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  1. Hythe Ferry

    Looks like the old Wild Rose of Hurst Castle that was for sale at the end of last year. Could also be the old Puffin Belle from Puffin Cruises, who also had an identical boat for sale at the end of last year. Think they're also hoping for the new "Ali Cat" to do some cover work as well, dependent on her MCA certifications coming up!
  2. Hythe Ferry

    This is such good news!! Little bit more information, here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-39644098
  3. Hythe Ferry

    Sadly the Hotspur IV is no longer owned by Hythe Ferry ... was sold to a private investor to convert to a house boat a while back.
  4. Hythe Ferry

    Possibly - they also bought a new boat last month, identical to "Ullin of Staffa" which I thought at the time would be perfect for Hythe. http://www.staffatours.com/gallery/our-boats/
  5. Hythe Ferry

    As far as I'm aware, they're buying the ferry and the pier, but sooner down the line, the pier will pass into a newly formed charitable trust that is working hard behind the scenes.
  6. Hythe Ferry

    https://www.hants.gov.uk/news/feb10hytheferry Hythe Ferry update: HCC given them a grant to tie them over with a new ownership transfer and ferry refit by allowing them to charter.
  7. WIGHTLINE: New catamaran

    Left the area for the last time today, not sure where she's going, but last seen on AIS just off the Devon coast. Such a shame to lose her, such a lovely, lovely boat.
  8. Hythe Ferry

    I think the ultimate aim is to get charitable status for the pier (lottery funding, english heritage), so someone can take over and concentrate on the ferry service. There are interested parties, if only the pier can get sorted.
  9. Hythe Ferry

    There's a lot of movement on Facebook about trying to get the pier into a community-based/lottery grant project so that someone can take on the ferry route without the hassle of the pier. Fingers crossed this can be allowed to happen ... sooner we get rid of WHF the better. It could be so great. but they've really ruined it's reputation over the last couple of years, and although I have no sympathy for WHF, the ferry as a service/pier needs saving. As for Uriah Heep - I was driving out of Portsmouth the other day and to my horror, I saw it moored up at the back of Portsmouth Harbour as I was coming out up the motorway. Turns out it's at a boat breakers yard!!
  10. Hythe Ferry

    I heard they are in talks with another company, if that's Red Funnel (or even Blue Funnel, who've been interested before) then that's great, but I'm doubtful at this moment as we still have the issue of the pier (which was the sticking point with B.F).
  11. Hythe Ferry

    Be a shame to lose it, but equally, if WHF do relinquish control, it could well be a blessing in disguise as someone might actually put some money into it. However, I fear the worst, and had a feeling the Heep crash would be the beginning of the end.
  12. Hythe Ferry

    Choppy waters ahead for the company. Financial issues and possible redunancies ahead. http://www.hytheanddibden.gov.uk/blog/262/Official-Statement-From-Hythe-Ferry
  13. Red jet 6

    Don't know if anythings happened to it, but it's been at the boatyard it was built at over in Cowes all week.
  14. Hythe Ferry

    Wonder if it was anything to do with the Uriah Heep incident. Speaking of which, it's not for sale anymore. Wonder if anyone actually bought it.
  15. Hythe Ferry

    Anyone heard anything? Come across this on Twitter. samsconcert ‏@samsconcert Aug 20 @HytheVoice rumours about hythe ferry they are laying people off, have seperated the books with no sub ferry will go bust in the winter