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  1. Complaint handling _BF

    Haa Haaa... a real animal lover here... one problem is just passenger vehicle owners would have to wait behind all those vehicles with pets..
  2. Complaint handling _BF

    Pet collection from Kennels and cabins can be different evry sailing. As I mentioned previously the most common announcement on early morning arrivals is to vacate your cabin, go for breakfast and deliver your pet to your vehicle at the same time.... some time ago pet owners would take their pet to their vehicle and just sit in the vehicle as well. Now no owners are allowed to remain with their vehicles after securing their pet - but again I have seen owners still doing this. A bit like ignoring the "muzzle" requirement.
  3. Complaint handling _BF

    I have also had the same issue about the main kennel door being left open or worse, tied back. A solution is to take a combination type lock with you to secure the pets kennel door for your peace of mind. On the complaints issue I did make a complaint some years ago now - my wife left her (not inexpensive coat) in the cabin wardrobe. I made an enquirey to see if it had been handed in by the cleaning staff - but as it hadn't I was very concerned. The reply I received was very negative and defensive and actually accused my wife of leaving her coat somewhere else on the ship - yes really - when she hadn't in fact worn it since hanging it in the wardrobe !! We now have a different attitude to the staff and just to be more vigilant - sad really.
  4. General Discussions on Brexit

    What a detailed and interesting explanation Jonno. The US Dollar was and still is the benchmark for world finance. Back in the day I remember well that all shipping/airfreight costs were structured around the US Dollar - at the time, and for a long time US$2.40 = £1. I have been travelling around Europe for many years now and in the days before the Euro I never had an incling as to weather a litre of petrol or a loaf of bread was cheaper say in Belgium than France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Italy, Austria or Switzerland. I had pockets with so much loose shrapnel of Francs, Marks, Lire, Pesetas etc... and mixed paper money quite a lot of which I still have lying around ! Now I know exactly what a Euro can buy in European countries.
  5. General Discussions on Brexit

    However we generally find you get more for the Euro in Spain than you do using Euro in France
  6. Stowaways

    The UK Tax payer of course....
  7. General Discussions on Brexit

    So I guess you are not a supporter of the Conservative Party?
  8. Queen Mary

    Lovely ship and I have been lucky enough to have been on her and also QMII
  9. Disappointed Pont Aven

    I have only once had the need to make a serious complaint to BF about a serious incident which affected us but we found that BF do not accept any responsibility whatsoever and just dismiss the matter as if it didn't happen. Sad state of affairs.
  10. General Discussions on Brexit

    Certainly there has been and still is a Scandinavian (and Russian) interest on the Spanish Costas
  11. Sailings disrupted after Manannan hits harbour

    Should be up and running by tomorrow (fingers crossed) for the insurge of tourists and riders for the MGP races (Manx Grand Prix) starting tomorrow....
  12. Friday, August 18th, 2017 Damage being assessed this morning This morning's sailings of the Manannan have been cancelled following an incident last night in Douglas harbour. A statement from the Steam Packet says the vessel "made contact" with the quay whilst attempting to berth last night. There were no injuries reported and all the passengers and vehicles disembarked. Damage is currently being assessed by Steam Packet engineers and an update on the situation is due this morning. This afternoon's Liverpool sailings are currently listed as subject to disruption with more information available at midday.
  13. Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    Well perhaps any fares under £100 should be paid in full at time of booking ?
  14. Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    Just for information I have reviewed some forty four of my bookings since 2002 - approx 75% which are Spain and 25% France. I have been a Club Member for all sailngs so as an example: 30/9/2006 for Oct 2006 sailng Ply/Sant on Pont Aven Car 2 adults small pet kennel £209.35 with breakfast allowance £5.50 each and a deposit of £25 taken at time of booking. Any amendment fee is £5 19/11/2006 sailing Bretagne Sant/Ply same as above £194.55 paid in full when booked. Three Escorted visits to car deck to walk dogs. All next sailings up to Jan 2013 mainly paid in full when booked - ie within a month of travel but outside this time £25 deposit still applies 2010 - breakfast allowance increased to £6.50 each Feb 2014 Deposit increased to £35
  15. Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    As a pet owner and traveller on BF to/from Spain mainly but France as well for the last fifteen years the on line booking for pet friendly cabins or kennel availability has become extremely difficult and time consuming. I have found the simpliest solution is to telephone for available bookings on a weekly or even daily basis and sometimes if you are not restricted to specific weeks cancellations can be found. It would be interesting to know the stastitics for cancellations for pet travellers but generally a fairer system would be to increase the "non refundable deposit" to a more realistic figure where BF do not take the full payment at time of booking - say £100. Years ago it was only possible to visit your pet at regulated times with a crew mamber but now you can spend all day and night with your pet if you wish (and I have witnissed this on a number of crossings) - even if your pet is in a kennel. There are seating areas both inside and outside.