roscoff?

    For France-based travellers, it is advertised as a departure.
  5. Daytime sailings in the Med?

    How’s about the Monday crew change stopoff in Roscoff by CF (it’s offered as available on the French BF website) on down to Santander, back up to Plymouth and back over to Roscoff? Actually, that’s maybe what you meant + maybe the CF doesn’t return to Plymouth? Don’t know - would need to check the schedules, but others will know straightaway!
  6. pj34 .......... It was gracious of you to apologise for the picture quality, but it looks pretty good to me ! Nice.
  7. Favourite French films

    La Gloire de Mon Père is (I think) an autobiographical story of Pagnol’s childhood. It covers the early years of the 1900’s when he was about 12. His father was a schoolteacher and takes the family to a holiday home in the garrigue above Marseille - they walk there! Whilst there, the boy meets a country lad who teaches him the ways of the ‘outdoors’. Le Château de Ma Mère is a sort-of sequel. Both delightful.
  8. Favourite French films

    Four films from the author Pagnol (amazed btw that they haven’t already been mentioned): La Gloire de Mon Pere Le Chateau de ma Mere Jean de Florette Manon des Sources Each is wonderful in its own way, but particularly the first. Believe me, well worth watching.
  9. Merry Christmas

    Seasonal greetings to all from a sunny, but chilly, southern France. They don’t do Christmas Pud down here ........... fools! Fortunately, friends brought one back for us a few days ago.
  10. Ken .......... I really don’t think you’re cheating for your red wine reduction in the way that you’ve described - sounds pretty good to most of us, I’m sure! And TerryDorset’s post - yes, you’re absolutely right about the ageing. But with a lot of supermarket beef, no ageing whatsoever has occurred. Exceptions of course - you can only speak as you find locally. Can’t leave this without a big ‘plug’ for our stuff down here - Cotes du Rhône. Well ........ the general area. Our favourite is from a local village (which isn’t an Appellation one) but whose red sells for around €4.50. That’s my sort of price. For a special occasion, there’s some excellent (predominantly) Syrah which is technically Uzege and a few kms outside the CdR border - goes for about €8. All that Vacqueras & Gigondas, to say nothing of Chateauneuf du Pape, is IMO terribly overpriced. Bonnes Fetes everybody.
  11. Just to add to what Crechbleiz has said, I would strongly recommend buying your meat from a good (old fashioned) butcher. We gave up using the supermarkets years ago because the steak for example was such poor quality. Somebody told me that it was because it was from dairy cows that had reached the end of their milking life, rather than proper steer meat - don’t know whether that’s true, but it sounds plausible! You might pay up to 20% more, but the difference will be noticeable. To be fair, the Intermarche’s around here are quite good & have proper butchery counters.
  12. French Speed Limit Changes

    We’re going somewhat ‘off thread’ with all of this, but no problem because it’s interesting ! Snow does occur every few years down here in the South, despite many thinking that it must be 20C+ year-round. When it happens (and rarely more than 4-5 cms), there is complete chaos. As we all know, relatively ‘virgin snow’ is less of a problem than the compacted stuff that has become icy. Accordingly, you need to give it a bit of ‘wellie’ on the local roads whenever you encounter even the slightest slope. But they’re not used to it ! Just an aside on driving in the UK generally, I’m sure that, when in the UK in a French-registered car, we’re given a ‘wide berth’. “These Frenchies don’t know what they’re doing, so I’ll steer clear”. Suits me.
  13. French Speed Limit Changes

    I should first of all say that my comments relate to my experience of living in the ‘deep south’ and may well not apply elsewhere in France. Some thoughts / observations: Road deaths in this departement are already higher than in 2016, although several have been caused by collisions with wild boar Alcohol is of course a factor in some accidents, but most people are pretty responsible. This idea of booze-filled lunches followed by driving is a bit of a myth IMO. Strangely, motorway driving standards here are generally good and on small windy country roads, generally very iffy. All this is the very opposite of what happens in the UK. Our local roads are really quite dangerous at times. There are now lots of fixed and ‘mobile’ speed cameras on main roads - easy to fall foul of. I’ve never seen so many random ‘controle’ roadside checks by the gendarmerie as the last 6 months. Reducing the speed limit to 80kph would be frustrating and counter-productive IMO - frustration at moderate speed leads to reckless overtaking. Non-permit cars are a red herring - hardly any around here. The issue is often reckless corner clipping on blind bends - I just don’t know why they do it !
  14. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Yes, delays in the F35 programme and their increasing unaffordability, rather makes this a decision (to build) that you wouldn’t make now. Can you imagine one of the leading supermarket chains building their biggest store ever .......... and then saying “I’m afraid that for the next 2 years, we’re only going to be able to sell bread & baked beans”. No disrespect intended to what looks like a fine ship and no doubt a dedicated crew, but how many frigates could the UK have had for the price of these 2 carriers?
  15. The Channel - C4, Weds 29th Nov

    Agree with everything said. Still, it was better than most of the other 'dross' that's usually on! Most interesting thing for me was that the Solent Pilot stayed onboard the container ship all the way up the Channel to Hamburg.