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  1. Etretat

    French TV Report, during the last Storm : https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/normandie/tempete-eleanor-remorqueurs-du-port-du-havre-tres-sollicites-1395025.html
  2. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Know, MV Armorique is berthed in Le Havre cross channel terminal ? Why ??? Tests ???
  3. To develop the BF traffic France / Ireland, could one imagine a route Roscoff / Rosslare operated jointly with a new route Rosslare / Le Havre. Roscoff > Rosslare > Le Havre > Rosslare > Roscoff ... Le Havre has a strong potential Freight and can capture a Parisian clientele for whom Cherbourg is too far.
  4. BF Refits 2017-18

    Armorique will sail on Le Havre / Portsmouth to replace Etretat ?
  5. SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    they could exploit Le Havre Portsmouth using MV NORMANDIE or MV MONT SAINT MICHEL to avoid having no service in Le Havre for 15 days !
  6. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    Le Havre, today : [/img]
  7. Lumieres sur le Baie de Seine

    View from Le Havre cathedral :
  8. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    Urban planners and politicians in Le Havre want to urbanize the island of the Citadel, where the Transmanche terminal is located. In parallel we are talking more and more about the reconstruction of the Cruise Terminal "Pointe de Floride". This Cruise terminal should include a railway station, the Paquebot terminal and the Ferry terminal. This is a considerable project, in connection with the very important development of the cruise in Le Havre (170 steamships in 2018!). For the moment, there is no official plan, just sketches. http://www.aurh.fr/media/estuaireenseinebrunofortier__062247300_1703_28112013.pdf http://cpdp.debatpublic.fr/cpdp-lnpn/site/_SCRIPT/NTSP_DOCUMENT_FILE_DOWNLOADE0F0.PDF?document_id=2&document_file_id=2
  9. Baie de Seine/Etretat

    Le Havre, this Morning. Baie de Seine from Portsmouth and QM2 from Southampton, to New York. [/img]
  10. Etretat

    This is a photo from Le Havre Port Authority. The sam photo will be better with MV Normandie. :-))
  11. Etretat

    probably an Aidacruise liner ?
  12. Etretat

    ETRETAT at Le Havre Cross Channel Ferries https://www.facebook.com/HaropaPortsdeParisSeineNormandie/?ref=br_rs [/img]
  13. Southampton - Le Havre

    New Thoresen Car Ferries Southampton / Le Havre - 1964 http://avenio.ville-lehavre.fr/Documents/tempdocs/FRAC076351_4AV0002-10-1964.mp4
  14. Southampton - Le Havre

    Le Havre and Southampton are twinned since 1965. Two major port cities, with common interests, such as the Transatlantic Liners... 1966 - Visit of the mayor of Southampton in Le Havre after a crossing aboard a Viking Ferries http://avenio.ville-lehavre.fr/Documents/tempdocs/FRAC076351_4AV0004-05-1966.mp4 1970 - Another visit of the Mayor of Southampton, Mrs. Johnson, landing at Le Havre of a Normandy-Ferries http://avenio.ville-lehavre.fr/Documents/tempdocs/FRAC076351_4AV0008-18-1970.mp4
  15. The "Compagnie Maritime Nantaise -MN",owner of BELEM, MN Pelican, Toucan [...], is bought by a shipowner in Le Havre "SOGESTRAN" http://www.ouest-france.fr/normandie/la-nantaise-reprise-par-un-groupe-havrais-5096178 The Maritime company of Nantes transports the rocket elements Ariane and manages the Belem. She works for the Defense. The Maritime Nantes (MN) company, headquartered in Nantes and previously a subsidiary of the Compagnie Nationale de Navigation, is taken over by Le Havre Sogestran group, announced Wednesday June 28, 2017 its CEO, Patrick Gerbeno. The MN manages, without the Nantes know, a symbolic ship, the three-masted barque Belem, on behalf of the Belem foundation (Groupe des Caisses d'Epargne). This historic ship is the only one of the fleet of the MN to frequent the port of Nantes. The other ships of the Nantaise, as it is called in maritime circles, five roars and a scientific boat, criss-cross the seas. The company is in particular the carrier of elements of the Ariane rocket between Europe and Guyana, and of the Ministry of Defense. La Nantaise was formerly known as Morbihan, when the passenger transport activity on the islands (Groix, Belle-île) had not been separated from the long course. "This acquisition does not change the organization, says Patrick Gerbeno. MN retains its ships, its name, its flag, its headquarters in Nantes, its Brest facility (in particular, the operation of six passenger boats in the Brest harbor) and all its sedentary and seagoing employees. In total, it employs more than 550 people. The acquirer, Sogestran, is a family group headed by Pascal Girardet, created in Le Havre in 1948 and active in logistics and maritime and river transport through specialized subsidiaries such as the CLT, the Liège Transport Company and, in the maritime sector , Someca (transport of cement on Corsica), Maritima (refueling in Marseille-Fos and Algeria) and Biomar (transport of biofuels).